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After the local success of the documentaries in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, through cinema distribution and screenings at festivals in Karlovy Vary and Krakow, these original production documentaries will be presented at the 14th annual edition of the International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava. All the films from HBO Czech Republic were produced for the HBO documentary series BEZ CENZURY (Without Censorship).


Under the auspices of this year's Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival producers were invited to the 2nd Latin American-European Coproduction Workshop from October 2-5, organized by the Media Business School - Spain, the Festival do Rio, and the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.

Tales from Kars is a portmanteau of the five winning short stories in a script competition held as part of the 2007 Festival on Wheels and spearheaded by the Ankara Cinema Association and former mayor of Kars, Naif Alibeyoğlu. With all five shorts shot in Kars, the ensemble was wrapped with post-production support from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and has since received invitations from numerous international festivals. The shorts were directed by Özcan Alper, Ülkü Oktay, Ahu Öztürk, Zehra Derya Koç and Emre Akay, who have been instrumental in introducing Kars, one of the farthest flung corners of Turkey, to the rest of the world.

The 47th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival which will be held between the 9th and 14th of October, is getting ready to present the latest successful works of Georgian Cinema as a part of this year's "Euroasian Cinema" section.

VARNA: Bulgarian filmmakers have become the latest victims of the austerity measures sweeping Europe in the wake of the European governments bail out of banks following the global financial crisis.

The Estonian Film Foundation supported the following features, documentaries and animation projects in 2010. Last round for feature development was March 8, 2010, feature script support April 5, 2010. For documentaries last round was April 26 2010 (development), and January 18 (development and production). For animation the last round was May 17, 2010 (short animation).

"A Heart-Broken Circus" by Marek Tomasz Pawłowski has been awarded with the Slovak TV Prize at the 16th EtnoFilm Cadca in Slovak Republic. Jury appreciated the film's "perfect sense of a film esthetics in a reflection on a sad end of the circus world."

 WARSAW: Film New Europe together with the International Visegrad Fund has announced a new prize to for best feature and best documentary co-production from a Visegrad country. The prize is being awarded to recognize the artistic achievements of filmmakers in the Visegrad countries and to encourage cultural co-operation between partners within Visegrad countries and partners in other Euroepan countries of the European Union. The competitive prize is organized together with the support of CinePecs International Film Festival ( in Hungary, International Bratislava Film Festival ( in Slovakia, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival ( in the Czech Republic and Era New Horizons International Film Festival ( in Poland and Film Europe (

The FNE Visegrad Prix will be awarded annually to the best feature and documentary co-productions in the programme of two of the four participating festivals. The position of awarding festivals will rotate on an annual basis. The film must be a co-production and at least one of the partners must be a Visegrad country. A cash prize of 1000 Euros will be awarded to the winning feature film and to the winning documentary film. The winning film will also be promoted on FNE and at the other participating film festivals. Film Europe will also support and promote the winning film through its network of television stations.

The award will be launched at the CinePecs International Film Festival (4-10 October 2010) where the main jury will select the winning feature film from among the films participating in the CinePecs programme. The award will be presented at the closing ceremony of the festival.

The best co-production in the category of documentary film will be awarded by the main jury of the International Bratislava Film Festival (5-11 November 2010).

Anna Franklin, General Director of Film New Europe said: "The FNE Visegrad Prix will recognize the achievements and focus international attention on films and filmmakers in Visegrad countries. The prix should promote cultural diversity and encourage co-operation between neighbouring countries."

"Documentary film has a long tradition in the Visegrad region. Given the growing number of produced films and the increasing number of their audiences at various festivals throughout the region, I hope it has bright future, as well. I am glad that the International Visegrad Fund has the chance to extend grant funding to some of the key documentary events in the region. I hope that the launching of the Film New Europe Visegrad Prix is a clear sign of the fact there are already enough quality films to compete. I wish the Visegrad Prize is something worth documenting in the long run". Petr Vágner, the Executive Director of Visegrad Fund

"As János Keresnyei, director of CinePécs International Film Festival sees it: FNE Visegrad Prix represents the togetherness of the four countries. In today's Europe every people, who have been bound together by history, keep their former connections alive, stay loyal to their friends and hold on to European unity. We know, what our films are about, we understand each other's problems and live through each other's emotions. FNE Visegrad Prix is the prize of understanding."

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One of the largest film festivals in Northern Europe is now accepting press accreditation for its 14th edition which runs 19th November - 5th December 2010.