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BUCHAREST: Călin Peter Netzer's family power drama has been selected unanimously by the national jury to be forwarded as Romania's submission for next year's Academy Awards. The 86th edition will take place on 2 March.

ZAGREB: Aleš Suk and Željka  Sukova are in post-production on their "docu-fiction fairy tale," shot over three years and expected to complete in spring. Music by Midi Lidi, the Czech rockers from their previous films Marija´s Own and Winter/Miracle, is nearly set.

BUCHAREST: The National Film Institute, founded via emergency ordinance on 26 June, could serve as a production company and  participate in the production grants system under the terms of a proposed a bill now headed for public debate in parliament.

BUCHAREST: The New York-based fest Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema will expand in December from the its home at the Film Society of Lincoln Center into the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY, showcasing the best of Romanian cinema in 2013, and hosting the Czech Republic and Slovakia as guest contributors.

BUCHAREST: Romanian broadcasters continue to struggle, based on annual reports showing that TV channel Antena 3 (www.antena3.ro) managed just 190,573 EUR in profits for 2012, while Pro TV  (protv.ro) had the greatest turnover with 107,140,012 EUR.

BUCHAREST: International channels have been flickering on and off in a hustle for broadcast licenses but several victors are now set for launch in autumn in the wake of rulings by the National Audiovisual Council of Romania.

BUCHAREST: The second feature of Florin Şerban (If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle) starts shooting on 12 August. 

ZAGREB: The Croatian Ministry of Culture  and the city government are investing 1,655,210 EUR/12,477,500 HRK into the digitalization of 29 independent cinemas from 18 counties and 27 towns over the next two months.

The effort is part of the National Program of Audiovisual Activities 2010-2014 and a strategic project launched by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the Ministry of Culture with support from local governments.

BUCHAREST: Directed by Daniel Barber and starring Sam Worthington, this Civil War drama began shooting in June and is expected to wrap this week. Romania's MediaPro Studios is providing facilities.

BUCHAREST: Acclaimed Romanian New Wave writer/director Cristi Puiu, has announced a shoot date of November 1for Sierra-Nevada, a feature about a family reunion.