Work on projects continues at the ArtDocFest ADA Pitching, at the Hudozhestvennyi Cinema, in Moscow. The two days long training is intended to prepare participants’ film projects to be presented during the pitching scheduled for December 13th.

The launching of Dragon Forum 2013 year edition will be announced at Victor Kossakovski's masterclass, especially organized for that occasion. The event entitled "To shoot or not to shoot" will take place at Warsaw "Iluzjon" Cinema, December 16th at 17.00 and will be also part of 12th International Human Rights Film Festival "Watch Docs" in Warsaw. The participation in masterclass is free of charges.

Fifteen films that were produced and co-produced in twelve countries have already been invited to compete in Generation Kplus and Generation 14plus. The complete Generation programme will be announced in mid January.

The application deadline for Ekran, a training programme organized by Wajda Studio and Wajda School, is 21 January 2013. Participation is free.

HELSINKI: Finnish films have scored an impressive five out of the Top 20 at the box office with the domestic thriller Nightmare/Painajainen merellä topping the fox office this week. 

HELSINKI: Three features are receiving 1,072,000 EUR from the Finnish Film Foundation ( in December 2012 with Kaisu Isto as film commissioner.

STRASBOURG: The Georgian National Film Centre ( continues to spearhead the integration of Georgian film into the European arthouse mainstream with its latest venture, a Georgian film in Strasbourg 16-22 December. 

WARSAW: Krakow Film Festival’s Sliver Dragon winners have been added to the list of qualifying awards for the Academy Awards nominations in the short film category.

The Interchange programme was created with the goal of building cooperation between film professionals from Europe and the Arab world through professional training centred on the in-depth development of a number of feature-length fiction film projects every year. It is open to 10 teams of writer/director & producer – usually about half of the participants are Arab and half are European –, as well as to 3 Arab film professionals interested in story editing training.

This year’s Black Nights Film Festival presented 266 feature length films at a record number of 705 screenings which is more than screened in Estonian cinemas during a whole year. All festival screenings and special film events reached 67 000 admissions.