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Some of this year's best have been collected into the programme Polish Shorts.

Polish Shorts are available to screen on demand at the Short Film Corner at the lower level of the Palais as part of the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner Programme http://www.polishshorts.pl/

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Daazo.com and ScriptBase.eu, two fresh online initiatives from Hungary are holding a small presentation during the Cannes International Film Festival to promote the opportunities they provide for young filmmakers from all over the world.
Film buffs are in for a real treat as the eleventh film festival, Cinema on the Border, kicks off in Cieszyn, a small town on the Polish-Czech border.

Breaking a dry streak in the Czech Republic, Fox began filming the pilot for Masterwork in Prague on April 28.

Kamen kalev's debut feature film will compete for the golden camera award The big breakthrough of Bulgarian cinema is completed with the market screening of Stephan Komandarev's award winning feature "The World Is Big And Salvation Lurks Around The Corner" and presentation of the project "Mexican Express" at "Producer's Network"

A packed room of industry pros showed up to scout more than 20 upcoming films, out of 60 Czech films in various stages of production, selected for the annual presentation of New Czech Animated and Feature Films at Plzen's Finale (www.filmfestfinale.cz) festival.

Prague 16-23 April 2009 / Brno 25-30 April 2009 / Olomouc 27-30 April 2009