Connection FNE - Germany - Russia

FNE is committed to broadening its role as a Bridge between CEE countries and the wider Europe. This includes providing information that helps to open new markets for CEE films in the neighbouring countries of Russia and Germany.

FNE will be carrying out joint projects with Connecting Cottbus and the new Red Square Screenings to promote European films there.

MOSCOW:  The Red Square Screenings (15-19 October 2012) brought many central European producers to Moscow for the first time as the event teams up with CentEast Moscow ( 

MOSCOW: The fourth annual CentEast Moscow Market ( has found a slot in the new Red Square Screenings, (15-19 October 2012) a new initiative backed by the Russian Cinema Fund.

MOSCOW: More than 20 films in production and post-production from Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Croatia will be presented to international film professionals during Red Square Screenings, taking place 15-20 October 2012.