Kraków, 29th May 2011 - "Tonia and Her Children" by Marcel Łoziński, "The Argentinian Lesson" by Wojciech Staroń, and "1994" by Haveh Tehrani chosen as the best films at the 51st Krakow Film Festival; "Phnom Penh " by Paweł Kloc awarded twice - with Silver Horn and Silver Hobby-Horse.

The winners of the National, Documentary, and Short Film Competitions were announced on May 29th, at the Award Ceremony at Kijów.Centrum. The host of the evening was Maciej Stuhr. The ceremony began with a concert of a famous jazz band, Marcin Wasilewski Trio, a group that for many years worked with Tomasz Stańko, our guest last year.

Altogether 87 films, selected from 2700 entries, entered the three competitions. From these the following received awards:

The jury of Documentary Competition, chaired by Tue Steen Müller, chose "The Argentinian Lesson" by Wojciech Staroń as the best film for maintaining its form and story from the beginning to end; a story not only about different cultures but rather about the beauty of a young boy and a young girl getting closer to each other, a story about a growing friendship. The jury found the film a true masterpiece. The film was also awarded with the Award of the Polish Association of Cinematographers PSC for its cinematography.

Silver Horn for the Director of the Best Medium-length Documentary went to Marcus Lindeen for his film "Regretters". Jury appreciated the author for finding a perfect solution to self-analysis performed by two human beings who have undergone sex changes in search of their identity. In the feature-film category, Silver Horn was awarded to Paweł Kloc for "Phnom Penh Lullaby" whose strong cinematic language was used to depict a very unconventional struggle for love and acceptance in a devastating family environment. Special mentions were awarded to Alejandra Sanchez for "Agnus Dei" and to Tomasz Wolski for "Doctors".

Golden Dragon for the best short film was given to Haveh Tehrani, the director of "1994". The jury, chaired by Lech Kowalski, based their choice on the theme and characters which pose a question crucial to the contemporary film making, "What is fiction, and what is non-fiction?' The film challenges the viewer to consider the role of immigrants in European society. The film received also the award of the FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury.

Silver Dragon for the best documentary went to José Miguel Ribeiro for "A Journey to Cape Verde", which perfectly captured the hot and primitive island environment of the coast of Africa. The best short animation is "1989 (When I Was 5 Years Old)". In awarding Thor Ochsner with Server Dragon, the jury appreciated his artistic style of storytelling which fits perfectly the intimate character of the film. Silver Dragon for the director of the best feature film was awarded to Daniel Mulloy for "Baby" as a well-crafted film which uses a tight directing style to play with the usual stereotypes.

Special Mentions in Short Film Competition were given to "Photographer's Wife", directed by Karsten Krause and Philip Widmann, and to "Decrescendo" by Marta Minorowicz. The nomination to the European Film Award 2011 in the short film category went to "Paparazzi", directed by Piotr Bernaś.

The National Competition Jury, chaired by Jerzy Kapuściński, awarded Golden Hobby-Horse for the director of the best film to Marcel Łoziński for the film "Tonia and Her Children", for combining the tradition of the Polish documentary with intellectual bravery and critical perceptiveness.

Silver Hobby-Horse for the director of the best documentary went to Paweł Kloc for "Phnom Penh Lullaby". "The Lost Town of Świteź" by Kamil Polak was chosen the best animation, whereas the award for the best short film went to Magnus von Horn for "Without Snow". Special Mentions were given to Natalia Brożyńska for "Shivering Trunks" as well as to Joanna Turowicz and Anna Zakrzewska for "Kwiekulik".

The Dragon of Dragons Award at the 51st Krakow Film Festival went to Piotr Kamler, one of the greatest animation makers.

Also those who could not make it to the Festival had the opportunity to watch some of the films. Twelve chosen works were available on the VOD website.

The organizer of the Krakow Film Festival is Krakow Film Foundation in cooperation with Polish Filmmakers Association and Apollo-Film.

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Having seen all the competition films, the International Documentary Competition Jury of the 51st Krakow Film Festival consisting of: Tue Steen Müller - the chairman (Denmark), Dušan Hudec (Slovakia), Marcin Koszałka (Poland), Kaleo La Belle (Switzerland), and Annamaria Percavassi (Italy) have decided to award:

GOLDEN HORN for the Director of the Best Film: for Wojciech Staroń, the director of THE ARGENTINIAN LESSON (Poland). The film maintains its form and story from beginning to end, a story not only about different cultures but much more about the beauty of a young boy and a young girl getting closer to each other, a growing friendship. The jury finds the film a true piece of art.

SILVER HORN for the Director of the Best Medium-Length Documentary: for Marcus Lindeen,

the director of REGRETTERS (Sweden). The film has found a perfect solution to self-analysis performed by two human beings, who have undergone sex changes in search of their identity and the gender of their personality. The dialogue carries the touching story in a perfect arc.

SILVER HORN for the Director of the Best Feature-Length Documentary: for Paweł Kloc, the director of PHNOM PENH

LULLABY (Poland). The film uses a strong cinematic language to depict a very unconventional struggle for love and acceptance in a devastating family environment under hard existential conditions. A very strong character development kept the jury on the edge of our seats.

THE AWARD OF THE POLISH ASSOCIATION OF CINEMATOGRAPHERS (PSC) for the best cinematography in the documentary film, founded by Lightcraft: for Wojciech Staroń (Poland) for cinematography to THE ARGENTINIAN LESSON,


AGNUS DEI: THE LAMB OF GOD, directed by Alejandra Sanchez (France/Mexico). The film follows the bravery of the main character's decision to challenge the institution of the church.

DOCTORS, directed by Tomasz Wolski (Poland). The film is taking its audience to an important public institution and tells the story through amazing imagery and sparse and sometimes humoristic dialogue in serious moments of life and death.

The Student Jury for Documentary Competition consisting of: Michał Lesiak, Małgorzata Steciak, and Daniel Stopa have decided to award the film DOCTORS directed by Tomasz Wolski (Poland) for surgical precision in his style and successful operating on characters' open hearts.


Having seen all the competition films, the International Short Film Competition Jury of the 51st Krakow Film Festival consisting of: Lech Kowalski - the chairman (USA), João Garção Borges (Portugal), Bartek Konopka (Poland), Delphine Lyner (Switzerland), Ülo Pikkov (Estonia) have decided to award the following prizes:

GOLDEN DRAGON for the Director of the Best Film for Kaveh Tehrani (Norway), the director of 1994. The themes and characters presented in the Norwegian film 1994 beg an essential question in contemporary film making, "What is fiction and what is non fiction?' The film challenges the viewer to consider the role of immigrants in European society as it blurs the lines between two cinematic storytelling techniques. It is serious, humorous, bold yet delicate, all at the same time.

SILVER DRAGON for the Director of the Best Documentary Film for José Miguel Ribeiro (Portugal), the director of A JOURNEY TO CAPE VERDE. Utilizing hand drawn animation, the Portugese film, a Trip To Cape Verde tells a story as real and as unique as any documentary using traditional camera images. The director's sensual technique and his firm personal point of view, capture the hot and primitive island environment off the coast of Africa. No other documentary in the short film competition was as evocative of a filmmaker's journey.

SILVER DRAGON for the Director of the Best Animated Film for Thor Ochsner (Denmark), the director of 1989 (WHEN I WAS 5 YEARS OLD). The Danish film, 1989 takes us on a journey that is both personal and tragic. This personal story wears it's artistic style extremely well. The filmmaker shares with us his intimate life story, rarely seen in films.

SILVER DRAGON for the Director of the Best Feature Film for Daniel Mulloy (UK), the director of BABY. The British Baby shows us that in today's world danger may come from the least expected place. The very involving story and sharp cinematography keeps the audience close to the main characters. This well crafted film and uses a tight directing style, which plays with the usual stereotypes.


THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S WIFE, directed by Karsten Krause and Philip Widmann (Germany),

DECRESCENDO, directed by Marta Minorowicz (Poland).

The jury has decided to give a special mention to two documentary shorts; the German, The Photographers Wife and the Polish film, Decrescendo. Both films are outstanding because of unexpected and unusual main characters, shown in a common situation and surrounding. Both films are very subtle and touch the audience with a poetic and intelligent form, letting them be part of the main characters lives.

EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY AWARD for the Best European Film (nomination to the European Film Award 2011 in the short film category) for PAPARAZZI, directed by Piotr Bernaś (Poland). The Polish film, Paparazzi, follows the work of a professional doing the dirty job of tabloid press photographer and at the same time deals with the soul of a man facing both the cruel and contemporary reality of history and the minor facts of life. After this film there is a good chance that Polanski will allow the photographer to take his picture.

The FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury at the 51st Krakow Film Festival, consisting of: Andrzej Fogler (Poland), Dominique Martinez (France), and Simon Weaving (Australia), after watching all the competition films, have decided unanimously to award the film 1994, directed by Kaveh Tehrani (Norway),

The FICC (International Federation of Film Societies) Jury at the 51st Krakow Film Festival, consisting of: Line Klungseth Johansen (Norway), Kata Kovács (Hungary), Grzegorz Szklarczuk (Poland) have decided to give the Don Quichote Award for the film A JOURNEY TO CAPE VERDE, directed by José Miguel Ribeiro (Portugal),

Special Mentions:

THE BIRTHDAY CIRCLE directed by Philip Lepherd (UK)

RAÚL'S WORLD directed by Jessica Rodríguez Sánchez and Zoe G. Miranda (Cuba)

The Student Jury for Short Film Competition, consisting of: Anna Grądowska, Ewa Popowska, and Tomasz Rachwald

have decided to award the film CZECH POST-WAR HISTORY directed by Jaroslav Kratochvíl (Czech Republic) for a skilful combination of parody and the criticism of an ailing educational system.


Having watched all the competition films, the National Competition Jury of the 51st Krakow Film Festival, consisting of: Jerzy Kapuściński - the chairman, Anna Kazejak-Dawid, Tomasz Kozak, Tadeusz Słobodzianek, and Marcin Wrona, have decided to award:

GOLDEN HOBBY-HORSE for the Director of the Best Film

For Marcel Łoziński, the director of TONIA AND HER CHILDREN, in recognition of creating masterpiece that combines best traditions of Polish documentary films with intellectual courage and critical acuity,

SILVER HOBBY-HORSE for the Director of the Best Documentary Film

for Paweł Kloc, the director of PHNOM PENH LULLABY,

SILVER HOBBY-HORSE for the Director of the Best Animated Film

for Kamil Polak, the director of THE LOST TOWN OF ŚWITEŹ,

SILVER HOBBY-HORSE for the Director of the Best Feature Film

for Magnus von Horn, the director of WITHOUT SNOW,


SHIVERING TRUNKS, directed by Natalia Brożyńska, for an innovative approach to narrative structure and for her sense of humour,

KWIEKULIK, directed by Joanna Turowicz and Anna Zakrzewska for the reference to the tradition of the Polish avant-garde,

The President of the Association of Polish Filmmakers Award for Wojciech Staroń for THE ARGENTINIAN LESSON,

The President of the Association of Polish Filmmakers Award for the Best Film Editing for Tomasz Wolski, the editor of the film DOCTORS,

The President of TVP S.A. (Polish Television) Award for the Best Director for Marcel Łoziński, the director of


The President of TVP S.A (Polish Television) Award for the Best Cinematography for Wojciech Staroń, the director


Maciej Szumowski Award for remarkable social awareness founded by Kino Polska TV for Kuba Maciejko for BON


Bronisław Chromy Sculpture for the Best Producer of Polish Short and Documentary Films for STUDIO FILMOWE KRONIKA (KRONIKA FILM STUDIO), the producer of TONIA AND HER CHILDREN, directed by Marcel Łoziński.

The Student Jury for National Competition, consisting of: Jolanta Rydel, Miłosz Stelmach, and Krzysztof Siwoń have decided to award THE ARGENTINIAN LESSON directed by Wojciech Staroń (Poland) for creative and personal approach to the documentary form and for great visual sensitivity.


LIFE IN A DAY directed by Kevin Macdonald

HBO Development Award for the film project EVIL IN US directed by Daria Lipko

DRAGON FORUM AWARD for the film project NUSRAT. THE LAST PROPHET OF MUSIC directed by Tomek Wysokiński and Armand Urbaniak

After the positive resonance of CineFest's film history series CineClassics, the program continues in September 2011 with retrospective screenings, exhibitions and conferences. CineClassics' aim is to emphasize Central Europe's contribution to world cinema. A retrospective of director István Szőts celebrates the 70th anniversary of his 1941 masterpiece Men of the Alps (Emberek a havason). An exhibition and an international conference will accompany the film. Another great attraction of CineClassics will be a spectacular exhibition, based on the legendary Polish series Dekalog (Ten Commandments) by Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Continuing the series dedicated to expatriate Hungarian filmmakers, the Arad-born producer Gabriel Pascal will be in focus this fall. Pascal was the producer of Pygmalion, the Anthony Asquith adaptation of Bernard Shaw's play, starring the Hungarian-born Leslie Howard (pictured), and the director of Caesar and Cleopatra, starring Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh, as well as Major Barbara, starring Wendy Hiller and Rex Harrison.

In 2009 the Miskolc International Film Festival organized an international conference about the Miskolc-born Oscar winning screenwriter and director Emeric Pressburger (attended by his grandson, director Kevin Macdonald), and in 2010 about the Korda family, focusing Zoltan Korda, director of The Jungle Book and Elephant Boy (attended by his son, David Korda).

ZAGREB: Croatian television is still struggling to find its way. The recent departure of several top executives and uneven results for attempts at new programming - as well as the declining audiences for some previously popular genres - has channels in crisis mode. Deep debts and editors replaced every few months at public broadcaster Croatian Radio-Television make negotiations over coproductions difficult, while commercial broadcasters are faulted for lowering standards.

CRACOW: Tonia and Her Children directed by Marcel Lozinski won the main prize in the National Competition at the 51 Krakow Film Festival ( (23-29 May 2011) for best Polish documentary. The prize for Best Documentary went to The Argentinian Lesson directed by Wojciech and the prize for Best Short Documentary went to 1994 directed by Haveh Tehrani. The festival has three competitions, National, Documentary and Short Film Competitions. Phnom Penh Lullaby directed by Pawel Kloc was awarded the second prize in the Documentary competition.

Altogether 87 films, selected from 2700 entries, entered the three competitions.

Krakow, 31st March 2011 - There are 39 films competing in the International Short Film Competition at the 51st Krakow Film Festival, which is held from May 23rd to May 29th. The short film category is one of the festival's three competitions of equal rank, and its winner is awarded the Golden Dragon prize.

This year there are three hundred representatives of the documentary, fiction, and animation genre taking part in the oldest competition of Krakow Film Festival. The accepted films must have been no longer than thirty minutes. Although statistically the documentary film is the most frequent winner, this year the battle within the fiction film category will be particularly fierce. Daniel Mulloy, the winner of the Golden Dragon in 2007 whose shocking "Dad" divided the festival audience, is now back in the competition with his new film "Baby". There is also an American comedy with Anthony Hopkins. On the other side of the emotional pole is the Lithuanian depiction of the tragedy that took place in a small Austrian town, where a monster-father imprisoned his daughter and their five consecutively born children ("Our Father").

Paradoxically, Poland is represented by a Swede, outstanding Magnus von Horn ("Without Snow"), the two-time winner of our festival, who was last time awarded the Silver Hobby-Horse in 2009 for his "Echo"- adds Krzysztof Gierat, the Festival director. The fiction film category is complemented by the intriguing and entertaining films playing with the conventions of the genre cinema („Hasaki Ya Suda" and „Prunelle and Melodie").

The documentary section powerfully demonstrates the cultural diversity of the world. Although we have a very European slant this year, you will find a wealth of more exotic cinema at the competition. From Cuba we have the enigmatic "Raul's World", and from India "At the Stairs", which shows us the cremation grounds where widows who have escaped suttee - the ritual suicide after husband's death, are awaiting Moksha - liberation from the cycle of life and death. Two documentary films from Poland will have their world premiere in Krakow, along with "Without Snow" by von Horn. We will also show "Paparazzi" by Piotr Bernaś, an extravagant portrayal of celebrities' most hated profession, as well as "Decresendo" a cheerful story of a rest home by Marta Mironowicz who won of major prizes in Lipsk and Clermont-Ferrand for "A Piece of Summer".

While choosing films for the animated film section we have aimed at showing its adundant diversity - says Krzysztof Gierat - There will be short and amusing films from the Russian school of animation, and philosophical German films, along with Portuguese poetry and animated documentaries. A big favourite last year was "Millhaven" by Bartek Kulas which features a soundtrack by Nick Cave, but this year we are going ahead with "Stones", the animated Czech musical about love and crime!'

The results for national competition will be published on 1st April, the results for documentary competition could be found on the website

The list of films selected for the international short film competition


  1. „Bread for Bird", dir. Aleksandra Strelyanaya, Russia 26'

  2. „Playground", dir. Susanna Helke, Finland 30'

  3. „Out of Round - What is Behind?", dir. Jaro Vojtek, Slovakia 30'

  4. „At the Stairs", dir. Rajesh S. Jala, India 30'

  5. „Raul's World", dir. Jessica Rodríguez, Zoe Miranda, Cuba 20'

  6. „Czech Post-War History", dir. Jaroslav Kratochvíl, Czech Republic 9'

  7. „Photographer's Wife", dir. Philip Widmann, Karsten Krause, Germany 29'

  8. „I'm Never Afraid!", dir. Willem Baptist, Netherlands 20'

  9. „Stranger", dir. Christophe Hermans, Belgium, 12'

  10. „I Will Forget This Day", dir. Alina Rudnitskaya, Russia 25'

  11. „Night Falls on the Menagerie", dir. Nicolas Philibert, France 11'

  12. „Paparazzi", dir. Piotr Bernaś, Poland 30'

  13. „Decrescendo", dir. Marta Minorowicz, Poland 22'


  1. „Baby", dir. Daniel Mulloy, UK 25'

  2. „1994", dir. Kaveh Tehrani, Norway 29'

  3. „The Quartet", dir. Sarah Arnold, France 15'

  4. „The Third Rule", dir. Aundre Johnson, USA 15'

  5. „Our Father, dir. Marius Ivaskevicius, Lithuania 28'

  6. „Prunelle and Melodie", dir. Simonet Mathieu, France 32'

  7. „Hasaki Ya Suda, dir. Cédric Ido, France 24'

  8. „Yuri Lennon's Landing on Ralpha 46", dir. Anthony Vouardoux, Germany / Switzerland 15'

  9. „Battle for Britain", dir. Alex Helfrecht , UK 13'

  10. „I", dir. David Fonjallaz, Switzerland 12'

  11. „The Birthday Circle", dir. Philip Lepherd , UK 5'

  12. „Casus Belli", dir. Yorgos Zois, Greece 11'

  13. „Without Snow", dir. Magnus von Horn, Poland / Sweden 30'


  1. „Journey To Cape Verde", dir. José Miguel Ribeiro, Portugal 17'

  2. „Sticky Ends", dir. Osman Cerfon, France 6'

  3. „1989. When I Was 5 Years Old", dir. Thor Ochsner, Denmark 10'

  4. „One More Time!", dir. Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, Tatiana Okruzhnova, Alina Yakhyaeva, Nataliya Pavlycheva, Mariya Arkhipova, Russia 3'

  5. „Stones", dir. Katarina Kerekesova, Slovakia 26'

  6. „I Have Fear", dir. Mariola Brillowska and her students, Germany 15'

  7. „Lowdown Empire", dir. Polina Grinberg, USA 13'

  8. „Once Only", dir. Nuno Amorim, Portugalia 6'

  9. „Swings and Milkshakes", dir. Fernando Mendes, Erick Ricco, Brasil 10'

  10. „The Renter", dir. Jason Carpenter, USA 9'

  11. „Sunday 2", dir. Jochen Kuhn, Germany 11'

  12. „Women's Day Gift", dir. Mihail Dvorjankin, Russia 8'

  13. „Talk to Him", dir. Agata Prętka, Poland 7'

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Krakow, 1st April 2011 – National competition of 51st Krakow Film Festival (23rd -29th May) includes 35 titles. The winner of the national competition will be awarded with the Golden Hobby-Horse.

It is for the first time that feature documentaries enter the national competition. Two of them participate also in the international competition: “The Doctors” by Tomasz Wolski, currently in the post-production phase, and “Phnom Penh Lullaby” by Paweł Kloc, which has already been invited to three foreign festivals: in Nyon, Sheffield, and Toronto. Among feature films, there is also “Pomeranian Illusions” by Jacob Dammas and Helge Renner, which may move the audience just like “North from Calabria” did last year.

Marcel Łoziński, a Polish documentary classic, will present his most recent production, “Tonia and her children”. – says Krzysztof Gierat, festival director - This year we will have the opportunity not only to thank him for his regular presence at the Festival, but also to congratulate him on his birthday, a round anniversary coming up. It was after a nomination at our Festival that his “Poste Restante” was awarder with the European Film Award.

Once again, we have the pleasure of watching many talented laureates come back with their new films. Among them, there are Marcin Sauter, Maciej Cuske, and Wojciech Staroń, whose “Argentinian Lesson” participates also in the international competition. These films comment not only on our Polish reality; filmmakers more and more often turn to the exotic parts of the world. This year, we will visit Cambodia, Argentina, Cuba, Kalmykia and Kyrgyzstan, Syria, and Lebanon. Having taken its rather absurd title from Marcin Świetlicki’s song, “Jewish Moon” presents an unexpected spiritual transformation of a young soccer yob, while “Paparazzi” (also in the international competition) is a dynamic story about a photojournalist who, employing a rather particular ethic code, hunts his prey like a hound.

Debuts are also awaiting; they are always mostly anticipated because of the fame of the Polish documentary school. – continues Krzyszof Gierat - I am sure that there are award candidates among the debutants.

What about the fiction film category? Can we expect a fierce competition between two previous laureates of the Festival: Kuba Czekaj and Magnus von Horn? Or maybe they will be beaten by the only woman in this section, Julia Kolberger, or by Maciej Bochniak and Sławomir Shuty, whose insane, and very Krakow-like in its cast, “The Room” will be premiered here?

In the animation category, we will see films both from awarded, well-known filmmakers like Dragon of Dragons laureates - the Quay Brothers and a many times winner in Krakow - Piotr Dumała and from young authors, often still students. A new production from Damian Nenow will be presented by Platige Image studio.

List of films selected for National Competition.


1. „Phnom Penh Lullaby”, dir. Paweł Kloc, 97’

2. „The Doctors”, dir. Tomasz Wolski, 82’

3. „Pomeranian Illusions”, dir. Jacob Dammas, Helge Renner, 70’

4. „Tonia and Her Children”, dir. Marcel Łoziński, 57’

5. „Downtown”, dir. Piotr Śliwowski, Marta Dzido, 54’

6. „Argentinian Lesson”, dir. Wojciech Staroń, 52’

7. „Agnieszka Is Not Here”, dir. Paweł Jóźwiak-Rodan, 52’

8. „Planet Kirsan”, dir. Magdalena Pięta, 51’

9. „Scrap Odyssey”, dir. Paweł Ferdek, Łukasz Gutt, 48’

10. „Kwiekulik”, dir. Joanna Turowicz, Anna Zakrzewska, 48’

11. „Far From the City”, dir. Maciej Cuske, 45’

12. „Jewish Moon”, dir. Michał Tkaczyński, 45’

13. „Paparazzi”, dir. Piotr Bernaś, 30’

14. Bon Apetit, dir. Kuba Maciejko, 31’

15. „My Father Lazaro”, dir. Marcin Filipowicz , 29’

16. „Hakawati”, dir. Marcin Sauter, 40’

17. „Hermits”, dir. Kacper Czubak, 26’

18. „Decrescendo”, dir. Marta Minorowicz, 22’

19. „Rescued”, dir. Wojciech Szumowski, 24’

20. „Returns”, dir. Krzysztof Kadłubowski, 7’


1. „The Lost City of Świteź”, dir. Kamil Polak, 26’

2. “Maska”, dir. Bracia Quay, 24’

3. “Paths of Hate”, dir. Damian Nenow, 10’

4. „Dr Character presents”, dir. Piotr Dumała, 8’

5. „Talk to Him”, dir. Agata Prętka, 7’

6. „Two Steps Behind…”, dir. Paulina Majda, 7’

7. „The Gallery”, dir. Robert Proch, 5’

8. „Shivering Trunks”, dir. Natalia Brożyńska, 3’


1. „Without Snow”, dir. Magnus von Horn, 30’

2. „I Won’t Be Here Tomorrow”, dir. Julia Kolberger, 28’

3. „Twist & Blood”, dir. Kuba Czekaj, 30’

4. „The Room”, dir. Maciej Bochniak, Sławek Shuty 30’

5. „Glasgow”, dir. Piotr Subbotko, 30’

6. „Normal People”, dir. Piotr Złotorowicz, 25’

7. „Heroic Parrot with The Dog”, dir. Marcin Sławek, 12’

Polish films selected for international competitions

Documentary competition: „The Doctors”, dir. Tomasz Wolski, „Phnom Penh Lullaby”, dir. Paweł Kloc, „Argentinian Lesson”, dir. Wojciech Staroń and short film competition: „Without Snow”, dir. Magnus von Horn, ”Paparazzi”, dir. Piotr Bernaś, „Decrescendo”, dir. Marta Minorowicz, i „Talk to Him”, dir. Agata Prętka.

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Krakow, 5th April 2011 - Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald invited the Internet users from all over the world to produce a film together. The result stirred a sensation in Sundance and in Berlin. A feature documentary, "Life in a Day", will open the 51st Krakow Film Festival on 23rd May.

This is a true global film experiment: 80 thousand people from 197 countries have sent to YouTube short films showing one day, 24th July, 2010, through their eyes. The directors, Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald, together with a team of selectors undertook the task of choosing and editing the right pieces. The outcome is a unique production which is not just a colourful and dynamic collage, but an attempt on a deeper synthesis. How does a day of an average man look like? Who is the contemporary man?

The film premiered on 28th January simultaneously at Sundance Festival and on the Internet. It will be made available on YouTube once again on its first anniversary, 24th July, 2011. In Krakow, it will participate in the exclusive Documentary Competition, opening the second half century of the Festival.

This is the first time I have invited a production to a competition only after several minutes of screening,' says Krzysztof Gierat, the Festival director. ‘I am happy to share it with the international audience of Krakow Film Festival.'

51st Krakow Film Festival is held 23rd - 28th May 2011. Applying for industry and media accreditations is now possible. Deadline is 13th May 2011, but till 22nd April discount prices apply: option 'Industry' allows you to participate in the Festival and Krakow Film Market (180 PLN), option 'Festival' enables participation in all festival screenings and costs 150 PLN, accreditation for media is 60 PLN. Since 22nd April prices are accordingly: 220 PLN / 200 PLN / 100 PLN.

Booking passes for the Festival is also possible now. Everyone who books festival pass till 10th May on the website, gets discount - 80 PLN regular fare and 50 PLN discount fare for students.

After the screening in Berlin, the critics wrote:

‘The film watches on a big screen like an impressive, 90 minute long trailer of festival films. There is everything in one picture - illness (‘this is my first poop in a week,' one of the characters says) and death, unfulfilled love (a man in love desperately tries to make a date) and public marriage proposal, yet another beer drunk on a bench in a park, shopping at the market, and religious rituals.' Paweł Felis (Gazeta Wyborcza)

‘"Life in a Day" has the pace of a commercial break. It is spectacular, sometimes funny (a Korean travelling around the world on a bike compares the sizes of flies in different countries), sometimes sad (a cancer-diagnosed woman) or touching (a young man reveals to his grandmother that he is gay). Unlike in real life, there is no place for boredom in this film. The audience in Berlin was delighted; we felt like a part of a big human community.' Małgorzata Sadowska (Przekrój)


About the authors:

Ridley Scott - a director, producer, film set designer, three times nominated to the Oscar, for "Thelma & Louise", "Gladiator", and "Black Hawk Down", awarded in Cannes for his debut, "The Duellists". He gained popularity thanks to, among others, "Alien", "Blade Runner", "Hannibal", and "Robin Hood".

Kevin Macdonald - a director, producer, scriptwriter, awarded with the Oscar for a documentary, "One Day in September" and twice with the BAFTAs (including "The Last King of Scotland"), the author of "Touching the Void".

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Krakow, 4th May 2011 - The exclusive cycle "Krakow Documentary Premieres" is one of the main attractions of the Krakow Film Festival. The idea behind this section is a presentation of the newest documentaries, touching upon the actual issues, which are often difficult and controversial.

This year the film-makers from Spain, Israel, Germany, and the United States will confront the viewers with questions of moral, social, and artistic nature; questions on small and large scale.

-This year "Krakow Documentary Premieres" will unveil its more feminine side - says Krzysztof Gierat, director of the Krakow Film Festival - In four out of six films included in the cycle women are the main characters, and with them the family and intimate stories are coming to the fore.

One of them, for instance, captures the adventures connected with a search for an appropriate partner. In "Arranged Happiness", a Hindu-German co-production, the groom is brought to the bride by the caring Hindu family in accordance with the centuries-old tradition. An attractive older lady, Nili Tal, the director and the main character of "Sixty and the City" chooses a different path - breaking stereotypes connected with old age, she places a personal ad in a paper, and starts dating. Would the characters of the popular American TV show that the title of this film paraphrases applaud of the liberated sixty-year-old?

Films "Loving Sophia" and "Karla's Arrival" are concentrating on maternity love. The former of the documents touches upon the difficult issues of drug abuse, prostitution, and a mother's fight for her daughter's life. The latter, on the other hand, throws the viewer into the world, in which a young homeless woman is expecting the birth of her baby daughter. Although streets or a park are certainly not the right places for offspring upbringing, people deprived of homes refuse to abandon the fundamental human desires and emotions. Or maybe they should not?

Giving the women a field to nurture a family life, the men fulfil their potential in science and art. German "Solartaxi" is a film about a journey on which its protagonist Louis Palmer takes us in his own-invented solar-powered car. "Correspondence Jonas Mekas - J. L. Guerin", on the other hand, is a filmic conversation between two experimentalists, who are always looking for new ways of expression. One of them we know very well - Jonas Mekas was a Guest of Honour at last year's Krakow Film Festival, and the winner of Dragon of the Dragon's Award in recognition of his lifetime achievements.

Krakow Film Festival starts on 23rd May 2011. Until 10th May you can book a festival pass at promotional prices of 80 PLN and 50 PLN (concession) at A festival pass for selected showcases, e.g., all the films of the "Krakow Documentary Premieres" is also available at the price of 40 PLN.

Krakow Documentary Premieres includes films such as:

Sixty and the City, dir. Nili Tal, Israel 2010, 70'

Life begins at sixty - this is what seems to think and say Nili Tal, the film's main character as well as its director. Instead of taking care of grand-children, the woman decided to find a partner for the rest of her days on the Internet. There was no shortage of applicants - 1300 men responded. That way the advanced in years attractive lady went on over 50 dates in different corners of the world. Was it worth it? One thing she certainly did achieve is capturing her adventures in the ground breaking film that challenges stereotypes related to old age.


27.05. / 19.30 / Kino Pod Baranami / The Red Auditorium

28.05. / 15.00 / ARS Reduta

"Karla's Arrival", dir. Koen Suidgeest, Spain, 2010, 90'

Nineteen-year-old Sueylin Aguilar lives in a small park in Managua, along with other homeless. The situation remains the same even after she gives birth to her daughter - Karla. After some time the young mother reaches the conclusion that she wants better for her baby. She decides to start anew. But it is not that simple... The camera accompanies the mother and daughter, making a personal and intimate recording of the lifetime test that maternity is to the protagonist


25.05. / 19.30 / Kino Pod Baranami / The Red Auditorium

27.05. / 15.00 / ARS Reduta

"Loving Sophia", dir. Ohad Itach, Israel, 2010, 54'

Sophia is the daughter of Moldavian immigrants, who at the beginning of the 90's had moved to Israel. Raised in the family of artistic aspirations, the girl got involved in music, and became a leader of a folk-rock band. Drug abuse put an end to the band's career, and turned Sophia to prostitution. The film is a story of her struggle with the addiction, but more than that it is a compelling portrayal of her mother's fight for the life of her only daughter.


25.05. / 15.00 / ARS Reduta

28.05. / 19.30 / Kino Pod Baranami / The Red Auditorium

"Arranged Happiness", dir. Daniela Dar-Creutz, India/Germany 2011, '87

In India marriages arranged by families are a common phenomenon. Love is always secondary. To fulfil the family's wish, and to preserve the values passed from generation to generation is most important. For Waheda, a promising actress and singer, the time to get married is fast approaching. Looking for the right candidate for a husband must be conveyed in accordance with the tradition- in her case, the marriage will be organised by her younger brother, Ashiqa, who spends his lifetime savings for this occasion.

24.05. / 19.30 /
Kino Pod Baranami / The Red Auditorium

26.05 / 15.00 / ARS Reduta

"Solartaxi - Around the World with the Sun", dir. Erik Schmidt, Germany 2010, 68'

Louis Palmer began his filled with surprises adventure in Summer of 2007. This is when he invented the prototype of a solar-powered car. Within 18 months, he drove to 40 countries (including Poland), proving that a zero-emission car that is powered only by the Sun is not a dream.


24.05. / 15.00 / ARS Reduta

26.05. / 19.30 / Kino Pod Baranami / The Red Auditorium

"Correspondence Jonas Mekas - J. L. Guerin", dir. Jonas Mekas, José Luis Guerin, Spain/USA 2011, 84

Film is an answer to life - this thought derived from the repertoire of Jonas Mekas became an inspiration for José Luis Guerin. The exchange of letters between the men created a particular bond between them. an experiment which incorporates the visual language of the two artists, who are looking for new forms of artistic expression, and new ways of using images. With bated breath we are following subsequent letters read by the artists themselves, and illustrated by their filmic reflections.


26.05. / 21.15 / ARS Reduta

27.05. / 21.15 / ARS Reduta

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Krakow, 28th March 2011 - Dutch cinematography is the special guest of the 51st Krakow Film Festival (23rd - 29th May). Each year the Festival focuses on a different national cinema with the aim of introducing documentaries from that region.

The ‘Focus on...' section, showing national cinematography, has been initiated last year, with the Israeli filmmaking presented at the jubilee edition of Krakow Film Festival. This year the focus is on the Netherlands, a country famous not only for its fascinating film works but also for hosting such festivals as IFF Rotterdam and IDFA Amsterdam.

The ‘Focus on the Netherlands' section includes a review of the most recent documentaries as well as a conference with the representatives of the Dutch film industry present. Films shown at the Festival are all renowned and awarded. These include, among others, The Player by the outstanding John Appen, a story about his father addicted to gambling; Crips. Strapped‘n'Strong, an exceptionally bold vivisection on the life of black rappers and mafiosi; and Farewell, composed of archive material from 1929, a gripping account of around-the-world travel of the Graf Zeppelin airship.

In the panel discussion, which is to present the Dutch film market, will participate: Claudia Landsberger, president of EYE Film Institute Netherlands and vice-president of European Film Promotion, who helps disseminate Dutch cinema abroad; Pieter van Huystee, one of the most active Dutch film producers, whose two films will be presented in Kraków (Crips. Strapped‘n'Strong and Farewell); Marijke Rawie, an independent documentary advisor, who collaborates with a number of Dutch and foreign film producers as well as with festivals, especially in the field of pitchings, lectures, and meetings aimed at documentary makers; Ally Derks, founder and president of the biggest documentary festival in the world - IDFA Amsterdam, since 1988.

A review of the most recent Dutch documentaries includes six titles ranging thematically:

Among Horses and Men" 2010, 78', dir. Marjoleine Boonstra

Chris, Dean, Gilbert, Charles, Steven, Bo, and Mike are all young inmates at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center, in the last phase of lengthy prison sentences. Before returning to society, they are participating in a special project that allows them to capture, tame, and train wild horses for periodic auctions. The filmmaker, Marjoleine Boonstra, follows the detainees over the course of three months of intensive training, during which time the men see themselves reflected in the eyes of their horses. The men learn to win the trust of another living being once again, a skill that has slipped away during their time on the inside. Horses are incredibly perceptive creatures: they take the men as they are, without a history, without a record, but only if the men are just as open and vulnerable as they are. Boonstra captures the intimacy between these "tough guys" and their equine counterparts in a touching moment of transition: on the threshold of freedom, while exchanging looks of reflection.

The Player" 2009, 85', dir. John Appel

Why do the darkened casino halls come to substitute bedrooms and living rooms? Why does the roulette seem more attractive then any woman encountered? What feelings does gambling trigger so that it can take over the life of a man? John Appel tries to understand the life of his own addicted father by following three confirmed gamblers. Harry Engels works at horse races, Harry Holland serves his time for fraud, and Ted Stonzelbach passes time in casinos.

Crips. Strapped ‘n Strong" 2009, 84', dir. Joost Van Der Valk, Mags Gavan

The film portrays the brutal life of the Crips gang from the Hague, a group consisting of Suriname and Antilles emigrants who deal in armed robberies, drugs, and fight the competing groups. Without signs of censorship, the film shows a culture of violence, which became the basis of a community once brought together by Hip hop music. The authors try to reach deeper into the feelings and reflections of the gangsters, whose lives are very complicated.

Farewell" 2010, 90', dir. Ditteke Mensink

In 1929, celebrated journalist Lady Grace Drummond-Hay was invited to take part in the first round-the-world flight of a commercial airship, the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin. Recently widowed from a man 50 years her senior and bored to tears with covering ladies fashion, Lady Grace leaped at the chance to be the only woman onboard one of the media sensations of the decade. At journey's end she returned to America a star, thanks to her good looks and gutsy charm. But her reports on the ship's travels for the front pages of the Hearst press empire only told part of the story. In her diary she recorded a far more intimate journey - her struggle to get over her secret affair with shipmate, mentor, and married man Karl von Wiegand. Combining spectacular archival footage of the journey across New York, Siberia, Tokyo, and the Pacific with narration drawn from Drummond's articles and her private journals...

Our Newspaper" 2010, 60' dir. Eline Flipse

Andrei is a journalist, in the remote countryside of Russia, and Moscow is a long way away. People are poor and disgusted by politics and newspapers. Andrei left his job at the regional paper "The Leninist", because he couldn't go on writing articles about nothing. He created his own newspaper which now has about 7000 readers every week. The authorities are not amused. Andrei is convinced he is doing nothing wrong. Who will win in the end?

My Long Distance Friend" 2011, 73', dir. Carina Molier

OG is a beautiful young woman who has wandered around Europe since she left Zimbabwe at the age of 9. From then on she has struggled to survive, continually seeking a balance in her life. OG strives to regain custody of her daughter taken from her at an early age.

Director Carina Molier - her long distance friend - follows her in her quest for reunification and peace of mind. "My Long Distance Friend" is a film about displacement, about longing for security and relationships in an ever globalizing and inhospitable world.

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