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Institute ofDocumentary Film in Jihlava, October 24 - 30, 2011

The Institute of Documentary Film is opening its 11th Industry Programmefor film professionals. Next to the presentations of documentary projects atthe 11th EastEuropean Forum, soon-to-be-released documentaries at the Doc Launch presentation,and more than 250 East European films at the 8th East Silver Market,we are hosting a slate of master classes, case studies, lectures, screenings,as well as one-on-one meetings with international commissioning editors,buyers, distributors, sales agents, festival and film fund representatives.

IDF Industry Programme features annual Silver Eye Awards, handed out tothe best short, mid-length and feature documentaries, along with the two awardsfor docs-in-progress – Golden Funnel Award and IDF Forum Award.The best Czech documentary project will be awarded with HBO Award at theopening ceremony of the IDFF Jihlava. HBO grants up to 1 200 000 CZKsupport for a documentary film production costs. The HBO call is a mutualproject with the Institute of Documentary Film/East Silver.

The Industry Programme is alsoopen to all festival visitors, with a chance to meet notable internationalfilmmakers. Coming to Jihlava to share their thoughts on filmmaking are Erik Gandini, MarcinKoszałka, Audrius Stonys,and Vitaly Manskiy (October 26, 28 and 29, 2011).

Over the eleven years of IDF'sexistence, more than 100 documentary films have been completed with the aid ofthe East European Forum, Ex Oriente Film, and Doc Launch.Many of the films have been awarded at major international festivals, such asthe Cannes IFF, Locarno IFF, Hot Docs, IDFA, Visions du réel, andBerlinale. The East Silver Market has facilitated festival orbroadcasting support for over 500 completed films.

The 11th Industry Programme is the the region's largest meeting place for East European documentaryfilmmakers and Europe'sand North America'sleading commissioning editors, distributors, buyers, sales agents, festival programmers, and film fundrepresentatives. Directors and independent producers offer theirprojects for co-production, presale or other forms of financial support, while producers withpost-production projects or completed films seek distribution partners.

Since 2001,the Industry Programme has become a prestigious meeting place thathas hosted 1200East European filmmakers and producers, and 720 European and North American commissioningeditors, distributors, salesagents, festival programmers and film fund representatives.

A recordnumber of industryguests haveconfirmed their attendance at this year's Industry Programme. More than 70 commissioning editorsand buyers from major TV networks in Europe and North America, over 20sales agents, and many more distributors, film fund and festivalrepresentatives are coming to the East European Forum and the East SilverMarket to find new films for their programme slots or portfolios. More than 100 East European directors and producers are looking to find support fortheir documentary projects and completed films. With all other visitors of theIndustry Programme, the Institute of Documentary Film will host around 400 film professionals.


East European Forum pitching workshop + Ex Oriente Filmthird session:
October24 – 28, 2011|Secondary Graphic Art School, Křížová 18,Jihlava, CzechRepublic
East European Forum - Public Presentations:
October29, 2011 | 10:00 –13:30| Assembly Hall - Secondary Graphic Art School, Březinovy sady 31, Jihlava, Czech Republic

October 30, 2011 |10:00 – 12:30| Assembly Hall - Secondary Graphic Art School, Březinovy sady 31, Jihlava, Czech Republic

Organized as part ofthe Industry Programme for the eleventh time, the East European Forum is the region'slargest meeting of East European documentary filmmakers and Europeancommissioning editors, distributors, sales agents, and film fundrepresentatives. Filmmakers and independent producers attend the event tooffer their projects for co-production, presale and other forms of financialsupport. Over the years, the East European Forum has become aprestigious platform that has since 2001 hosted several hundred East Europeanfilmmakers and producers, around a hundred commissioning editors, and tens ofinternational distributors, sales agents and festival programmers.

The stories and topicsof projects at this year's East European Forum are as varied as their styles. Hereare just some of them: Ivo Bystřičan's documentary essay Under (the)Construction captures the clash between a constructionengineer and an environmental activist over a highway planned at a Czech naturereserve. In Show!, Bohdan Bláhovec follows girls who areturned into pop stars, and unmasks the workings of the Czech show business. JanGogola will pitch Village City that documents an elaborate art projectput together by Czech artist Kateřina Šedá. Velvet Terrorists by Slovak filmmakerPeter Kerekes brings to light several cases of small-time domestic terrorism informer Czechoslovakia. In Belarusian Toys, young Lithunian filmmakerLina Luzyte travels to Zhlobin, Belarus, to retrieve a sad picture of animpoverished town once thriving on plush toys. Nebojša Slijepčević from Croatiawill present Gangster of Love, a documentary comedy about a matchmakerfor lonely men in remote parts of Croatia. Israeli filmmaker Itamar Rose opensup a sensitive subject in My Village - the 1948 expulsion ofPalestinians from territories occupied by Israel. Baltoro Pasage byPolish filmmaker Eliza Kubarska follows a group of young people as theyundertake a perilous journey through the Karakoram to visit the place wheretheir parents died years ago. For over a year, Grzegorz Pacek was involved withthe project Ewa, tracing the steps of the human rights activist EwaJasiewicz who was part of the humanitarian convoy to Gaza targeted by Israel inMay 2010. Tatyana Soboleva's Russian-French project Heralds from the BigWorld joins a floating hospital that navigates Siberia to reach patients inisolated areas. Diana's List by Croatian director Dana Budisavljevićrecounts the story of a remarkable woman who took care of some 12 thousandchildren during WWII. Daniel Begun's Good Night, White Pride focuses onvarious antifascist groups and their followersincontemporary Russia. An uncommon reunion is thesubject of Željko Mirković's The Second Meeting- eleven years after a Serbian officer shot down an F-117A with a U.S. pilot.Other projects: Jail Team (dir.Genka Shikerova, Petko Gyulchev, Bulgaria); Far Encounters (dir. Vilim Zlender, Marko Stanić, Croatia, Moldova,Netherlands); The Life of My Father(dir. Margareta Hrůza, Czech Republic); NotMy Land (dir. Alyona Surzhikova, Estonia); Blueberry Spirits (dir. Astra Zoldnere, Latvia); The Domino Effect (dir. PiotrRosolowski, Elwira Niewiera, Poland); Belgrade,Kosovo (dir. Marko Popović, Serbia); Bellsof Happiness (dir. Marek Šulík, Jana Bučka, Slovakia); The Bloody Sands of Libya (dir. Ladislav Kaboš, Slovakia).

15recently completed documentary films that were in the past pitched at the EastEuropean Forum have been included in this year's East Silver Market tobenefit from its distribution support.


East Silver Market - Specialized documentary market forindustry professionals
October 25 – 30,2011 | 10:00– 22:00 | Industry + pressaccreditation|FestivalCenter, Vysočina County Gallery, Komenského 10,Jihlava, Czech Republic

The 8th East Silver Market is coming to Jihlavato offer its slate of new documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe.Industry professionals - commissioning editors, sales agents, distributors, andfestival programmers - will be able to browsethe market's digitized video library of 249 documentary films, along with some 100 films from the festival programme, made in2010/2011.

The SilverEye Awards recognize the best documentary films included in the EastSilver Market. The Silver Eye Awards are presented in three categories -short, mid-length, and feature documentary film - and the winners are decidedby international juries made up of our industry guests:

Best Short Documentary Film:

ElizabethMarschan / DocPointHelsinki
DebraZimmerman / WomenMake Movies
AndrewCatauro / AmericanDocumentary/POV

Best Mid-length Documentary Film:
KathrynBonnici / JavaFilms
MartinPieper / ZDF/ARTE
SallyBerger / MoMa -Museum of Modern Art

Best Feature Documentary Film:
ClaudiaBucher / ARTEG.E.I.E.
LucianoBarisone / Visionsdu réel
DianaHoltzberg / FilmsTransit International

The winner in each category will receive EUR1,500 and yearlong festival service from East Silver. The Silver Eye Award winners will be announced October 29, 2011 at theClosing Ceremony of the 15th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.

Two Czech documentaries are in the running forthe Silver Eye Awards. Shortlisted for the Silver Eye Award in thedocumentary feature category, Martin Mareček's Solar Eclipse follows twoCzech experts who electrified buildingsin a remote Zambian village and now revisit the place after four years.Competing in the documentary short category, The Chronicle of Oldrich S. byRudolf Šmíd capturesthe peculiar one-sentence diary a man who has been recording everyday events for over 20 years.

Austria and Poland are strongly represented among thenominees. Out of a total of six Austrian nominees, five are in the documentaryfeature category. Among them, for instance, Nikolaus Geyrhalter's Abendlandthat takes us on a long journey across nighttime Europe, and Ruth Beckermann's American Passages that travels across the United States. Polishfilmmaker Tomasz Wolski brings a remarkable documentary film titled Doctorsthat follows the daily efforts of surgeons at a Polish hospital. In ArgentinianLesson, director Wojciech Staron captures the events that unfolded duringhis family's stay in Argentina. Another outstanding documentary is Motherlandor Death by Russian director Vitaly Manskiy that puts an end to anyromantic ideas about Cuba, a country whose image is strikingly different fromits reality.

East Silver's year-round support and promotion of East European documentary films at variousinternational festivals and markets is implemented under the East Silver Caravan. East Silver TV Focus serves toprovide documentary films with more opportunities for international TVbroadcast.

Thanks to the East Silver Caravan, Erika Hníková'sMatchmaking Mayor enjoyed screenings at Hot Docs, Canada; DocAviv,Israel; Antenna IDFF, Australia; Bafici Buenos Aires, and Berlinale. VítKlusák's All for the Goodof the World and Nosovice was in competition at DOCSDF Mexico City,ZagrebDox, and Trieste Film Festival. Also in last year's East Silver Caravan,Tomáš Kudrna's AllThat Glitters received the main award at Cronograf, Moldova, and appearedin the lineup of One World Romania.


When: October 28, 2011 | 18:30 – 20:00
Where: Assembly Hall - Secondary Graphic Art School|Březinovy sady 31, Jihlava
Openfor:Industry + Press accreditations

This year's Doc Launch presentation includes 9 outstanding documentary films slated for theatricalrelease over the next year. The presentation allows filmmakers to introducetheir soon-to-be-released films to tens of international industry guests- commissioning editors, buyers, distributors, sales agents, and film fund andfestival representatives. Following the presentation that will also featurefilm clips, the producers and filmmakers will attend one-on-one meetingswith selected industry guests to secure further support.

At the presentation, Pavel Štingl and Jiří Konečnýwill pitch Eugenic Minds, a film that questions the boundaries betweenscience and pseudo-science using unique archive footage. Slovak filmmaker MiroRemo, whose previous film Arsy-Versy received awards at a number ofinternational festivals, is attending with Comeback (producer BarbaraHarumová Hessová), a social probe into the life of prisoners. A seasoned criminal is the subject ofFather (dir. Marat Sargsyan, p. DagneVildžiunaite). Sofia’s Last Ambulance(dir. Ilian Metev, p. S. Juričić, D. Gotschev, I. Trost) uncovers some of theabsurdities faced by doctors and nurses in Bulgaria. UB Lama (dir. EgleVertelyte, p. Arunas Matelis, Lukas Trimonis) follows a Mongolian boy on hisquest to become a Buddhistmonk. Latvian producer Ilona Bicevska is coming to Jihlava with 15 Young by Young, a documentary project by 15 young filmmakersfrom countriesthat were part of the former USSR. Trainsof Thoughts (dir. Timo Novotny, p. Ulrich Gehmacher, Austria) is anaudiovisual essay roaming subwaysystems in different parts of the world; TheLast Black Sea Pirates (dir.Svetoslav Stoyanov, p. Martichka Bozhilova) documents the clash between a group of wannabe piratesand the outside world, and the German-Italian co-production No Peace Without War(dir. L. Castore, A. Cohen, p. A. C. Renninger, P. Benzi) is a portrait of Polish siblings.

October 24 – 30, 2010 | Festival Center - Vysočina County Gallery, Komenského 10, Jihlava,Czech Republic | Assembly Hall - Secondary Graphic ArtSchool (Březinovy sady 31, Jihlava, CzechRepublic)

On top of the main events, the IDF Industry Programme will also be open tobroader audiences with an insight into the work of several notable filmmakers.Swedish filmmaker Erik Gandini, Polish filmmaker Marcin Koszalka,Lithuanian filmmaker Audrius Stonys, and Russian filmmaker,producer and festival director Vitaly Manskiy will host special masterclasses to discuss their filmsand creative methods.

A case study hosted byGeorgian filmmaker Salome Jashi will offer a behind-the-scenes look at thedevelopment, production and funding of her documentary film Bakhmaro, completed with IDF's support. What's it like for a WestEuropean producer in Eastern Europe? Answers will be provided in a case studyon the documentary film Jack, the Balkans & I hosted by Fleur Knoppertsand Denis Vaslin of the Dutch production company Volya Films. In their presentation Documentary Exhibition inthe U.S., Sally Berger (MoMA,USA) and independentfestival programmer IrenaKovářová willoutline various ways in which documentary films reach American audiences.

The process ofdocumentary production and distribution has been undergoing radical changes throughout the world. The fast-changing rulesand technological developments in the media landscape have had a huge impact onnot only the development of documentary films and their availability toaudiences, but also on the very form of the genre and the way itcommunicates with reality. These andother topics will be discussed in lectures by Finnish expert and longtime YLECE IkkaVehkalahti; formerDirector of Programming at Hot Docs SeanFarnel, and Jakob Høgel of the Danish Film Institute.

This interactiveseminar will focus on current issues of the changing broadcasting market.Broadcasters have to adjust their structure to the new distribution of roles,lower budgets and an increasing demandfor competitiveness. The linear system of broadcasting is at the crossroads.EBU's former director Bjorn Erichsen and ETMA's director PaulPauwels will explore the pressing issues of recent months and years withrepresentatives of East European broadcasters.

Available to allparticipants of the East European Forum and the East Silver Market, as well asto registered industry guests, the Project Market consists of one-on-one meetingswith commissioning editors, distributors, sales agents, and festivalprogrammers.

A series of three morningmeetings will provide details on documentary funding and potentialco-production partners in the Baltic states, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

Two informal dinners willconnect Czech and East European filmmakers with international commissioningeditors, distributors, sales agents, and festival programmers.

Open to industry guests andmembers of the press, these screenings are available for the Silver Eye Awardnominees, and registered completed films or rough cuts.

We work with films thatare halfway between the initial idea and completion. We pass our opinions froma privileged and safe position, risking nothing compared to the authors. Nextyear, IDF will take its first steps out of this sheltered place, towards a thrillingfuture and unexplored horizons.

Our activities in Jihlavaalways follow one design concept, this time with the fitting slogan On theRoad.

We're justabout ready to hit the road…


Press Service: Hana Škodová | Školská 12 | 110 00 Prague 1 | T: +420 724 039212 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.dokweb.net

IDF Industry Programme: HanaRezková | Školská 12 | 110 01 Prague1 | T: +420 777240 005 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |www.dokweb.net

East Silver: ZuzanaPauková | Školská 12 | 110 01 Prague 1 | T: +420 775 602 555 | Skype:zuzana.paukova | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.| www.eastsilver.net

WARSAW: Nominations for the second edition of the FNE Visegrad Prix for best documentary film coproduction from a Visegard country have been announced. The films are all screening in the15th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival held in Jihlava, Czech Republic (25-30 October 2011) official programme. The final selection will be made by the festival's Between the Seas jury and announced at the festival's closing ceremony.

{mosimage}Triumphantly and under the sounds of the music played by the Limassol Municipal Band, the curtain has risen for the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus. In front of Rialto Theatre, hundreds of viewers welcomed the Band and subsequently accompanied it inside for the Opening Ceremony. The brief documentary by Nounou Skaltsa Alexopoulou evoked emotion in the audience, as it was curated by Michael Cacoyiannis to the memory of whom this year’s Festival is dedicated. The Opening Ceremony was watched by members of the family of Michael Cacoyiannis, representatives of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, directors, filmmakers and friends of short films.

{mosimage}Following the presentation of the Jury by the Artistic Directors, the Festival was officially inaugurated by the Mayor of Limassol and the competitive program started with an excellent selection of films from Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Poland, which was warmly applauded.
The night ended with an acoustic performance by Fivos Delivorias, who had his audience mesmerized at the crowded Information Centre next to the theatre.

The Festival has been extremely successful this far and promises to continue to deliver a rich and diverse program until the 22nd of October. More that 100 films from all over the world and night screenings under the stars with films from Paris, Africa and the Middle East. A special tribute to the Cypriot films of yesterday and the best animated films of the past 10 years. A “Making Cinema for Television” masterclass by director Thodoris Papadoulakis and actor Stelios Mainas on the 21st of October, 18:00, at the Information Centre (Art Studio 55).

The Chicago International Film Festival lineup includes Polish films and co-productions supported by the Polish Film Institute. Festival runs October 6 through 20, 2011.


“The Mole” is a feature debut of Rafael Lewandowski and will represent Polish cinema in the Main Competition of Chicago IFF. Borys Szyc playing the main role in the film won recently the Best Actor award at Montreal International Film Festival. The viewers will also have the chance to watch the latest Paweł Pawlikowski film “Woman In the Fifth”, a French/English/Polish co-production.


Copyrights: Kino świt


It's a French/German/Ukrainian/Polish co-production starring Andrzej Chyra in one of the leading roles and with Leszek Możdżer's music. The Polish co-producer on this project is Apple Film Production. “Land of Oblivion” was recently presented at Venice and Toronto Film Festivals.


Polish animated film about a depraved hedgehog named George, based on a long-running comic book series. The film was directed by Wojtek Wawszczyk, Jakub Tarkowski and Tomasz Leśniak. A Norway/Swedish/Polish co-production “King of Devil’s Island” by Marius Holst will also screen in this section. The Polish co-producer on this project is Opus Film.


In this section there will be presented Robert Proch’s “Galeria”. So far the film has been screened at the film festivals in Portugal, Canada and Denmark.

During the last year’s edition of Chicago IFF the Gold Plaque award went to “Erratum” by Marek Lechki.

The awarded films of the 48th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival were announced at the festival's glorious closing gala on 14th October. ‘And the Women touched the World' main themed festivals, all women consisted juries awarded the ‘Best of 2011'.

Thirteen feature films competed during the week of 8th-14th October - nine of which were directors' debuts. It was a significant night for M.Caner Alper, Mehmet Binay's ‘ZENNE DANCER' which was crowned with five different awards last night.


National Feature Film

Best Film: "Güzel Günler Göreceğiz" - ‘WE WILL SEE GOOD DAYS' Hasan Tolga Pulat (also awarded with 350,000TL)

Jury Special: "Nar" - ‘POMAGRANEDE' Ümut Ünal

Best First Film: "Zenne" ‘ZENNE DANCER' M.Caner Alper, Mehmet Binay

Best Director : "Çiğdem Vitrinel - Geriye Kalan"- ‘WHAT REMAINS'

Best Screenplay: "Güzel Günler Göreceğiz - Emre Kavuk" ‘WE WILL SEE GOOD DAYS'

Best Director of photography: "Lüks Otel - Kenan Korkmaz / Zenne - Norayr Kasper" - ‘LUXURY HOTEL' & ‘ZENNE'

Best Music: "Meş - Yürüyüş / Frank Schreiber, Hemin Derya"- ‘WALKING'

Best Actress: "Devin Özgür Çınar - Geriye Kalan" - ‘WHAT REMAINS'

Best Actor: "Erdal Beşikçioğlu - Behzat Ç: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm" - ‘BEHZAT Ç, I BURIED YOU IN MY HEART'


Best Film: "Sınırda" - ‘ON THE EDGE - SUR LE PLANCE' Leyla Kilani


SIYAD (Cinema Writers' Foundation) Jury Award: "Güle Güle"- ‘GOODBYE - BE OMID e DIDAR' Mohammed Rasaulof

Akdeniz University Youth Jury Award: "Güle Güle"- ‘GOODBYE - BE OMID e DIDAR' Mohammed Rasaulof

Best Documentary: "Bedensiz Ruhlar"- 'BODIES WITHOUT SOUL' Sabite Kaya

Best Short Film: "Dua" - ‘PRAYER' Tuna Balkan

This year's Industry Days, to be held between 29-30 November as part of the Black Market, are shaping up to provide some crucial and informative debates about the different strategies and film industry models implemented across the world. We'll be welcoming some special guests, amongst them the British Film Insitute's Amanda Nevill, Simon Perry who has more than five years experience working at the Irish Film Board and Henning Camre, President of the Think Tank on European Film and Film Policy, as well as top industry professionals from Korea and Japan, who will discuss just how the film industry is adapting in light of the changing world economy.

Panel From Zero to Hero will explore film policies and politics, examining how some countries manage to build up a sustainable body of industry support whilst others struggle in light of the global crisis. We'll discuss ways in which film instructions have been set up in various countries and attempt to learn the different ways in which they benefit their national industries whilst also discovering some of the pitfalls. Crucial Commissions will examine the role of Film Commissions as drivers of local film and cultural industries from Europe to Asia. Topics to be covered include how film can be of an enormous benefit to a nation's cultural and financial economy and the massive impact that having your country as a popular destination for filming can have.

So come and take part in these panels and many more as they will prove to be an enormously informative and useful source of information at a time when the status of many film structures that we know are uncertain.

For more information on the Industry Days visit http://market.poff.ee/est/industryday

The most important development in the Czech Republic was the approval of film tax incentives in 2010. The European Union approved the Czech film tax incentives in June, as announced by the Czech government on 18 June. The proposal, which was first approved in October 2009 by the Czech government, allows foreign productions a rebate of up to 20% of the amount spent in the country. The Czech Ministry of Culture (www.mkcr.cz) budgeted CZK 400 million (16 million euros) for rebates in 2010 and had been awaiting the EU decision since January. ¨

WARSAW: Poland’s position in the international film industry becomes more prominent each year, not only are more Polish productions and coproductions screened and awarded at major international film festivals each year but also more Polish coproductions are in world wide distribution.

TV Polska's (www.tvp.pl) sales team are introducing three new original series and a heart-warming film in its MIPCOM line-up this year. Monks, social workers, and a family dynasty are the focus of the three unique series, while the film Heritage from director Andrzej Baranski follows a young man back to his village roots.

The fourth edition of CinEast (www.cineast.lu) - the Central and Eastern European Film Festival in Luxembourg - will be held from 5 to 23 October 2011 in 12 venues in Luxembourg city and other towns and will offer a wide and varied selection of cinematographic works from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria, as well as many accompanying events.

"In 2011, the festival has almost doubled in size and with over 80 projections (40 features and 30 short films, incl. features, documentaries and animations), an official competition with a jury presided over by Agnieszka Holland, a dozen guests, three mini-retrospectives, special-themed evenings, debates, screenings for children, teenagers and students, four marathons of short films, as well as 7 concerts, 2 exhibitions, gastronomic events and a charity project, the CinEast festival has become one of the largest events focusing on the cinematography and wider culture of the Central and Eastern European region in the world." (Radek Lipka, Programme director of CinEast festival)

The aim of the festival is to present to the multi-national Luxembourg public a selection of mostly recent, remarkable films, often awarded prizes at major festivals, but rarely shown in the cinemas of the Grand Duchy. It strives also to promote the cultures of the participating countries through various accompanying events (music, exhibitions, culinary evenings,etc.).

Nine films have been included in the official competition: The House (Z. Liová), If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (F. Şerban), Suicide Room (J. Komasa), Walking Too Fast (R. Špaček), Adrienn Pál (A. Kocsis), The Christening (M. Wrona), Eighty Letters (V. Kadrnka), The Mill and the Cross (L. Majewski), and Avé (K. Bojanov). The jury comprises five eminent personalities from the Luxembourgish film scene and is chaired by the famous Polish director Agnieszka Holland. The programme proposes two thematic cycles: On the Margin of Society (with films focusing on the lives of the marginalised - drug addicts, homeless people, criminals, refugees, minorities etc.) and East Goes West (with films by cinematographers successful in the west). The mini-retrospectives are dedicated to the work of Roman Polanski, Miloš Forman and the Polish documentary-maker Marcin Koszałka who will be present at the screenings. Guests attending the festival also include: Florin Şerban, Lech Majewski, Ágnes Kocsis, Helena Třeštíková, Konstantin Bojanov and Agnieszka Holland (tbc) who will present her latest feature In Darkness.

CinEast 2011 also proposes an extensive photography exhibition "Living on the Margin" with around 150 works by eight photographers from Poland, the Czech Rep., Slovakia and Hungary, numerous concerts (Tomasz Stanko Quintet, Nasekomix, Kult, Bachtale Apsa etc.) and buffet-style dinners with delicacies from the region.

More information:

Official website: www.cineast.lu

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Presentation: http://www.cineast.lu/presse/2011/festival/CinEast2011_Presentation(EN).pdf

Detailed programme: http://www.cineast.lu/presse/2011/festival/CinEast2011_Programme(EN).pdf

Complete press package: http://www.cineast.lu/presse/2011/presspack/presspack.zip

Logo/poster/flyer: http://www.cineast.lu/presse/2011/graphics/

Festival trailer: www.youtube.com/cineastfestival

The festival CinEast 2011 is organised by the non-profit organisation polska.lu in cooperation with CCRN, Cinémathèque, Utopia Group of Cinemas, Caramba Cinemas, Ancien Cinéma, University of Luxembourg and European School. Partners : Polish Film Institute (PISF), Slovak Film Institute (SFU), Czech Film Center, Magyar Filmunió, Hungarian Culture Bruxelles, Romanian Cultural Institute Bucarest, Polish Embassy in Luxembourg, Bulgarian Embassy in Brussels, Translation Centre for the Bodies of EU and others. Main sponsor: ARHS Developments. With the support of The City of Luxembourg, Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fonds Culturel National and other partners.