Krakow, 28th March 2011 - Dutch cinematography is the special guest of the 51st Krakow Film Festival (23rd - 29th May). Each year the Festival focuses on a different national cinema with the aim of introducing documentaries from that region.

The ‘Focus on...' section, showing national cinematography, has been initiated last year, with the Israeli filmmaking presented at the jubilee edition of Krakow Film Festival. This year the focus is on the Netherlands, a country famous not only for its fascinating film works but also for hosting such festivals as IFF Rotterdam and IDFA Amsterdam.

The ‘Focus on the Netherlands' section includes a review of the most recent documentaries as well as a conference with the representatives of the Dutch film industry present. Films shown at the Festival are all renowned and awarded. These include, among others, The Player by the outstanding John Appen, a story about his father addicted to gambling; Crips. Strapped‘n'Strong, an exceptionally bold vivisection on the life of black rappers and mafiosi; and Farewell, composed of archive material from 1929, a gripping account of around-the-world travel of the Graf Zeppelin airship.

In the panel discussion, which is to present the Dutch film market, will participate: Claudia Landsberger, president of EYE Film Institute Netherlands and vice-president of European Film Promotion, who helps disseminate Dutch cinema abroad; Pieter van Huystee, one of the most active Dutch film producers, whose two films will be presented in Kraków (Crips. Strapped‘n'Strong and Farewell); Marijke Rawie, an independent documentary advisor, who collaborates with a number of Dutch and foreign film producers as well as with festivals, especially in the field of pitchings, lectures, and meetings aimed at documentary makers; Ally Derks, founder and president of the biggest documentary festival in the world - IDFA Amsterdam, since 1988.

A review of the most recent Dutch documentaries includes six titles ranging thematically:

Among Horses and Men" 2010, 78', dir. Marjoleine Boonstra

Chris, Dean, Gilbert, Charles, Steven, Bo, and Mike are all young inmates at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center, in the last phase of lengthy prison sentences. Before returning to society, they are participating in a special project that allows them to capture, tame, and train wild horses for periodic auctions. The filmmaker, Marjoleine Boonstra, follows the detainees over the course of three months of intensive training, during which time the men see themselves reflected in the eyes of their horses. The men learn to win the trust of another living being once again, a skill that has slipped away during their time on the inside. Horses are incredibly perceptive creatures: they take the men as they are, without a history, without a record, but only if the men are just as open and vulnerable as they are. Boonstra captures the intimacy between these "tough guys" and their equine counterparts in a touching moment of transition: on the threshold of freedom, while exchanging looks of reflection.

The Player" 2009, 85', dir. John Appel

Why do the darkened casino halls come to substitute bedrooms and living rooms? Why does the roulette seem more attractive then any woman encountered? What feelings does gambling trigger so that it can take over the life of a man? John Appel tries to understand the life of his own addicted father by following three confirmed gamblers. Harry Engels works at horse races, Harry Holland serves his time for fraud, and Ted Stonzelbach passes time in casinos.

Crips. Strapped ‘n Strong" 2009, 84', dir. Joost Van Der Valk, Mags Gavan

The film portrays the brutal life of the Crips gang from the Hague, a group consisting of Suriname and Antilles emigrants who deal in armed robberies, drugs, and fight the competing groups. Without signs of censorship, the film shows a culture of violence, which became the basis of a community once brought together by Hip hop music. The authors try to reach deeper into the feelings and reflections of the gangsters, whose lives are very complicated.

Farewell" 2010, 90', dir. Ditteke Mensink

In 1929, celebrated journalist Lady Grace Drummond-Hay was invited to take part in the first round-the-world flight of a commercial airship, the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin. Recently widowed from a man 50 years her senior and bored to tears with covering ladies fashion, Lady Grace leaped at the chance to be the only woman onboard one of the media sensations of the decade. At journey's end she returned to America a star, thanks to her good looks and gutsy charm. But her reports on the ship's travels for the front pages of the Hearst press empire only told part of the story. In her diary she recorded a far more intimate journey - her struggle to get over her secret affair with shipmate, mentor, and married man Karl von Wiegand. Combining spectacular archival footage of the journey across New York, Siberia, Tokyo, and the Pacific with narration drawn from Drummond's articles and her private journals...

Our Newspaper" 2010, 60' dir. Eline Flipse

Andrei is a journalist, in the remote countryside of Russia, and Moscow is a long way away. People are poor and disgusted by politics and newspapers. Andrei left his job at the regional paper "The Leninist", because he couldn't go on writing articles about nothing. He created his own newspaper which now has about 7000 readers every week. The authorities are not amused. Andrei is convinced he is doing nothing wrong. Who will win in the end?

My Long Distance Friend" 2011, 73', dir. Carina Molier

OG is a beautiful young woman who has wandered around Europe since she left Zimbabwe at the age of 9. From then on she has struggled to survive, continually seeking a balance in her life. OG strives to regain custody of her daughter taken from her at an early age.

Director Carina Molier - her long distance friend - follows her in her quest for reunification and peace of mind. "My Long Distance Friend" is a film about displacement, about longing for security and relationships in an ever globalizing and inhospitable world.

Contact for media:

Anna E. Dziedzic

PR Manager

Krakow Film Festival

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Mobile: +48 696 448 795

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Krakow, 30th March 2011 - The selection for competitions of 51st Krakow Film Festival (23rd - 29th May) has ended. Films selected for the international documentary film competition has been announced in the first row.

International documentary film competition was open to documentaries with a running time of 30 to 60 minutes and more than 60 minutes and only premieres were accepted. The competition consists mainly of films spotted at foreign festivals, complemented by titles picked from the record 2700 festival entries.

Krzysztof Gierat, director of the Festival, who supervises the work of the Selection Committee comments on the results: Like a mirror, they reflect the most important problems the modern world is facing as seen from the perspective of an individual. Thus, there are films about the issue of priest pedophilia, virtual life substituting the real one, identity crisis,addictions, also those less harmful like the love of Harlequin books, and rivalry in achieving perfection, both artistic and religious.

The Israeli cinema continues to astound; in the form of a family movie it touches upon universal problems and emotions. I am proud of the Polish representatives, who more and more often venture into the remote world. Only Tomasz Wolski from Krakow decided to focus on people one might pass in the city centre. "Doctors" is a fascinating portrayal of cardiac surgeons who, working behind surgical masks, remain anonymous.

The results of the selection for the international short film competition and national competition will be published on March 31st and April 1st respectively.

The list of films qualified for international documentary film competition

Feature-lenght documetaries:

1. „Agnus Dei: Lamb of God", dir. Alejandra Sanchez, Mexico / France 87'

2. „My Avatar and Me", dir. Bente Milton, Mikkel Stolt, Denmark 91'

3. „Guilty Pleasures", dir. Julie Moggan, UK 85'

4. „My Reincarnation", dir. Jennifer Fox, Finland / USA / Switzerland / Germany / Italy 100'

5. „Doctors", dir. Tomasz Wolski, Poland 90'

6. „Phnom Penh Lullaby", dir. Paweł Kloc, Poland 97'

7. "Nobody Knows My Name", dir. James Nicholson, France 85'

8. "Invisible Strings - The Talented Pusker Sister", dir. Ágnes Sós, Hungary 80'

9. "The Queen Has No Crown", dir. Tomer Heymann, Israel 85'

Middle-lenght documentaries:

1. "Pandore", dir. Virgil Vernier, France 35'

2. "The Hangman", dir. Netalie Braun, Israel 60'

3. "Regretters", dir. Marcus Lindeen, Sweden 59'

4. "Grandma, a Thousand Times", dir. Mahmoud Kaabour, United Arab Emirates 48'

5. „Mind the Gap", dir. Maciej Gorski, UK / Poland 58'

6. „Argentinian Lesson", dir. Wojciech Staroń, Poland 52'

7. „Outside the Court", dir. Mark Isaacs, UK, 58'

8. „Hula and Natan", dir. Robby Elmaliah, Israel 55'

9. „Nun", dir. Galina Adamovich, Belarus 56'

10. „Daddy's Girls", dir. Lily Sheffy, Israel 56'

More about selected films on:

Contact for media:

Anna E. Dziedzic

PR Manager

Krakow Film Festival

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Mobile: +48 696 448 795

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Krakow, 6th May 2011 - "The Sound of Music" is one of the most recognized sections of the Krakow Film Festival, which launches again in less than two weeks. Films with a musical theme will be screened in the heart of Krakow - the Kino Pod Baranami cinema on the Market Square, and for the first time in the Kino Pod Wawelem open-air cinema.

This year "The Sound of Music" will be screened both indoors and under the clear blue sky. This year the Krakow Film Festival are turning back the clock, harking back to joyful rock scene of London in the 70s and 80s, celebrating the emergence of The Police career and the energetic, crowd-pleasing performances of The Klezmatics, with to the nostalgic journey to Odessa and a walk along Norwegian streets, where former drug addicts are participating in an innovative music project recording their experiences; and by turn on to the downfall of Yugoslavia, where imagination of the nation's youth has been captured by the band Bijelo Dugme and their front man Goran Bregovic.

The series of documentaries is characterized by music diversity and range, but in all of them the music plays the main role.

This year we have the use of an open-air cinema, situated in Kino Pod Wawelem at ulica Powisle 11. It is a very attractive location near Centrum Obslugi Ruchu Turystycznego (The Touristic Service Centre). The big screen is not the only attraction, as we are right in the shadow of the monumental Wawel Hill. The organizers of the open-air cinema are Krakow Film Foundation and Krakow Festival Office.

The 51st Krakow Film Festival starts on 23rd of May. Until 10th of May you can book a festival pass at the early bird price of 80PLN and 50PLN (concession) at A festival pass for selected cycles, e.g. all the films of "The Sound of Music" is also available at the price of 40PLN. Until 13th of May you can submit your application for an industry accreditation.

The cycle "Sound of Music" includes films such as:

"The Klezmatics: on Holy Ground", dir. Erik Greenberg, Anjou, USA 2010, 105'

The Klezmatics is a "too-big-for-small-concert-halls" New York based band merging Klezmatic music with jazz, gospel and rock. The Grammy Award winners visited Poland during their recent worldwide tour. Their energetic concerts inspire crowds to dance, most recently in Krakow on Ulica Szeroka during the Festival of Jewish Culture. This documentary portrays members of the group, who are trying to balance their passion for music with a family life and other interests.

24.05/22.00/ Kino Pod Baranami/ The Red Auditorium

26.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Wawelem

"Bijelo Dugme - White Button", dir. Igor Stoimenov, Serbia 2010, 85'

In Yugoslavia in the mid-70s rock'n'roll exploded with enormous power, first and foremost with by Bijelo Dugme and their front man Goran Bregovic. They recorded their first album in the West, and they startled Yugoslavia with their eccentric clothes and scandalous behaviour, singing composing in Serbian, Bosnian and Albanian. The musicians - more popular than president Tito, cherished by everyone from teenagers to their grandmothers - have torn up the consciousness of a socialistic republic, which has just begun to rock in its foundations.


24.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Baranami/ The Red Auditorium

26.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Wawelem

"Rock ‘n' Roll... Of Corse!", dir. Lionel Guedj and Stephane Bebert, France 2010, 90'

A pirate from Corsica, a French guitarist of Algerian origin, and a member of The Police, Henry Padovani is the protagonist and a narrator of the film. He leads the viewer through meandering stories of rock'n'roll of the 70s and 80s, and his famous friends - Sting and Kim Wilde - guide us through the life of a man who they respect for his devotion and loyalty, and all of this comes with the musical accompaniment of The Clash, The Who, The Pretenders and The Police.


24.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Wawelem

26.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Baranami/ The Red Auditorium

"Songs from the Street", dir. Mali Finborud Noren, Norway 2010, 58'

Kent, Clas and Charlie live on the street and each day they live with the effects of their drug addiction and the indifference of passers-by. From the initiative of The Oslo Magazine, which was created with the idea of helping drug addicts, they are taking part in the music project called The Street Records. They perform songs which are key to understanding their experiences, and which have been released as a commercially available record. This engaging documentary from Mali Finborud Noren follows the chances of this innovative project.

Screenings (including "From the Heart of Odessa"):

25.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Wawelem

27.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Baranami/ The Red Auditorium

"From the Heart of Odessa", dir. Andre Schreuders, Netherlands/ Ukraine 2007, 60'

Alec Kopyt, a musician from Amsterdam, travels to Odessa to sing at Moldawianka - the former Jewish quarter. Alec forms a band to play in a newly open restaurant owned by an old friend. We follow him on his travels around Odessa visiting the places he left 15 years ago, and as we do his memories come to life - and that is the power of this highly personal film.

Screenings (including "Songs from the Street"):

25.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Wawelem

27.05/ 22.00/ Kino Pod Baranami/ The Red Auditorium

"The Other Europeans", dir. Yvonne Andrä, Wolfgang Andrä, Germany 2010, 122'

Chişinău, Budapest, Jerusalem, Kraków and Austin are the places visited by a group of Jewish and Roma musicians who, as part of the musical project The Other Europeans, try to find the erstwhile symbiosis between the cultures of their nations. For them, making music together is a return to the past, brutally cut short by World War II. The nostalgic rhythms of Eastern Europe, well-known to Krakow's audience from the Jewish Culture Festival, resound through the film.


23.05. / 22.00 / Kino Pod Baranami / The Red Auditorium

28.05. / 22.00 / Kino Pod Wawelem

"Eastern Wind: the Film", dir. György Szomjas, Hungary 2010, 80'

Miqueu is a musician. He lives in Provence with his wife and sons. He is fascinated by his region's music tradition as well as the music of Hungary, where he comes from. When he is invited to play a concert together with Hungarian musicians, Miqueu goes to Budapest to form a band. It is an excellent opportunity for him to meet old friends after many years. Their conversations, reminiscences and rehearsals make a prelude to the final concert that will include songs from Provence, France and Hungary.


25.05. / 22.00 / Kino Pod Baranami / The Red Auditorium

27.05. / 22.00 / Kino Pod Wawelem

Contact for media:

Anna E. Dziedzic

PR Manager

Krakow Film Festival

Tel: +48 12 294 69 45, Mobile: +48 696 448 795

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. American Film Festival, the sister festival of Era New Horizons IFF is calling for new independent US-produced feature films completed in 2010 and 2011.

AFF is the first film event in Eastern Europe solely devoted to contemporary and classic American cinema and providing its audience members with the filmic images of American culture and social realities. The second edition will continue along those programming lines. AFF will present mainstream highlights, independent productions and experimental narrative and documentary features from the US.

The second edition of the festival will be held in Wrocław between 15 and 20 November 2011. Films will be divided into sections already familiar to the public such as HIGHLIGHTS - gala shows of the newest famous films, SPECTRUM - a panorama of modern American cinema, AMERICAN DOCS - documentary films: the most important productions of the season that largely show the face of the 21st century America, and ON THE EDGE - discoveries, experiments, auteur films, often "crossing borders" of the recognized forms and acceptable contents.

The films from the SPECTRUM and AMERICAN DOCS sections, which will be premiered in Poland during the festival, will take part in the competition.

The Audience Award will be given to the winners in two categories: Best Feature Narrative ($10,000) and Best Feature Documentary ($5,000).

Films can be submitted via the online form available on the website:
Submissions deadline: 15 September 2011.

More info:, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

American Film Festival
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
© Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty 2011

Platinum Lions

This year a special award for lifetime achievement is going to the two Masters of Cinema,Tadeusz Konwicki and Roman Polański.
Tadeusz Konwicki
Born in 1926, Tadeusz Konwicki began his career as a writer. After fifty years of creating, he became one of the finest prose writers in the history of Polish literature. However, just after the Polish October '56, in a crucial moment, when he wanted to critically review the socialist realist episode, Konwicki took a camera and for 30 years - since 1958 till 1989 - he remained faithful to it. During this time he shot 6 feature-length films. One might add "only", but in fact each of Konwicki's films is a remarkable phenomenon - different from the ordinary Polish cinematography, and in some cases discovering new paths for it.

Roman Polański
His feature-length debut, "Knife in the Water", won the first Polish Oscar nomination, but shortly after its shooting, Polański left the communist Poland. Initially he worked in the west of Europe and at the end of the 1960s he moved to the USA. He made his mark as the director and screenwriter, shooting an excellent satanist thriller, "Rosemary's Baby", and a picture regarded as one of the best films of the 1970s American cinema,"Chinatown". Among the well-known films by Polański we can find a sophisticated melodrama, "Tess", an intriguing "Frantic", and a sadomasochistic erotic thriller, "Bitter Moon". In 2002, Polański won an Oscar for the Best Director ("The Pianist").

Jury of 36th PFF
This year the competition films will be judged by the two juries.
The best Polish film of the 36th PFF will be chosen by the international jury with nine members led by Paweł Pawlikowski, a director and screenwriter ("Last Resort", "My Summer of Love", "The Woman in the Fifth") living in Oxford. Apart from Paweł Pawlikowski the jury will consist of:

Ryszard Lenczewski - camera operator;
Ari Folman - director and screenwriter;
Maja Ostaszewska - actress;
Mariusz Treliński - opera, film, and theatre director;
Walter Kirn - writer, essayist, literary critic;
Leszek Możdżer - pianist and composer;
Robert McMinn - Vice President of Lakeshore Entertainment, producer, expert in the development of screenplays and projects;
Ludmila Cvikova - Programmer of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, film theoretician.

Films of students and film school graduates will be judged by the jury consisting of:

Paula Markovitch (chairperson) - screenwriter and director ("Lake Tahoe", "El Premio"),
Paweł Borowski - director and screenwriter ("Zero"),
Arkadiusz Jakubik - actor, director, and screenwriter ("Simple Story about Love"),
Paweł Sala - director, screenwriter, playwright ("Mother Teresa of Cats").

Croatian Audiovisual Centre will be present at this year's edition of the Cannes Film Market - Marché du Film which will run for 12 days as a part of the Cannes Film Festival / Festival de Cannes (May 11 - 22 2011).

The stand of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre will be for the second year located at the Village International Riviera in the framework of the South-East European Pavilion, n. 135.

Eight countries of the region - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia - will present their cinematic output to the rest of the filmmaking community. The regional umbrella pavilion (no. 135) will serve a dual purpose: as a shared common space playing host to eight separate information points - one for each participating country - and as a meeting place where filmmakers from Southeastern Europe can come together, meet their peers from other countries, conduct meetings and present their projects during the Cannes Film Market.

The Centre will present four recently produced feature films: a children's film Koko and the Ghosts (dir. Daniel Kušan) and a historical drama Lea and Daria (dir. Branko Ivanda) will be screened along the two documentaries: Am I Happy or What?(dir. Vanja Sviličić) and a docu-musical comedy Marija's Own (dir. Željka Suková).

May 11 - 20, 2011

Market screening schedule:

Koko and the Ghosts / Koko i duhovi
dir. Daniel Kušan
MAY 14 / 12:00 / GRAY 5
MAY 18 / 16:00 / PALAIS E

Lea and Darija / Lea i Darija
dir. Branko Ivanda
MAY 15 / 13:30 / GRAY 4
MAY 17 / 12:00 / GRAY 5

Am I Happy or What? /
Jesam li sretna?
dir. Vanja Sviličić
MAY 13 / 12:00 / GRAY 5
MAY 16 / 14:00 / GRAY 4

Marija's Own / Marijine
dir. Željka Suková
MAY 13 / 14:00 / GRAY 5
MAY 17 / 16:00 / GRAY 5

In order to give to the professionals attending the Marché du Film accurate and pertinent information about recent film production in Croatia, the Centre has prepared several publications in English. The catalogue Croatian Feature Films 2010/2011 contains information about the most recent feature film production and upcoming releases. Furthermore, in publications Croatian Documentary Films 2010/2011 and Croatian Short Films 2010/2011 is presented documentary, animated and experimental film production and upcoming releases.

In addition there is the Production Guide listing all important contacts: production companies, institutions, professional associations and guilds, film distributors, films festivals and other Croatian film institutions as well as crucial information about the audiovisual industry in Croatia.

List of Croatian Shorts @ Short Film Corne 2011

We are pleased to announce that the Estonian film delegation is now situated in a new location - Pantiero, pavillion 212, Estonian Films. Check our market screenings for the fresh and new Estonian films. We might have something just for you

Scroll down to have a look at our events schedule. We have something going on every day, so just pick the one that suits you the best and come and say hi.

Estonian FF present in Cannes:

Eda Koppel (Information manager) - +3725203306 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tristan Priimägi (Head of International Relations) - +37253402010 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Marge Liiske (Managing director) - +372 5148134 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Farts of Fury
Comedy, 100 min

A talentless rock band attempts a comeback. At any cost.

Market premiere: May 16 - 16:00 - Palais G

Letters to Angel

Drama, 118 min

A man returns after 20 years to find his hometown dominated by wild women.

Market screening: May 17 - 09:45 - Palais C

The Graveyard Keeper's Daughter
Drama, 98 min

A nine-year old girl in struggle with social issues and family life.

Market screening: May 17 - 16:00 - Palais G


Documentary, 104 min

A dilemma-ridden story of El Medico, a Cuban music star who is also a doctor.

Market screenings: May 13 - 10:00 - Gray 5; May 17 - 14:00 - Gray 5


May 13th, 15.00-17.00
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia presents

Celebration the 15th PÖFF and the Black Market Online take off - your online film market and gateway to the film industry in North-Eastern Europe and Eurasia.
(Invitation requiered)

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia cordially invite you to celebrate and cherish the 15th edition of PÖFF.

In addition come and try out the Black Market Online - your online film market and gateway to the films and industry in North-Eastern Europe including industry contacts, country profiles and statistics, co-production projects, adaptation ready books and online screening room.

Come and see how the BMO portal and the virtual market stand technology can help to set up your online video or projects library to communicate to your clients more easily, or how you can get new information on the regions industry with a click of a mouse.

May 14th 18.00-19.00
Happy Hour supported by Saku Brewery

Estonian premium beer Saku welcomes the guests.

May 15th 15.00 - 19.30
Future of Festivals Mingle talk and Wine tasting

Presented by in partnership with Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.
Supported by Põltsamaa Wine
(Invitation required)

May 16th 16.30 - 19.30
Cocktail to celebrate the screenings of: „El Medico. The Cubaton Story" - a doc by Daniel Fridell and
Pan European TV-series Chock 2.

Drinks organized by Filmpool Nord and Estonian Film Foundation
(Invitation required)

May 17th 16.30 pm to 19.00 pm
60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero

In August 2011 Tallinn will host a unique film premiere - the only screening of the film dedicated to preserving freedom of thought in cinema.
Flying in the face of the cynicism of marketing, producers, business operators and the moral majority, a group of directors from all over the world will be coming together to screen, once and once only, a collage film entitled 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero.
The screening will take place in the open air on the coast of Tallinn Bay. A special construction comprising a screen and projector will be built for the event which will allow the actual filmstrip to be burnt at the same time as the film is shown.

The installation, design and the screening itself are being arranged by MC Peter van Bagh and by Taavi Eelmaa and Veiko Õunpuu, the authors of the manifesto of 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero .

See you in Cannes!

This year Georgian National Film Center will represent Georgia at the Marche du Film in Cannes for the fourth time. Georgian Stand will be open under the Georgian flag within the framework of the film market - Marche du Film (11- 20 May, #104 Village International Riviera). The Director of Georgian National Film Center Tamara Tatishvili and other representatives - Salome Sepashvili, David Vashadze and Ketie Danelia - will represent the industry at the Georgian Stand.

The planned meetings embrace various directions:

  • Establishing cooperation with the Film Funds of other countries, identification of sources of alternative financing for Georgian projects;

  • Dissemination of the trailers of new Georgian films, offering the films to various international festivals;

  • Positioning Georgia as an attractive shooting location. A joint disc of Georgian National Film Center and Georgian National Agency of Tourism - Film and Tourism in Georgia - will be disseminated.

  • Negotiations will be continued to Georgia's membership to Eurimages - European Council film support foundation.

On may 14, at 17.00, Georgian Stand will host a traditional reception (Happy Hour) for foreign guests with the aim of promotion of Georgia and Georgian films. Famous Georgian wine will be provided for the reception by the company "Teliani Valley".

Here is the list of Georgian producers and directors participating in various programs:

Vano Burduli, Tiko Kajrishvili (World Cinema Pavilion)

Zaza Rusadze (financing „The Fold of my Blanket")

Giorgi Ovashvili, Keti Galdavadze - (The Atelier - Cannes)

Nikoloz Khomasuridze (Market Screening)

Bakur Bakuradze, Archil Gelovani - (Un Certain Regard)

In preparation of the launch of 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero - the highlight event of European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011, please join us for a short welcome and press gathering on Tuesday 17 May 2011 from 14:30 until 16:30 at PANTIERO, PAVILION 212, ESTONIAN FILMS.

In August 2011 Tallinn will host a unique film premiere - the singular screening of films dedicated to preserving freedom of thought in cinema.

Flying in the face of the cynicism created by marketing agents, producers, business operators and the moral majority, a group of world renown film directors will be coming together to screen once and once only a collage film entitled 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero.

The screening will take place in the open air on the coast of Tallinn Bay. A special construction comprising of a screen and projector will be built for the event that will allow the actual filmstrip to be burnt at the same time as the film is shown.

The installation design and the screening itself are being arranged by MC Peter van Bagh and by Taavi Eelmaa and Veiko Õunpuu, the authors of the manifesto of 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero, and the filmmakers behind of internationally acclaimed Estonian features "Autumn Ball" & "Temptation of St. Tony".

From the 60 Seconds team, the renowned Japanese director Naomi Kawase will be present as well as Estonian actor Taavi Eelmaa and Estonian film programmer and one of executive producers Sten Saluveer.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Cannes!

European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 and the 60 Seconds team.

Please RSVP by 16 May to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maris Hellrand

International Communications Manager

Foundation Tallinn 2011

+372 56 2011 18, +372 641 2011

skype: marishellrand

Pärnu mnt. 8/Väike-Karja 9, 10148 Tallinn

The latest news from the European Capital of Culture at

12:00 - 13:30
Official opening of the Pavilion, announcement of program,
welcome cocktail

May, 13

12:15 - 13:15
Presentation of Russian Educational Programmes for graduates and post-graduates

Moderated by Anna Gudkova

  • VGIK Summer School;

  • Generation Campus;

  • Generation Campus Connection;

  • Script Lab Kultbyuro;

  • Cinetrain;

  • New programs of Saint-Petersburg State University for Cinema and Television;

  • Cinemotion Lab;

  • ArtKino;

  • New Hollywood Filmmakers;

  • Scream School;

  • Up Stream: from the White Sea to the Black Sea.

13:15 - 14:30
Presentation of the ARTKINO project and the eponymous Short Film Festival

Moderated by the project producer Dmitry Kupovyh
Followed by the short film screening.
Producers Ivan Lopatin of "Leevandia Production" and Vladislav Pasternak of "HHG Film Company" will present their films. There will also be a presentation of films participating in the Short Film Corner section at the Cannes Film Festival - The Clown (2010) and Sonja's Birthday (2011), directed and produced by Olga Antropova.

May, 14

11:00 - 13:00
Focus on New Russian Cinema

Moderated by Catherine Mtsitouridze and Andrey Plahov
Co-moderator Nicholas Holdsworth (Variety)

  1. Under the Electric Clouds, directed by Aleksey German Jr, produced by Artem Vasiliev;

  2. The Spy, director Alexey Andrianov, producers Leonid Vereshchagin, Sergey Shumakov;

  3. The Roadside House, director Anton Sivers, producers Yuri Sapronov, Leonid Vereshchagin;

  4. Living, director Vasily Sigarev, producer Roman Borisevich;

  5. Lifelong Night, director Nikholay Khomeriki, producers Elena Borisova, Mikhail Babakhanov;

  6. Gold, director Andrey Marmont, producer Michael Churbanov;

  7. Dubrovsky, director Kirill Mikhanovsky, producer Yevgeny Gindilis;

  8. The Dry Valley, director Alexandra Strelyanaya, producer Alexei Uchitel;

  9. The Practice in Beauty, director Victor Shamir, producer Andrey Novikov;

  10. Escape to the Sky. Devyatayev, director Alexander Kott, producer Denis Filiukov;

  11. The Hunter, director Bakur Bakuradze, producer Sergey Selyanov.

May, 15

11:00 - 12:00

Step Into The Future: Presentation of Projects for Co-production
Moderated by Anna Gudkova

  1. Metro Dog, directed by Sheldon Letichev, produced by Vasily Bernhardt (Russia), Bob Underwood (USA), Gabriela Cherniak (Germany);

  2. Petrushka Syndrome, directed by Elena Khazanov, produced by Dmitry Aronin;

  3. Moat Ne, directed by Sergei Oldenburg, produced by Sergei Oldenburg;

  4. Everybody's Gone, directed by Georgy Paradjanov, produced by Ekaterina Filippova, Svyatoslav Kacharava;

  5. Tongue of the Enemy, directed by Natalia Novik, produced by Vladimir Utin;

  6. Sophie's World, director Peter Arnell, producer Staffan Ahrenberg, Tara Grote.

  7. Parade-Alle, scriptwriter Anatoly Balchev, producers Staffan Ahrenberg, Marc Ivassilevitch

12:15 - 13:15
The presentation of the Russian-Chinese Cinema Fund, initiated within the framework of cultural relations development agreement between Russia and China.

Andrey Smirnov (Sistema Mass-media, President),
Yuri Sapronov (Russian World Studios, General Director),
Stanislav Rodionov (Vice-President of representation the company Huawei in Russia),
China Film Group Corporation representatives,
China International Television Corporation representatives,
Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group representatives.

May, 17

11:00 - 12:00
Panel Discussion with the Russian distributors
The Independent Film Market: Recent Tendencies.

With the support of Film New Europe (FNE)

12:15 - 13:15
Annual Russian Film Industry Report Presentation

Moderated by Dmitry Litvinov and Kseniya Leontyeva

May, 18

11:00 - 12:00
The presentation of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF)

Leonid Vereshchagin (MIFF, General Producer),
Kyrill Razlogov (MIFF, Program Director),
Peter Shepotinnik (MIFF, Member of selection committee).

16:00 - 17:00
Presentation of the 2nd International Festival of Young European Cinema VOICES

May, 19

11:00 - 13:00
Presentation of "CinemaClub: culture, education, communications" project
Presentation of the National Forum "Russian Cinema 2020"

Fyodor Bondarchuk,
Edward Pichugin.

14:00 - *** (time to be specified further)

Press conference of the Russian participants in the "Un Certain Regard" programme of the 64th Cannes Film Festival - The Hunter (director Bakur Bakuradze, producer Sergey Selyanov

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