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PORTOROZ: Marko Sosič’s A Comedy of Tears / Komedija solz will be screened in the competition of the 19th Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož (13-18 September 2016). The film tells the story of an elderly cynical man, who lives in a wheelchair in a spacious flat in Trieste. The main character in this psychological drama is played by the Slovenian actor Ivo Barišič.

PORTOROZ: Žiga Virc’s first feature, the docu-fiction Houston, We Have a Problem! / Houston, imamo problem!, will be screened in the competition of the 19th Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož (13-18 September 2016). This Slovenian/Croatian/German coproduction explores the myth of space conquest as it unfolds in Yugoslavia of the 60s.

PORTOROŽ: A total of 98 out of 167 submitted films have been selected for the 19th Slovenian Film Festival, which will run from 13 to 18 September 2016 in Portorož. The number of submissions was again higher than last year and set a new record with 21 submitted titles more than in 2015.

LJUBLJANA: Slovenian director Matjaž Ivanišin is developing his debut feature Wake, a drama about how death and memories affect people’s lives. The first draft of this Slovenian/Czech coproduction has been presented at the Czech Film Springboard in 2016.

LJUBLJANA: Slovenian director Sonja Prosenc, whose debut feature The Tree (2014, Monoo) has been selected by the Association of Slovenian Filmmakers (DSFU) as the country's candidate for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2016, is developing her new feature film History of Love.

LJUBLJANA: Nerina Kocjančič has been appointed acting director of the Slovenian Film Center (SFC) after the government’s refusal to appoint Jozko Rutar to a second five-year term as director of the institution. The government approved the appointment today 7 July.

LJUBLJANA: Acclaimed Slovenian director Jan Cvitkovič is beginning production on his fifth feature film Our Family. Shooting, which started yesterday, 6 July 2016, will take place in the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana in July and August.

LJUBLJANA: A clash between the Slovenian government and the board of the Slovenian Film Center has left the institution without a director.

LJUBLJANA: In recognition of Slovenian Day at the Karlovy Vary IFF on 6 July 2016, FNE asked Slovenian producer Danijel Hočevar to reflect on his experience with the festival and to tell us about his newest film showing in competition.

LJUBLJANA: Slovenian director Urša Menart has started work on her first full-length feature film My Last Year as a Loser, a drama which points out that in the last couple of years the majority of smart, educated and ambitious young people have left Slovenia or are planning to leave.