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Scriptwriter:George Dorobantu (Romania)




Scriptwriters: Blaz Kutin & Rolanda Rebrek (Slovenia)




Scriptwriter: Paweł Sala (Poland)



Home Guards

Scriptwriters: Kristina Goda & Réka Divinyi (Hungary)



I Bring Fire

Scriptwriter: Simon Szabo (Hungary)




Scriptwriters: Marcin Wrona & Katarzyna Bonda & Marcin Skóra (Poland)



Red Capitan

Scriptwriters: Anna Fifikova & Michal Kollar (Slovakia)



Climbing the Mountain (Second Life)

Scriptwriter: Gabriel Dettre (Hungary)



The Apartments

Scriptwriter: Martins Slisans (Latvia)



The Lonely Go First

Scriptwriter: Darek Gajewski (Poland )



Step Counter (The Notebook)

Scriptwriter: Svetla Tsotsorkova (Bulgaria )



Up on the Roo

Scriptwriter: Rafał Kapeliński (Poland)


{mosimage}CANNES: The Industry office of the Festival del film Locarno is announcing the launch of STEP IN, a new industry initiative in Cannes. The initiative will focus in 2012 on European film distribution and exhibition in Eastern and Central European countries.

with films at Cannes Film Festival

A number of exciting European producers, who have been selected for European Film Promotion's (EFP) successful networking platform PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE in 2012 and over the past years, will see their films screened in various sections at this year's Cannes International Film Festival (May 16 - 27). The three 2012 participants with films and projects at Cannes are: Sinisa Juričić from Croatia with Sofia's Last Ambulance, Trent from The Netherlands with Villegas, and Monica Lazurean-Gorgan from Romania with Touch Me Not. Launched in 2000, PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE is annually rolled out at Cannes and has become a label for emerging producers from across Europe. Financial backing comes from the MEDIA Programme, the EFP member organisations selecting the participants, as well as from additional partners.
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Great news from Nashville: Grand Jury Prize + awards for both main actors!

“A Trip (Izlet),” director Nejc Gazvoda’s story of the tension and conflict that arises when high school friends try to recapture their youth with a trip to the seaside, wowed the New Directors Competition jury, guided by actor Michael Chieffo (“Disclosure,” “Crimson Tide,” “Beginners”); renowned and prolific actress Beth Grant, the only actor in history to have appeared in three Academy Award winning Best Pictures and a Best Animated Feature, and Joe Pacheco, award-winning filmmaker of “After the Fall” and an Emmy-nominated cinematographer. The film not only picked up the New Directors Competition Grand Jury prize, but grabbed the jury’s award for Best Actor (Jure Henigman), Best Actress (Nina Rakovec) and a Special Jury Prize for Ensemble Cast.

New Directors Competition
Grand Jury Prize: “A Trip (Izlet)” (Nejc Gazvoda / Slovenia)
Co-Honorable Mention: “Welcome to Pine Hill” (Keith Miller / USA) and “Foreign Letters” (Ela Thier / USA)
Best Actor: Jure Henigman, “A Trip (Izlet)”
Best Actress: Nina Rakovec “A Trip (Izlet)”
Special Jury Prize for Ensemble Cast: “A Trip (Izlet)”

In My Father's Bike, premiering at the Gdynia Polish Film Festival (, Piotr Trzaskalski portrays three generations of men who are trying to explore their relationships as a grandfather, father and grandson.

Prague, April 30, 2012 – Director Michaela Pavlátová is the second confirmed Czech producer to participate in the official programme of the Cannes International Film Festival. Her animated film Tram, a Czech-French co-production, will be presented in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs selection.

Czech cinematography will be represented at the approaching Cannes film festival and film market in several activities. The Czech Film Center is the official representative of Czech cinematography at the film market and will again take up its traditional place among the pavilions of the leading international film nations in the Village International. The Czech representation will provide visitors with current information about Czech films, the infrastructure of the Czech film industry, Czech experience with and opportunities for international co-productions, and services for international film productions.

As in past years, the Czech Republic will share a pavilion with Slovakia, but this year in a new location (Pavilion 132).

Also this year, the Czech Republic has a representative in annual Producers on the Move event in Cannes, organized by European Film Promotion, of which the Czech Film Center is a member.

Young filmmakers taking part in Producers on the Move spend three days introducing themselves and their current projects to other participants and to international professionals in informal meetings, pitching forums and round tables. For this first time, the event this year includes one-to-one meetings with European producers. The event aims to introduce promising producers and offer them opportunities to present themselves at the international film market and find partners for new co-production projects.

Producer Ondřej Zima of Evolution Films, which he co-founded in 2006, is the Czech Producer on the Move 2012. Zima began as a production assistant (Peace To Their Soul, Shark In The Head) then as a production manager on several features and shorts (Bubblebath Is Best, Short Long Journey, Suchá Hora). His first features as producer were The Baluty Ghetto (2008) and Frankie Is A Womanizer (2008), followed by Czech-Slovak co-production Lóve (2011) and Don’t Stop (2012). He has also released several short- and medium-length films and served as executive producer on the successful TV show Okresní prebor and its feature adaptation, Sunday League. He is currently preparing the features Hotel Prague (director Zdeněk Viktora) and Raportér (director Jakub Sommer) and the documentary Sexuální výchova v Čechách (director Dagmar Smržová).

Czech films in Cannes – Two Czech films will screen at the Festival de Cannes this year.

Tambylles is the work of director Michal Hogenauer, a graduate of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Hogenauer’s film will screen Friday, May 25, in the Cinéfondation student competition selection. Tambylles is a dramatic story about a young man with criminal past who is looking for a new path in life. The Czech Film Center is financially supporting the promotion of the film at Cannes.

The top three winners of the Cinéfondation competition will receive cash awards of €15,000, €11,500 and €7,500 for their next films. The top film will be presented at the Cannes International Film Festival. Zuzana Kirchnerová Špidlová’s short film Bába won the Cinéfondation competition in 2009. Other FAMU graduate films to screen in Cinéfondation in the past include Cagey Tigers (2011, dir. Aramisova) and Naus (2008, dir. Lukáš Glaser).

Director Michaela Pavlátová’s short film Tram will screen in Quinzaine des réalisateurs. A Czech-French co-production between Negativ and Sacrebleu Productions, the film tells a slightly erotic story about the fantasies of a tram conductor. The film is the pilot for Sacrebleu’s Sexperiences story project.

The Czech Film Center invites journalists in Cannes to visit the new Czech-Slovak pavilion, No. 132, in the Village International.


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Estonian Film 100

Estonian Filmwill celebrate its 100th birthday on 30 April 2012. In order tohonour this special event, the spectacular Estonian Film Celebration of theCentury will take place in Tartu, the birthplace of Estonian filmmaking. Therewill be a live broadcast of the anniversary celebrations on the EstonianNational Television. At the event, the most beloved Estonian feature film ofall times will be announced, music from classic Estonian films will beperformed and film awards will be presented. The awards are untraditional –instead of referring to the cinematic highlights of the previous year, theawards point out the peak moments of Estonian film during the last 100 years ina humorous way: amongst other awards, the most dazzling film stars, the bestpieces of film music and the funniest film quotes of the century will beannounced.

The nomineesof the film awards:

The eventwill take place on Monday, 30 April at Dorpat Convention Centre and CinamonCinema in Tartu. Doors will open at 18:30.

30 April 1912can be considered the birthday of Estonian film. That was the day when JohannesPääsuke (1892-1918), the pioneer of cinematography, pointed his newly purchasedcamera towards the sky and focused its lens on the flying machine that flewover Tartu. Estonian film survived the long Soviet period when numerous films,each of which carried the severe seal of ideological repression, were made.Independence came once more and filmmaking found itself on a new economic base,which barely enabled survival. As for today, the small Estonian film industryhas re-established itself: our films have found an audience in their homelandand gained recognition at international film festivals. In addition to creatingsomething new, we try to find resources to restore old films, to investigateand maintain our film history and to develop our film and cinema culture.

A shortoverview of the 100 years of the Estonian film:


Katrin Maimik

EstonianFilm 100

PublicRelation Manager

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