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9th UnderhillFest, International festival of feature documentary film will be held from 5th till 12th June 2018 in Podgorica

Festivals 2018-06-04

“Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami” will be screened at the opening ceremony on 5th June at the Budućnost basketball court in Njegoš park – an unusual documentary by Sophie Fiennes about Grace Jones, a unique figure whose impact on pop culture is immeasurable.

At the 9th UnderhillFest 18 films will be shown, as in previous years they’ll be divided in three categories: international, regional and non-competitive. Vuk Perović is the film selector. In the international selection, besides “Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami”, six more movies will be screened, “Infinite Football “ by Corneliu Porumboiu, “Wonderful Losers: A Different World  by Arunas Matelis, “Risk” by Academy award winner Laura Poitras, “I See Red People” by Bojina Panayotova, “Taste of Cement” by Ziad Kalthouma and Mari Gulbiani’s “Before Father Gets Back” which will have its premiere only one day earlier at the Sheffield Doc Fest. Eight films in the regional selection, “The Other Side of Everything” by Mila Turajlić, “When Pigs Come” by Biljana Tutorov, “In Praise of Nothing” by Boris Mitić, “A Million Dollar Life” by Robert Tomić Zuber, “The Family” by Rok Biček, “My Life Without Air” by Bojana Burnać, “Playing Men” by Matjaž Ivanišin and Ilija Cvetkovski’s “With Love”. Three films in non-competitive selection, “Ferrante Fever” by Giacomo Durzi, “Unwanted Girls of Montenegro” by Iva Parađanin and Nick Broomfield’s “Whitney: Can I be Mine”. Marina Gumzi, producer of the film “Playing Men”, as well as directors Iva Parađanin and Bojana Burnać will be the guests at the 9th UnderhillFest.

Three-person jury made up of Miljenko Čogelj (Croatia), director Ivan Salatić (Montenegro) and Marko Grba Singh (Srbija) will decide on Dandelion awards. Films will be screened at the Budućnost basketball court in Njegoš park and at the National library “Radosav Ljumović”.

Last year we started a program called RAD, a workshop for women authors of documentary films from our region, which this year grew into CIRCLE, a program which gathers women authors and producers of documentaries from the South-east Europe countries, who will have the opportunity to, with the cooperation of renowned mentors, develop projects which have an international potential. CIRCLE will have three modules. First one is at UnderhillFest, second one in Novi Sad and the third one at the festival in Leipzig. The program is developed and managed by Biljana Tutorov and Vuk Perović, and produced by Wake Up Films Novi Sad and UnderhillFest Podgorica.

Within the 9th UnderhillFest, three-day program IN FOCUS will be held for the third time this year in cooperation with Women’s Rights Center in Podgorica. Three films dealing with feminism, human rights and women’s creations will be screened within the program, “I See Red People”, “Whitney: Can I Be Me” and “Unwanted Girls of Montenegro”.

After each screening, there will be a discussion about films and ways in which the issues in films manifest in our society.

DOCU-SCHOOL, a school of documentary film for high-school seniors will be carried out this year as well. Students will be introduced to the world of documentaries by the professor Rajko Petrović. Studens of Gymnasium in Podgorica and Danilovgrad will learn the basic postulates of documentarism and shoot short documentary films.

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