Ania Chateau pari unnamed 25

BUCHAREST: Iulia Rugină's debut feature Love Building set a record for a Romanian independent production, with 10,206 admissions and box office of 35,300 EUR/158,000 RON on its opening weekend, close to double the film’s 20,000 EUR budget

ZAGREB: The fourth season of HBO's fantasy adventure hit Game of Thrones is filming in the southern Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik and will continue in Split with Embassy Films providing facilities. The premiere is expected for the first half of 2014.

VALLETTA: With double the number of projects applying for a development or production grant from the Malta Film Fund this year vs 2012, officials report that the 43 current hopefuls are competing for 250,000 EUR. The winners will be announced in November/December.

BUCHAREST: Producer Ada Solomon, following up her Golden Bear win for Călin Netzer’s Child’s Pose, is developing an adaptation of the writings of Romanian-Jewish author Max Blecher, including Scarred Hearts. Radu Jude is directing, signifying his third outing with Solomon after The Happiest Girl In the World and Everybody In Our Family.

BUCHAREST: Following up on the acclaimed The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu, Andrei Ujica is working on a new non-fiction film, tentatively called Tomorrow Never Knows, exploring the weekend 13-15 August 1965, which the Beatles spent in New York on the eve of their second US tour.

BUCHAREST: Shoreline Entertainment has sold A Farewell to Fools, the historical drama directed by Bogdan Dreyer starring Gérard Depardieu and Harvey Keitel, to eight territories.

BUCHAREST: The third feature of Nap Toader will chronicle the comic fallout of an ambulance unit discovering a fortune under the bed of a dying old man.

ZAGREB: Zvonimir Juric's social drama The Reaper (Kosac), set to begin production next in September, paints a portrait of struggle in a war-torn land. Produced by Ankica Juric Tilic and Kinorama in coproduction with Eva Rohrman and the Slovenian Forum Ljubljana, the project is expected to premiere in May 2014.

ZAGREB: Denis Lepur and Marko Stanić's documentary on gambling addiction, Jure the Gambler/Jure kockar, which they are also producing through Kadar22, has completed shooting and is headed for editing.

ZAGREB: With Croatia's entry into the EU on 1 July, the climate of film production has not yet been much affected. “Things have not changed,” Sinisa Juricic of Nukleus Film told FNE. A key step, he added, is eligibility for collaboration with the MEDIA and Eurimages programs. "The only change is that the competition will be stiffer because anyone from the EU will be able to compete at the national TV open calls,” Juricic said.