ScripTeast - 10 Years: Focus on Poland


Film New Europe and Independent Film Foundation are celebrating the 10th anniversary of ScripTeast with a series of weekly interviews with scriptwriters and key players involved in ScripTeast activity.

We start by talking to ScripTeast's initiators, Dariusz Jablonski, the Artistic Director of the Independent Film Foundation, and Violetta Kaminska, the Managing Director of the Independent Film Foundation.

IFF was established in 1999 and since its inception it organized the Polish Film Awards Eagles. In 2006 the Foundation launched ScripTeast, an annual programme for experienced script developers, whose task is to help writers from this part of Europe to overcome obstacles they encounter and increase competitiveness, write screenplays and promote them among the best European producers.

List of Polish films produced from ScripTeast:

Father, written and directed by Artur Urbański

List of Polish scripts selected at ScripTeast currently in production:
Wild Roses, written and directed by Anna Jadowska - post production
Witness, written by Mitko Panov and Władysław Pasikowski, directed by Mitko Panov - postproduction

Polish scripts selected at ScripTeast:

10th edition, 2015-2016:

Ashdriver by Kirsten Peters and Greg Zglinski
Good to See You Die by Jan Hryniak
It’s Quite Normal at Your Age by Paweł Wendorff and Karolina Lech
Summer Diaries by Ireneusz Grzyb

9th edition, 2014-2015:

Kosovo Game by Piotr Głowacki and Antonina Gugała
The Man with the Magic Box by Bodo Kox
Wild Roses by Anna Jadowska

8th edition, 2013-2014:

Exit by Agnieszka Trzos and Jarosław Kamiński
Holiday by Paweł Ferdek and Arkadiusz Milcarz

7th edition, 2012-2013:

I Miss You by Małgorzata Piłacińska
The Mute by Bartosz Konopka and Przemysław Nowakowski
Traces by Wiktoria Szymańska

6th edition, 2011-2012:

Heroine by Paweł Sala
Up on the Roo by Rafał Kapeliński
Lovesong by Marcin Wrona, Katarzyna Bonda, Marcin Skóra
The Lonely Go First by Darek Gajewski

5th edition, 2010-2011:

Sanctuary by Wojciech Kasperski
Don Juan Revisited by Andrzej Bart
Father by Artur Urbański
What’s Between Us by Natalia Koryncka-Gruz and Marek Modzelewski

4th edition, 2009-2010:

Coltan by Maciej Wszelaki
The Day of Chocolate by Jacek P. Bławut
The Evil Spirit by Maciej Pieprzyca

3rd edition, 2008-2009:

Collapse by Andrzej Gołda
Lenin’s Curse by Maria Graczyk
Words by Izabela Szylko

2nd edition, 2007-2008:

The Burglar by Tomasz Szafrański
Fatherhood by Kinga Dębska
Karma by Xawery Żuławski
The Witness by Mitko Panov and Władysław Pasikowski

1st edition, 2006-2007:

Fade Out by Eliza Borkowska and Piotr Borkowski
The House of Merry Retirement by Darek Błaszczyk
Artichoke by Łukasz Michał Maciejewski
Musical Chairs by Jacek Gąsiorowski
Tell Me the Truth about Love by Maciej Dutkiewicz

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