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KARLOVY VARY: The young Czech company Artinii is poised to change the film distribution system with the launch of a new concept described as “a community-driven film distribution tool.” Co-founders Vit Krajicek and Ctirad Hemelik introduced Artinii to the public for the first time within the Industry Days programme of the Karlovy Vary IFF, running through 6 July 2019.

KARLOVY VARY: Fifteen years after the Czech audiovisual industry lost its position as the envy of Europe, the Czech Association of Audiovisual Producers (APA) announced that industry turnover reached a record 8.2 billion CZK / 320 m EUR in 2018, exceeding its previous high of 7.6 billion CZK / 300 m EUR dating back to 2003.

KARLOVY VARY: A larger-than-usual delegation from the Cottbus Film Festival and the granddaddy of CEE pitching forums connecting cottbus were on hand to welcome guests to their traditional summer party at the Karlovy Vary IFF, running through 6 July 2019.

KARLOVY VARY: The Czech Film Fund, with the support of the film industry, is pressing the government to raise the amount of money available for film incentives to 1.2 bn CZK (nearly 50 m EUR) and to increase incentives to 25%. The film incentives currently stand at 20%, the lowest rate in the EU, with a cap of 800 m CZK (31.5 m EUR) in available funds.

KARLOVY VARY: The Prague Film Fund will complete its next call for projects on 20 July 2019. The fund has distributed 960,000 EUR of its 2 m EUR budget, which runs through the end of 2019.

KARLOVY VARY: Industry professionals looking for the next CEE break-out director head for Karlovy Vary IFF’s East of the West competition, where 12 young filmmakers will be presenting 8 world premieres, 3 international premieres and one European premiere.

CLUJ-NAPOCA: The Croatian project Birdie was presented by director Jasna Nanut at the Less Is More (LIM) pitching forum at the Transilvania IFF, which spotlights low-budget films.

CLUJ-NAPOCA: The city of Cluj-Napoca, located in north-western Romania, has unveiled a 30 m EUR multi-purpouse building with a sound stage and offices for film companies. The sound stage is currently the site of an initiative from French director Michel Gondry to involve amateurs in the filmmaking process.

PRAGUE: Poland, the Baltics, Romania, the Czech Republic and the Balkans are the bright spots for cinema attendance and box office in Europe, with record-breaking results helped by domestic successes. Slovakia and Bulgaria were the few exceptions for the region, according to the UNIC 2018 results.

KOSICE: Loli Paradicka, a tragicomedy by Slovak novelist/scriptwriter Vito Staviarsky along with his sons, director Richard Staviarsky and editor Juraj Staviarsky, and daughter, producer Marka Staviarska, will have its premiere at Art Film Fest, starting on 14 June 2019, where it screens in the Slovak Season section.