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Festivals 2018-09-20
Into the Okavango by Neil Gelinas Into the Okavango by Neil Gelinas

The films that were hand-picked by the selecting team deal with the most up-to-date problems, presenting them in an engaged way that forces viewers to focus. We give you the documentary section at 34. Warsaw Film Festival!


Into the Okavango dir. Neil Gelinas

The Okavango is a unique river in Africa that does not have an outlet to the sea but ends its course in the world’s largest delta in the Kalahari basin. However, this once unspoiled oasis is now under siege due to increasing pressure from human activity. 

The Band dir. Ladislav Kaboš

The film chronicles the birth of the Romani band Lomnické Čháve. In a poor settlement in eastern Slovakia, a group of Romani boys have a great dream: to play their music on a big stage and show the “gadjo” (i.e. non-Romani people) that they too have talent. 

Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight dir. Maceo Frost

Cuba is a boxing power. It boasts more Olympic gold titles for boxing than any other country. However, no woman has won a medal under the Cuban flag. Women are banned from competing. The film captures the tireless battle of Namibia Flores Rodriguez, the only known female boxer in the Caribbean nation. 

Le Grand Bal dir. Laetitia Carton

Every summer, thousands of people come to Gennetines in central France. This is where the famous Le Grand Bal de l'Europe takes place – one of Europe’s biggest folk dance festivals. They come from all over the world to spend seven days and nights having fun together outdoors, dancing to live music. 

The Cacophony of Donbas / Kakofoniya Donbasu dir. Igor Minaev

A documentary about the elite of the working class of the Soviet Union: the miners of the Donets Coal Basin (Donbas). Soviet propaganda created such a false parallel reality that one day the situation exploded and a war started. Life promised to be a symphony of work, joy and wellbeing, but it turned out to be deceit and manipulation. There are no illusions left. 

Fading Mountains / 围炉 dir. Yuxi Cui

With the invasion of city life and the emigration of local villagers, about 900,000 natural villages have disappeared in China over the past 10 years. The film is about the people of Nangang village, located 800 meters above sea level in Guangdong province. It is the world’s largest, oldest and most traditional village of the Yao ethnic minority. 

Agave - The Spirit of a Nation dir. Nicholas Kovacic, Matthew Riggieri

Following his award-winning documentaries about wine (“Decanted”) and beer (“Brewmore”), director Nicholas Kovacic takes us on a journey to the land of tequila and mezcal. Mexico is home to the largest biodiversity of agave, from which these two increasingly popular spirits have been made for two thousand years. 

Bruce Lee and the Outlaw dir. Joost Vandebrug

Nicu lives in the streets of Bucharest. One day his dream comes true. The unquestioned king of Bucharest’s underworld, the man they call Bruce Lee, takes him under his wings. He’s strong, he’s smart and… he’s painted silver. Filmed over six years, this is the moving story of a modern-day Romanian Oliver Twist.

Carmine Street Guitars dir. Ron Mann

Once the centre of the New York bohemia, Greenwich Village is now home to luxury restaurants and buzzer-door clothing shops catering to the nouveau riche. But one shop in the heart of the Village remains resilient to the encroaching gentrification and retains its 1970s vibe: Carmine Street Guitars. 

Border Cut / Graniczne cięcie dir. Igor Chojna

Halina has been running a hairdressing salon for years. She does her best to teach some important life lessons to her carefree assistant, Angela. Halina hopes they will work together for ever, but does Angela have the same thing in mind? A day in the life of a small Polish border village with the world’s highest percentage of hairdressers. 

From Knee to Heart / De rodillas corazón dir. Susana Barranco

A fascinating portrait of famous Spanish dancer and choreographer Sol Picó, whose work presents strong and brave women not afraid of showing their weaknesses. We follow her artistic career, from street theatre all the way to the creation of her own company. We also see Sol Picó from a more personal side. 

The Blue Scallywags / Niebieskie Chachary dir. Cezary Grzesiuk

Why does someone become a football fan? Is it about excitement, passion, being in a group, or a club’s unique history? What drives football fanatics? Cezary Grzesiuk spent a decade filming the lives of supporters of the Ruch Chorzów club. These many years of work allowed him to photograph the close-knit community of football fanatics. 

Putting Lipstick on a Pig / Att sminka en gris dir. Johan Karrento

The story of a middle-aged accountant, a single mother, caused a sensation in Finland after it came to light that she got addicted to gambling and lost over 800,000 euros she’d stolen from her customers. Johan Karrento uses this story to raise awareness about gambling addiction in Finland. 

Food Fighter dir. Dan Goldberg

Ronni Kahn ran a successful corporate events company and saw lots of good food going to waste on a daily basis. In 2004 she founded OzHarvest, an organization collecting surplus food and delivering it to people in need. After 14 years OzHarvest has operations in eight Australian cities. It collects over 100 tonnes of good food every week and delivers it to more than 1,300 charities. 

Circus Rwanda / Cirkus Rwanda dir. Michal Varga

Rosťa Novák, the face of Cirk La Putyka, a famous circus theatre group from Prague, has decided to prepare a performance with a Rwandan troupe of acrobats. He goes to Africa and meets Eliseé, who survived the Rwandan genocide as a child and now trains a group composed of orphaned children.

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Warsaw Film Foundation /34th Warsaw Film Festival, October 12-21, 2018