Ania Chateau pari unnamed 25

NICOSIA: Night of Silence by Reis Çelik (Turkey) won the Best Film Award and a prize of 6,000 EUR at the 11th annual international film festival Cyprus Film Days which wrapped on 28 April 2013 after 10 days of screenings. 

BUCHAREST: Eliza Zdru is in early development with a 90 minute documentary following the life of the first filmmakers in the Balkans, the Manakia brothers (aka Manaki brothers) and the negative of the picture they took of her great-grandfather, Mita Zdru, in 1923. 

BUCHAREST: Blancanieves by Pablo Berger received the trophy of the 9th edition of Bucharest International Film Festival on April 21. Amir Manor (Epilogue) was awarded Best director, while Sightseers by Ben Weathley was awarded Best script. 

ZAGREB: Croatian director Pavo Marinković is writing and developing The Ministry of Love, a comedy with "modern absurd and classic Gogolian motifs" inspired by Croatian Family Law.

BUCHAREST: Cannes prize-winning Romanian director Ionuţ Piţurescu is developing a character driven creative documentary exploring the culture and identity of the Aromanians, a Balkan-based Latin minority people also known as Vlachs.

BUCHAREST: Romanian public TV, SRTV increased its debt to the Romanian Film Fund to a historic high of 6,528,930 EUR/28,617,584 RON, as announced in its annual report for 2012. 

BUCHAREST: Adrian Sitaru (Angling, Best Intentions, Domestic) is developing a feature inspired by true events involving the idea of personal ascent versus loss of innocence.

ZAGREB: Silvana Menđušić is shooting her first documentary, 65 min story about the death of a newspaper and the moral decay preceding cataclysm. 



ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Center granted a total of 3,270,770 EUR (24,982,957 HRK) for production and development for 2012 and also 267,077 EUR/2,040,000 HRK for minority coproductions production for 2013.

BUCHAREST: Three Romanian film festivals are participating in the first crowd funding for cultural events.