MISKOLC: The 10th Miskolc International Film Festival (12 - 22 September 2013) will screen 17 features in the main competion, and three other regular competition section for short films, documentaries and animated films.

GDYNIA: Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME) CEO and producer Mike Downey re-affirmed at the 38th Gdynia Film festival his company’s ongoing commitment to making films in Poland and, working with Polish talent, as well as bringing international projects to shoot and post in Poland.

BATUMI: The 8th Batumi International Art house Film Festival (15 - 22 September 2013) will have three competitive sections and also non-competitive sections such as  Georgian Panorama, Music World, Meet the Jury, Masters Collection, Focus on UK, and Short Matters! EFA Short Films Tour this year.

PORTOROZ: Rok Bicek’s Venice Critics’ Week winner Class Enemy won the Vesna Award for best feature film (producer Triglav Film) at the 16th Festival of Slovenian Film which ended on 15 September 2013 in the Adriatic resort town of Portoroz. The film won seven prizes, including the Audience Award and Critics’ Prize.

Porn-obsessed Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bosnian war drama cutting through the bones, the best German debut of the past few years, the first Polish movie on homosexuals, Daniel Radcliffe, Ellen Page, the first film by Rain Man's Valeria Golino, this year’s Cannes Golden Camera winner – the best and most provocative films of the year all make their Hungarian debut at country's number one film event, the 10th Miskolc International Film Festival between 12 and 22 September. Never in the history of the festival have there been so different visions represented like in a program celebrating the diversity of world cinema. Many of them can only be watched here and now. For the complete list click here.

BIAFF 2013 – The festival finished selection of film for all three international competition sections – Feature, Doc and Short films. In competition sections Georgian films will be also be presented. Among them is “Fold of my Blanket” by Zaza Rusadze which was premiered at Berlinale Film festival and its Georgian premier will be held at BIAFF film festival in Batumi. “English Teacher” by Nino Orjonikidze & Vano Arsenishvili will be screened in Doc competition.


The international jury of three competition section are selected and listed bellow:


BIAFF 2013 Jury -  International Feature Films Competition Section

  1. Head -  Marlen Khutsiev, Russia

  2. Yesim Ustaoglu, Turkey  

  3. Jim Stark, USA

  4. Wieslaw Sawienski, Poland

  5. Lela Ochiauri, Georgia


BIAFF 2013 Jury -  International Doc Films Competition Section

1. Head  - Andrzej Fydik, Poland

2. Ruben Gevorkiants, Armenia

3. Emel Çelebi, Turkey

4.  Anton Mazurov, Russia

5.  Tinatin Gurchiani, Georgia

BIAFF 2013 Jury -  International Short Films Competition Section

1. Head   -  Alexander Rekhviashvili, Geogria

2. Mehmet Ali Arslan, Turkey

3. Raffi Movsesian, Armenia

4. Margarita kasimova, Belorus

5. Baadur Tsuladze, Georgia


Jury will award the following prizes in competition sections:


Feature film competition  - Grand Prix, Best Director, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, Jury Special prize

Doc Film Competition - Best Doc, Jury Special prize

Short Films Competition - Best Film, Jury Special prize

Below are films which will be screened in BIAFF international competition section:


BIAFF 2013 – International Feature Films Competition Section


1.    The Fourth Child, Vahid Mousaian, Iran, 2013, 93 min.

2.    Lunchbox, Ritesh Batra, India/France/Germany/USA 2013; 104 min.

3.    Before Snowfall, Hisham Zaman, Norway/Germany/Iraq, 2013; 101 min.  

4.    A Field in England, Ben Wheatly, UK, 2013; 90 min.

5.    The Geographer Drank His Globe Away, Alexander Veledinsky, Russia, 2013; 100 min.

6.    Lifelong, Asli Ozge, Turkey/Germany/ Netherlands, 2013; 102 min.

7.    Fatshaker, Mohammad Shirvani, Iran, 2013; 85 min.

8.    Parajanov, Olena Fetisova & Serge Avidekian, Armenia/France/Georgia/Ukraine, ; 2013; 95 min.

9.    Fifth Season, Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth; Belgum/France/Netherlands, 2012; 93 min.

10.    A Fold in my blanket, Zaza Rusadze, Georgia, 2013; 75 min.


BIAFF 2013 – International Doc Films Competition Section


1.    Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark, Norway, UK, 2012; 159 min.  

2.    Bad Boy - High Security Cell, France / Poland, 2012 ;  78 min.

3.    Balkan Spirit, Hermann Vaske, Germany, 2012, 80 min.

4.    Blood Brother, Steve Hoover, USA, 2013; 92 min.

5.    English Teacher, Nino Orjonikidze & Vano Arsenishvili, Georgia, 2012;

6.    Five Broken Cameras, Emad Burnat&Guy Davidi, Palestina/Israel/France/ Netherlands; 2012; 94 min.

7.    Man Who Made Angels Fly, Victoria Szymanska,  Poland/France/UK, 2013;

8.    Pipeline, Vitaly Manski,  Russia/Germany/Czech Republic, 2013; 116 min.

9.    Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, Russia/United Kingdom, 2013, 86 min.

BIAFF 2013 – International Short Films Competition Section


1.    Doctor, Giorgi Todria, Georgia, 2013; 25 min.

2.    Outsider, Giorgi Kavtaradze, Georgia, 2013, 30 min

3.    Parcel from Athens, Keti Gigalashvili, Georgia, 2012; 12 min.

4.    Happy Meal, Kote Takaishvili, Georgia, 2013; 13 min.

5.    Koan, Omar Rabuñal, Spain, 2013; 15 min.

6.    Melting island, Fariz Akhmedov, Azerbaijan, 2013; 26 minl

7.    Solitude, Dimitryi Dedok, Belarus, 2013; 22 min.

8.    Once Upon a Time in Kälviä, Eero Lehtinen, Finland, 2013; 16 min.

9.    Hollywood movie, Volker Schreiner, Germany, 2012; 7 min.

10.    Farther, Ainur Ismailova, Kazakhstan, 2013; 20 min.

11.    Studio Beirut, Mokthar Beyrouth, Lebanon, 2013; 15 min.

12.    More than Two hours, Ali Asgari,  Iran, 2013; 15 min.

13.    Now And Forever, Tal Haring, Israel, 2012; 18 min.

14.    Mother, Łukasz Ostalski, Poland, 2013; 30 min.

15.    Miruna, Piotr Sułkowski, Poland, 2013; 20 min.

16.    No Hair, No Paranoia, Curro Rodrigues Villaillba, Spain/USA, 2013;  17 min.

17.    Antoin Firkliko, Mathias Staub, Switzerland, 2013 29 min.

18.    Dream Girl, Oliver Sawrz, Switzerland 2012; 20 min

19.    F5, Timofei Shalnin, Russia, 2013; 33 min.

20.    Take a deep  breath, Turkey, 2013; 8 min.

21.    Salvation, Nikon Romanchenko, Ukraine, 2013; 13 min.

22.    No less than 50 kg., Maryna Artemenko, Ukraine, 2013;

23.    The search for inspiration gone, Ashley Michael brigs, UK, 2013; 9 min.

24.    Good Night, Muriel D'Ansembourg, UK, 2013, 24 min.

25.    Tumult, Johnny Barrington, UK, 2013; 13 min.  


The 8th Batumi International Art-house Film Festival will be held in Batumi during September 15-22, 2013. Festival organizer - The Art House "Argani", The official partner - Batumi City Hall.


Festival Sponsors – Batumi International Container Terminal, Hotel Radisson Blue Batumi, Georgian National Film Center, Ministry of Culture and Monuments of Georgia, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Ajara AR

Festival Supporters – British Council, Polish Audio-Visual Fund, Piazza INN hotel, Hotel “Vanilla”,  Embassy of Italy, Embassy of Israel, French Institute, Cinema APOLO, HQ propaganda, Singular Group, Tour Company “Wonderland”, Caucasus University, “OUTDOOR.ge“

Festival General Media Partner – Georgian Public Broadcaster

Festival Media Partners – Radio Fortuna/Fortuna+, Palitra Media, Adjara TV, TV9,“Tbilisi OUT”, Newspaper “Georgia Today”, “Interpressnews” (www.ipn.ge), Publicity Group (www.publicity.ge), www.newswire.ge, Film New Europe (www.filmneweurope.com), www.wis.ge

Contact information: Tel: 599-482181, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Festival information is available on our website - mail and social. Media from around the web -http://www.biaff.org;www.facebook.com/biaffbatumi

PRAGUE: Central European Media Enterprises, the web of TV networks covering six nations in the region, has announced that Christoph Mainusch and Michael Del Nin will take immediately the reigns as co-CEOs.

PIESTANY: Celebrated Danish indie director Thomas Vinterberg has taken home the top prize at Slovakia's 8th annual Cinematik fest (http://www.cinematik.sk) for his portrait of public shaming, The Hunt (Hon, www.zentropa.dk/). The film, which stars Mads Mikkelson as a teacher falsely accused of child molesting, won him best actor at Cannes before it scored the Meeting Point Europe Award at Cinematik, winning over a jury of 17 European critics, along with the Meeting Point Europe audience prize.

TORONTO: Juraj Lehotsky's Miracle, his second feature following the prize-winning 2008 docu Blind Loves, will screen at the Toronto IFF's Discovery section, following up its victory at the Karlovy Vary IFF, where the story of a troubled teen who turns to life on the streets won a special mention in the East of the West competition in July.

WARSAW: Polish director Jacek Borcuch has announced he will be one of the country's pioneering adopters of iTunes as a distribution platform when his feature, Lasting (www.manana.pl) on a struggling couple goes out on Apple's online store. The film will be released in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America on the system.

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