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ZAGREB: After the acclaimed Family Meals, Dana Budisavljević is working on a documentary with live action elements about Diana Budisavljević, a distant kin who was the greatest unhearalded rescuer of children during WWII.

ZAGREB: The total amount of the expenditure for the four projects which were part of  the  cash  rebate  scheme  in  2013  was  around  9.4mEUR.  The  amount  was approximately 3.3m EUR in 2012.

BUCHAREST: Paul Negoescu (A Month in Thailand) is developing his second feature which he is producing through Papillion Film.

BUCHAREST: The third feature of Florin Piersic Jr., opens in Germany on 20 February 2014. The German company Drei-Freunde will also distribute it in Austria and Switzerland with the promotion made by Cinewerkstatt agency.

ZAGREB: Acclaimed Croatian filmmaker Branko Schmidt (Vegetarian Cannibal, Metastases) has begun filming his 10th feature, Names for the Cherry.

ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Centre is accepting applications for script development and project development grants for TV productions through 7 March 2014.

ZAGREB: Spomenko Karić’s travelogue Aurora Borealis will cover his 30 day trip from Croatia to Scandinavia aiming to gather the largest collection of photos of people in the world.

BUCHAREST: Independent filmmaker Dan Chişu is in the color correction and sound editing stage with a 110 minute documentary investigating the fascination with social media through the story of Bahoi, an unusual character who created the TV station on Youtube, Bahoi TV.

BUCHAREST: Cinema admissions in Romania rose by 9 percent in 2013 while the box office climbed by 10 percent to more than 35.8m EUR/160m RON.

ZAGREB: The Ministry of Love , a dramatic comedy from Bucharest-based Croatian filmmaker Pavo Marinković (Love Life of a Gentle Coward, Tressette–a Story of an Island) is in development with plans to begin filming in May 2015.