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WARSAW: A special workshop to facilitate contacts between producers and screenwriters from Europe and India will take place in Warsaw 13-16 October. Applications for Primexchange Europe-India (www.primehouse.eu ) may be sent in by producer-screenwriter teams who already have a concrete project of a full-length feature film. A maximum of four European and Indian projects will be chosen.

PRAGUE: At least 12 productions have been approved in the recently launched Czech Film Industry Support program, receiving nearly CZK 200 million (€8.1 million) in grants.

WARSAW: Eight feature television productions from Central and Eastern Europe will compete for the Prix Europa (www.prix-europa.de ) along with shorter formats in nine different prize categories. From 543 submissions, 220 productions have been selected to compete. Production companies and broadcasters from 31 European countries will compete for the best European production of the year title. The European Commission's newcomer award for film students will go to the best video on multilingualism.


Institute of Documentary Film at the Jihlava IDFF
October 21 - 31, 2010, Jihlava, Czech Republic

PRAGUE: Culture Minister Jiri Besser has announced that he will seek 300 million Kc from next year's budget to continue the film production incentives launched in June. The Czech sweeteners, which must be renewed in Parliament each year, have already drawn 38 projects, of which 16 have been approved for rebates.

WARSAW: Following Essential Killing winning the special jury prize this year in Venice, Agnieszka Odorowicz has announced that the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl ) will try to enter Jerzy Skolimowski's film into regular distribution in the United States so it can compete for the Academy Awards in all the feature film categories.

WARSAW: By year-end, Polish stockbrokers will be able to trade in shares of the country's leading cinema operator as part of a plan to expand the Multikino chain.

WARSAW: Wieslaw Saniewski has wrapped shooting of The Winner, one of the most anticipated Polish productions of the year. The Polish-American drama revolves around a talented young pianist, an American of Polish descent who breaks his European tour contract and falls into debt. In his struggle to repay on time he meets an eccentric retired professor of mathematics, who introduces him to the world of horse track gambling.

PRAGUE: The 10th edition of the East European Forum at the 14th Jihlava IDFF (www.dokument-festival.cz ) brings a significant change to the pitching sessions held each year for the international documentary film professionals. Instead of a series of general discussions following project pitches, the participants will sit at smaller Feedback Round Tables that will enable the authors of projects to have direct discussions with commissioning editors interested in their work.

WARSAW: The production stage has just ended for the first part of the Warsaw 1935 trilogy, an ambitious project of 3D reconstruction of the Polish capital.