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PRAGUE: One of the first foreign productions shooting on Czech locations this year has been The Aftermath, a US/UK film starring Kiera Knightley, Jason Clark, Alexander Skarsgard and Slovak born actress Caudia Vasekova.

The year 2016 was favorable for Czech cinema from the very beginning. Talented young director Ondřej Hudeček received the Special Jury Award for Best Direction at Sundance Film Festival for his short film Peacock, which was later among the finalists of the Student Academy Awards.

PRAGUE: Czech Television will begin filming a two-part film about Central Europe’s most significant monarch, the Empress Maria Theresa.

PRAGUE: Family Film by Olmo Omerzu was awarded best film at the Czech Critics´Awards 2016, while I, Olga Hepnarova by Petr Kazda and Tomáš Weinreb was awarded for best director. The ceremony took place on 28 January 2017.

PRAGUE: Czech box office reached its highest point in the country’s modern history in 2016 with 74 m EUR / 2.011 bl CZK, an increase of 12.65 m EUR / 342 m CZK compared to 2015. Admissions broke another record. They were 15.62 m, 2.664 m more than in 2015.

PRAGUE: Czech Film and Television Academy revealed the nominations for its 24th annual Czech Lion awards. A Prominent Patient / Masaryk, Anthropoid and The Teacher / Učitelka received most of the nominations.

PRAGUE: Jiří Strach’s Czech/Slovak coproduction The Angel of God 2 / Anděl páně 2 has become the most successful film in Czech cinemas in the last six weeks, with 925,000 admissions and almost 4.18 m EUR / 113 m CZK gross. The film is a sequel to Strach’s 2005 fairy tale comedy.

PRAGUE: I, Olga Hepnarova by Petr Kazda and Tomáš Weinreb, and Family Film by Olmo Omerzu have the most nominations for the Czech Critics´ Awards 2016. Fifty Czech film critics nominated thirtenn films, including feature films, documentaries, short films, TV and internet series.

PRAGUE: David Čálek's Climbing Higher, the most attended documentary of 2015 in Czech cinemas and winner of best feature length film award at Canada’s Banff Mountain Film Competition in November 2016, is available on VOD from 8 to 11 December 2016 at http://dafilms.com/film/9806-cesta-vzhuru/. The film is a Czech/Slovak coproduction.

PRAGUE: Petr Vaclav will start the casting for Il Boemo, the biopic of Mozart’s friend, Czech composer Josef Myslivecek, in January 2017. The project received the biggest grant ever from the Czech State Cinematography Fund, 850,000 EUR / 23 m CZK, in November 2016.