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After a year of negotiations, Jiří Vejdělek, the director of the hit Czech comedy Women in Temptation (2010) has sold the English language remake rights to British producer Gareth Unwin from Bedlam Productions. 

PRAGUE: Agnieszka Holland’s acclaimed film version of Burning Bush won six awards, including Best film of 2013, at the fourth Czech Critics Awards on 25 January 2014.

PRAGUE: Four films lead the nominations for the Czech Lion Awards. Burning Bush received 14 nominations, followed by 12 nominations for Like Never Before, and 11 each for Revival and Delight.

PRAGUE: Leading young Czech and international actor Jiří Mádl (Borgia, Four Suns, Colette) is finishing work on his debut film as a director and scriptwriter, the ultra-low budget To See a Sea.

 PRAGUE: Director of the State Cinematography Fund Helena Bezděk Fraňková announced that 500 million CZK (18 224 000 EUR) of film incentive funds will be available available for 2014.

PRAGUE: Film Distributor Artcam has launched a project called “Delam kino” (I Make My Own Cinema) as an alternative distribution for quality films which are difficult to find regular cinemas.

PRAGUE: Czech filmmakers hope the new project 31s will open up a new source of income from voluntary online payments for digital copies of their films.

PRAGUE: Debuting director Michal Samir finished a marathon three-day filming schedule on Hany, a drama shot on location in the famed Czech brewery city of Plzen, on 21 September 2013.

PRAGUE: Historical TV productions are energizing the Czech international film service industry, with two TV projects for Germany’s SAT 1 and Norwegian TV scheduled to production within the next month, joining a busy line-up of TV films and series filming on locations in the Czech Republic.

PRAGUE: A 160 member film crew from South Korea's capital Soul has wrapped their 8-day shoot in Ostrava and Prague. The project, with working title International Market, is produced by Zik Lee of Korea's JK Film and directed by Jae Kyun Yoon, known for his commercial hit Tidal Wave (Haeundae), nominated for the Black Dragon Awards for best film and direction.