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The following grants announced on 3 April 2013 are, in fact, the results of the 2012 contest, opened in December 2012. 

BUCHAREST: Romania’s National Center for Cinema awarded 2,311,673 EUR in grants to to seven features, two first features, four documentaries, four short films, four animated films and three grants for feature development.

ZAGREB: Borut Šeparović is editing his first long documentary Consumed/Potrošeni, the last part of 55+, a complex project about people over 55 and their rejection by Croatian society.

BUCHAREST: Gheorghe Andrei is in postproduction with his first feature, It Takes Two to Fence, an independent production about love, friendship and ambition in the world of fencing. 

ZAGREB: Croatian multimedia artist Helena Bulaja is in postproduction with Mechanical Figures_Inspired by TESLA, an ambitious experimental interactive documentary inspired by the famous Croatia-born scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. 

BUCHAREST: The Audiovisual Council of Romania (CNA) has proposed limiting broadcasting hours for TV programmes featuring adult content.

VALLETTA: The Producer’s Creative Partnership (PCP) of Malta has opened an office in Cape Town is based on a partnership with Film Afrika, the country’s leading production company.

ZAGREB: Zrinko Ogresta (Washed Out) is in postproduction with Projections, a psychological drama that was shot in Zagreb between 14 January and 1 February 2013, with theatrical release expected in autumn 2013.

BUCHAREST: Silviu Purcărete's debut, Somewhere in Palilula took seven prizes at Romania’s Gopo Awards, but Everybody in Our Family by Radu Jude swept up six of the main awards. 

ZAGREB: Croatian writer/director Ognjen Sviličić began filming the contemporary drama Quiet People on 18 March 2013. Shooting will wrap on 25 April 2013.