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BRATISLAVA: Slovak director/writer/producer Marko Škop makes it into the main competition of the 59th Karlovy Vary IFF, 28 June – 6 July 2019, with his second feature film Let There be Light / Nech je svetlo.

KOSICE: The plentiful offerings in the Slovak Season section of Art Film Fest, running through 22 June 2019, are largely thanks to a new batch of documentaries that underscore the strong Slovak tradition in documentary filmmaking.

Sunny Side of the Doc 2019 will provide a great opportunity to explore the current documentary field of the Baltics – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Use the chance - documentary professionals from all three countries will welcome you at the BALTIC DOCUMENTARY STAND (no. C26) June 24-27!

Latvia will be represented by the new director of the Baltic Sea Forum For Documentaries (BalticSeaDocs), the film historian Zane Balčus (National Film Centre of Latvia).

Lithuanian team: Dovilė Butnoriūtė (Head of Department of Film Promotion, Information and Heritage, Lithuanian Film Centre), producer Arūnas Matelis (studio Nominum) and the project “(Ne)Užmirštas karas“ (‘Forgotten War’ by Linas Mikuta (studio Monoklis).

Estonian delegates include Filipp Kruusvall (Documentary Film Commissioner) from the Estonian Film Institute, producer Aleksander Ots (Sterotek Film) and the director Margit Lillak (Allfilm).

The BALTIC DOCUMENTARY STAND (no. C26) at the Sunny Side of the Doc 2019 is a cooperation between the National Film Centre of Latvia, Estonian Film Institute and the Lithuanian Film Centre.

More info: http://nkc.gov.lv/en/ / https://www.filmi.ee/en / http://www.lkc.lt/en/

MIDPOINT is opening the doors to Writers´ Room

Want to experience the atmosphere of creative writers´ room? Have you been thinking about how this concept works? Are you looking for an initiative to strengthen your TV writing technique?

MIDPOINT Writers´ Room is offering a unique opportunity to learn new skills and practical knowledge about the organization of the writers´ room. 

The program is designed to span both US and European perspective of the writers´ room, hence MIDPOINT engaged two internationally renowned tutors from both territories.

American executive producer and consultant Maggie Murphy will conduct the practical 4-day workshop together with Hungarian creative executive and MIDPOINT TV Launch Head of Studies 
Gabor Krigler (Joyrider TV). 

The program will be organized in Prague, Czech Republic, during November 2 – 7, 2019 and is open to writers and creative producers with some experience in writing and the ambition of becoming creators/showrunners. 

The deadline for application is September 13, 2019! 
Learn more about the program here
You can access the application form here.

MIDPOINT Writers’ Room is supported by the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic and the Czech Film Fund. MIDPOINT operates under the auspices of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

ANNECY: The Latvian animated feature-length film Away directed by Gint Zilbalodis won the Contrechamp Award at the Annecy Festival of animated films, which ended on 15 June 2019.

WARSAW: FNE has teamed up with the Brussels based team of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) to bring you regular updates on EU cinema policies that impact all industry professionals across Europe. Click here for FNE UNIC EU Cinema Policy Update.

PODOGRICA: The MIDPOINT script development initiative is partnering with the Film Center of Montenegro on the new training programme MIDPOINT Intensive Montenegro taking place in October 2019. The workshop is accepting applications through 26 July 2019.

KOSICE: The debut film by Teodor Kuhn, By a Sharp Knife / Ostrým nožom is screening in the Slovak Season of Art Film Festival, which runs through 22 June 2019 in the East Slovak city of Kosice.

Single Market

27/05: Council calls for an ambitious approach for a competitive single market - Council of the EU

The Council adopted conclusions on "A new level of ambition for a competitive single market". These conclusions are the Council's response to recent calls from the European Council for an integrated, forward-looking approach to the single market, which should connect all relevant policies and remove remaining unjustified barriers and avoiding creating new ones, in particular on freedom to provide services and on digitalisation.

2020 EU Budget

05/06: EU budget 2020: Commission focuses its proposal on jobs, growth and security – European Commission

The Commission has today proposed an EU budget of €168.3 billion for 2020 for a more competitive European economy, and for solidarity and security in the EU and beyond.

05/06: Draft EU Budget 2020 – Questions and Answers – European Commission

The goal of the proposed 2020 EU budget is to contribute to a more competitive European economy, and to ensure solidarity and security in the EU and beyond. It is designed to optimise funding for existing programmes as well as new initiatives and to boost the European added value in line with the Juncker Commission's priorities. See other questions and answers at the above link.

European Commission

06/06: Manfred Weber hits back at criticism of his suitability to be next European Commission president – The Parliament Magazine

Weber’s comments come against a backdrop of growing calls from senior political figures for an alternative candidate for the EU’s top job.

Council of the EU

07/06: Post-2020 digital policy − Council adopts conclusions – Council of the EU

Today the Council adopted conclusions on the future of a highly digitised Europe beyond 2020: 'Boosting digital and economic competitiveness across the Union and digital cohesion'.

EU Elections 2019

31/05 : A new European order - Setting the political agenda for the next 5 years – Europe Analytica

The run-up to the 2019 European elections has been long and filled with projections, campaigning, debates and rallies - some more successful than others. After European citizens cast their votes between 23 and 26 May, it is now the time to take stock of the results and analyse their impact on the Parliament and the European Union as a whole.


17-20 June: CineEurope 2019, Barcelona
17 June: European film Forum @ CineEurope (Barcelona)
17 June: EAO conference - "Cinema windows across Europe," Rome
19-20 June: Conference on New Challenges regarding Copyright in the Digital Single Market, Bucharest
20-21 June: European Council Summit
21 June: Provisional deadline for Commission Presidency 
24 June: Composition of European Parliament political groups
1 July: Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU
2-4 July: First European Parliament Plenary, Strasbourg
15-18 July: Second European Parliament Plenary, Strasbourg
10-11 September: Finnish Presidency conference - Creation, innovation and promotion – competitiveness of European audiovisual industry, Helsinki 
September/October: Hearings of candidate Commissioners 
October/November: Election of new European Commission
1 November: European Commission comes into office

A movie that premiered in Cannes, an animated musical and Coraline among 12th Fest Anča’s feature film programme

Fest Anča 2019 will also bring a fanimated remake of Shrek and a revolutionary film experiment Creak in Time.

Feature films are always popular attractions at Fest Anča. And this year we’ll screen some of the best features made in the last two years, but also older productions. The program includes the legendary Coraline, as well as Shrek Retold, This Magnificent Cake! and Seder-masochism.

“All the films in the programme were selected with regards to this year’s central theme of Identity and they reflect this motive in many different ways,” programme director Ivana Sujová explained.

The legendary Coraline is a dark animated fantasy horror about the search of one’s home. The film directed by Henry Selick was produced by the prestigious Laika Studios, based on the equally legendary eponymous novel by Neil Gaiman. This story of an adventurous little girl appeals not only to children, but to all age categories.

This year, Coraline celebrates ten years since its premiere. It has won many prestigious awards (three Annies and Annecy) with Oscars and Golden Globe nominations. A fun fact related to identity: Gaiman originally intended to name the protagonist Caroline, but he made a typo and unintentionally created a unique name for his unique character.

A real curiosity among feature films is the collaborative Shrek Retold created by a community of Shrek`s Internet fans. The film is a scene-by-scene remake of the popular DreamWorks movie that was produced in 2018 as a crowdsourced project involving over 200 amateur artists and professional filmmakers. It is the brainchild of American comedian, filmmaker, and organizer of the annual Shrekfest - Grant Duffrin. His Tweet encouraged project participation and immediately became a huge viral hit.

For almost 20 years now, viewers have loved Shrek for his complex character. He may be a scary ogre on the outside, but on the inside, he represents all the virtues of an epic hero. As the famous quote says: “Ogres are like onions. They both have layers.” Therefore it’s no surprise that the most famous ogre became the focal point of an incredibly active community of fans who have been cloning and transforming Shrek’s story on Youtube and many other online platforms.

That is why besides the feature Shrek Retold, Fest Anča will screen another section dedicated to this hero. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life will present a selection of the most interesting user-generated films and fanimations that turn the passive consumption of a movie into an active and creative “Shrek Cult”.

Nina Paley’s feature Seder-masochism (2018) is another programme highlight of 12th Fest Anča. It is one of the most remarkable contemporary animated films: an animated comedy musical where Paley offers a revisionist interpretation of the Book of Exodus and of the important Jewish ritual feast Passover Seder. In her film, these are retold by Moses, Jesus and a goat. Nina Paley is an independent animator and she created Seder-masochism with a very limited budget.

Paley decided to make a film about Jewish traditions because she wanted to explore her own religious heritage. She was inspired by the dialogues with her father about his faith. These also appear in the film. The American director is keen on exploring unexpected themes. She first gained visibility with comic strips and established her reputation with her feature-length debut Sita Sings the Blues, based on the ancient Indian epic Ramayana and on episodes from the director’s own life.

Visitors of 12th Fest Anča shouldn’t miss the opening film This Magnificent Cake! by Belgian Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef, which premiered last year in Cannes. It is an unconventional stop-motion film that deals with a serious topic in an entertaining way. Set in colonial Africa in the late 19th century, it tells the stories of 5 different characters: a troubled king, a middle-aged Pygmy working in a luxury hotel, a failed businessman on an expedition, a lost porter and a young army deserter.

With a 44-minute duration, the film is a little too short to be a feature-length one and too long to be a short. At Fest Anča 2019 opening ceremony, it will be screened with another film by the same directors, Oh, Willy... about a fifty-something man returning to the naturist community where he grew up. The multi award-winning Oh, Willy... belongs to the most successful contemporary animated shorts. Both films by Emma and Marc are remarkable for their unique animation technique – all the set was handmade from wool – a material that makes computer post-processing impossible.

Another extraordinary film at 12th Fest Anča is the Creak in Time by Australian born Steven McInerney, currently residing in the UK. McInerey likes to experiment with different materials, lenses, cameras and forceful music. His film is a surprising audiovisual meditation about the expansion and transformation of universe. The soundtrack by British formation Howlround was composed entirely from creaking objects and manipulated on magnetic tape machines.

Fest Anča’s 2019 selection of feature films is completed with Danish-French coproduction movie Long Way North. It follows Sacha, who seeks adventure instead of an easy marriage. She decides to ignore her parents’ wishes and sets out to find her grandfather, whose ship went missing en route to the North Pole. The film won the Audience Award in Annecy International Animation Festival 2015 and it has gained international popularity with children’s audience, as well as mature viewers.

Fest Anča 2019 will be held from 27 to 30 June in Žilina.

Buy your pre-sale ticket here.

2019 Fest Anča International Animation Festival is financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and LITA Fund.

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