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Malatya International Film Festival 2017: PANEL: IRANIAN FILM BLOCKAGE (Sade Ma'bar) TEAM ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS

Festivals Melis Zararsız 2017-11-15

14.11.2017 – As the end of the festival is near, one of the assertive competing films in the International Competition this year, “Blockage” was met with the audience. After the screening of the Iranian film, director Mohsen Gharaei and the leading actor Hamed Behdad was ready to answer the questions of the audience.

First question was if this film was aiming to visualise an Iran that we haven’t seen in other Iranian films, maybe a deeper side of Iran, the society of Iran, both visually and also as a story.

The director said,  the story was a critic issue about the street sellers in the society of Iran which is the truth now, He said this is an economic problem of their society, because people must bring food to their homes so they need to sell things. He explained this is the part of the problem, that they didn’t only aim this and it’s not the whole story of their economic crisis but only a part of it.

malatya 2017 newsletter 14.11.17. 2pngAnother question was, since there are two registration certificates a film must own in Iran - one before the shooting and two after the post production in order to be able to screen it -  if the film had this certificates and permits. The director explained that  getting the production permit was a very complicated stage and the script had to change several times but then they were able to take it and shoot the film, but as for the screening of the film, they are still trying to get the permit.  The film however was screened in Fajr Film Festival in Iran in February.

A question was asked to the actor of the film. Qasem was such a bad person in the film and the actor played it so well that the audience hated him really. So the question was if he thinks that Qasem was purely bad?  The actor told that he acted exactly as he read it on the script and he didn’t comment on the “purely bad” part.

The last question was aboue the next plans of the director and the actor after a good reward in Busan Film Festival and competing in Malatya. The director said he is writing a new script with a colleague and he wants to finish it in 2018. The actor said he’s recieving lots of scripts from various directors and since he loved this character and the set performance of this film, he would like to work with this director again if a similar script is being offered to him.

The results of the competitions will be announced on the closing ceremony of the festival on Thursday, on the 16th of November.

Last modified on 2017-11-16