The winners of the KVIFF Eastern Promises

Works in Progress Award


  • Matthijs Wouter Knol, Director of European Film Market - Berlinale
  • Rossitsa Valkanova, Director and Producer, Bulgaria
  • Rickard Olsson, Picture Tree International, Sweden

Works in Progress Award

On Works in Progress, eleven projects were presented from countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, and now also the Middle East. The jury chose ALL THIS VICTORY by director Ahmad Ghossein as the winning project. A prize in the value of 100,000 Euro will be given to the project. The whole award consists of post-production services in UPP (60 000 Euro), Soundsquare (30 000 Euro), and a cash prize of 10,000 Euro from Barrandov Studio.

Jury statements:

Matthijs Wouter Knol:

The “Eastern Promises” Work in Progress Award 2018 goes to ALL THAT VICTORY by director Ahmad Ghossein, produced by Myriam Sassine, Abbout Productions, Lebanon.

Rossitsa Valkanova:

After a long and thorough deliberation, one project stood out in its creative approach to a complex idea and a highly relevant topic. The director and producer of this project presented it with precision and deep personal involvement, convincing us of their ability to build a multi-layered film world within a limited space, using minimalistic yet cinematic methods of storytelling. We expect this film to impress and resonate with audiences, as it manages to rise above the particularities of a military conflict, implying questions of existential importance with a bitter smile.

Rickard Olsson:

The 11 “Eastern Promises” of this year’s Works in Progress filled us with great expectations and made the Jury decision extremely difficult. In our hearts, we give 10 Special Mentions, as the generous award could only go to one of the projects.

Eurimages Lab Project Award


  • David Kořínek, Director, Co-founder of Supermedia Studio at the Czech Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design
  • Dorien van de Pas, Netherlands Film Fund
  • Christoph Terhechte, Artistic Director of Marrakesh International Film Festival

The Eurimages Lab Project prize went to the winning project NORMAL by director Adele Tulli. KVIFF is the first of four international film festivals in Europe to be awarding the Eurimage prize. KVIFF has selected projects for the Eurimage prize that surpass traditional film methods and are based on international cooperation. The prize was awarded in the value of 50,000 Euro.

Jury statement

The jury thinks this was the most convincing pitch and the images correspond perfectly with the introduction. All three clips were very strong and together they are part of a visual journey through gender norms in contemporary Italy.

Docs in Progress Award


  • Tanja Georgieva, CEO and Producer at Elemag Pictures
  • Noemi Schory, Independent Producer and Director, founder of the Documentary Filmmakers Forum, Israel
  • Shane Smith, Director of Programming at HotDocs, Canada

The Docs in Progress prize went to the winning project THE PROJECTIONIST. For this section, projects are chosen from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East. The winning film received a cash prize in the amount of 5,000 Euro.

A Special Mention was awarded to the Polish project Little Poland.

Jury statement

First of all, we saw very different and interesting projects and our judgement is based only on the presentation and what we saw today. We would first like to acknowledge the project “Little Poland” with a Special Mention for its humor and humanity.

The 5,000 Euro cash award goes to a documentary that takes us on a journey with a very special and charismatic protagonist. This film reminds us of what stands at the heart of documentary filmmaking – people. “The Projectionist”.