ARISTOTELES WORKSHOP (AW) is a HDTV training and development center dedicated to
foster a new generation of creative documentary filmmakers in Central and Eastern Europe. Documentaries
produced within AW have won awards at major film festivals such as Cannes, Locarno,
Leipzig and Nyon, among many others. Over the years, professional training was provided by
preeminent leaders in the field: Thierry Garrel, Rafi Pitts, Nino Kirtadze, Jennifer Fox, John Appel,
Jeroun Berkvens, Simon Brook, Marijke Rawie, Michal Bregant, Niels Pagh Anderson, Martichka
Bozhilova, and commissioning editors from ARTE/France. AW is supported by ARTE,
Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) and the National Center of Cinematography (CNC)

● you'll spend five weeks in a beautiful mountain resort with filmmakers from all over Europe
● you'll be part of one of the four teams of three, as either director, cinematographer, or editor
● film industry professionals guide your team every step of the way, from pitch to final cut
● you'll have access to every necessary production and post production equipment
● your resulting film, if worthy, will join a network of festivals across the world.
ICR will award the best film 2000

● Fluency in English
● Previous experience with one of the following: directing, cinematography, editing.

You can apply directly at or get in touch with us at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you may visit these sites

FNE together with Europa Cinemas continues its Cinema of the Month series. In recognition of the hard work and excellence of European cinema operators we choose a cinema from each country covered by FNE each month. We look at the challenges and the successes faced by those cinemas with a special series of interviews that offer insights that other operators can benefit from and a platform for the exchange of ideas. This month we focus on Romania and Daniela Bacanu who is manager of the Romanian Director's New Cinema Theatre (NCRR) in Bucharest.

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