Police, Adjective and North conquer Transilvania as Claudia Cardinale makes star appearance.
Making animation a profitable business

How can you successfully establish an animation brand, build a catalogue of programmes and reach multiple broadcasters and international partners?
Prague May 23, 2009 - The student film Baba /2008/ by screenwriter and director Zuzana Špidlová has won the Cinéfondation grand prize - the Prix de la Cinéfondation - at this year's International Film Festival in Cannes, which closes on May 24, 2009.

Sweet Rush (Polish: Tatarak), directed by the acclaimed Andrzej Wajda, is partly based on a short story by Polish writer Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz. Wajda previously made three films based on Iwaszkiewicz's stories: The Birch Wood, The Young Ladies of Wilko, and the TV movie Noc czerwcowa (June Night).

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