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Wolf wins Czech Finále Fest

Who is Afraid of the Wolf directed by Maria Procházková won the main prize at the closing ceremony of the 22nd Festival of Czech Films Finále.

The winners of all Finále ( festival competitions were announced at the closing ceremony on April 24, which was for the first time held in the hall of cultural centre Peklo.

Statutory awards

The Golden Kingfisher Award for the best competition feature film

Who is Afraid of the Wolf - director Maria Procházková

Verdict of the jury: An innovative and commanding examination of a child's inner world caught in the typical problems of contemporary times.

The winner was chosen by an international jury composed of: Milena Jelinek, scriptwriter (Czech Republic/USA) - chairperson, Andreas Eichler, producer (Germany), Ivan Hronec, distributor (Slovakia), Lau Shing Hon, director, actor, scriptwriter (Hong Kong), Pavel Jech, Dean of FAMU (Czech Republic).

The jury decided to confer a special award on film

El Paso - director Zdeněk Tyc

Verdict of the jury: Illuminating presentation of a European social and racial problem.

The Golden Kingfisher Award for the best competition documentary

RAPublic - director Pavel Abrahám

Verdict of the jury: The film shows how representatives of opposite opinions can find a way to communicate together. The jury further appreciated that the director treats his theme in a wider angle and the form of the film follows its topic.

The winner was chosen by an international jury composed of: Markéta Šantrochová, Czech Film Centre (Czech Republic) - chairperson, Sari Volanen, commissioning editor of documentaries (Finland), Marek Šulík, director, editor (Slovakia).

The jury decided to confer a special award on film

Window an Eye of Heart, into an Eye Window of, a Soul - director Dominik Krutský.

Verdict of the jury: The jury appreciated the director's seeking of his own film language.

Non-statutory awards

Award for a significant promotion of Czech cinema abroad conferred by the festival Finale

Peter Hames (UK) - film publicist

Pilsner Urquell Audience Award for the Best Film conferred on the basis of festival audience voting

Guard No. 47 -director Filip Renč

Best Performance Award conferred on the basis of internet voting at and voting in the special festival annex of the MF Dnes

Karel Roden for the role in Guard No. 47

On the second place Dorotka Dědková for the role in the film Who is afraid of the wolf

Association of Czech film clubs award

The Karamazovs - director Petr Zelenka

Citizen Havel - directors Pavel Koutecký, Miroslav Janek

Programme of Finále continues on Saturday

The final day of the festival - Saturday 25th April brings the viewers a taste of the European film production. The section of the European film was prepared for Finále by one of festival dramaturges David Brabec. In the small hall of Měšťanská beseda the screening of the film Exhibit of the year 1827 is prepared. The film was directed by Miroslav Gavelčík in the AWI FILM Company and was shot by deaf artists. This year's Finále also has its "countryside" offshoot. From today till Sunday April 26 festival films will be presented on the parsonage in Holostřevy near Tachov, where Noe Community is settled. A full stop after the festival will be made by Marketa Lazarová, the film directed by František Vláčil, reffered to as the best Czech film ever.

Last modified on 12-05-2009