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Jancsó film to open the upcoming Hungarian Film Week

16 new feature films will compete for the Golden Reel Award at the 41st Hungarian Film Week running between February 2 -8 in Budapest. The competition of Magyar cinematography's traditional showcase offers the world premieres of 13 full-length features among them 5 directorial debuts

Altogether 95 pictures will compete in 5 categories (feature, short, documentary, scientific, television) throughout the upcoming Hungarian Film Week, a unique opportunity to experience contemporary Magyar cinema directly alongside the filmmakers in Budapest. The 41st edition will be held at Palace Mom Park Cinemas and Urania National Film Palace between 2-8 February.

The competition titles have been selected from 356 Hungarian productions completed in the last 12 months. 16 new full length features, among them 13 world premieres, will compete for the contest's main prize, the Golden Reel (see list below). Five of the competitors are first time directors.

Beside talent spotting, the Hungarian Film Week will offer out of competition the latest movies by renowned filmmakers such as Miklós Jancsó, Judit Elek, Marta Mészáros and Károly Makk for the national audience and foreign professionals as well.

Legendary Miklós Jancsó's latest film, So Much For Justice! will open the 41st Hungarian Film Week on the 2nd February, the Hungarian-Austrian-Polish coproduction is a 15th century Hungary set "variations of history".

The 41st Hungarian Film Week's board is presided by cinematographer Emil Novák.

Golden Reel Feature Film Competition

Bibliotheque Pascal directed by Szabolcs Hajdu - WP

The Bunkerman / Bunkerember directed by Dezső Zsigmond - WP

Czukor Show directed by Tamás Dömötör - WP, 1st feature

Chirribirri / Csiribiri directed by János Rózsa

The Days of Desire / A vágyakozás napjai directed by József Pacskovszky

Deathwaltz / Halálkeringő directed by Krisztián Károly Köves - WP, 1st feature

Espresso 10 Years / Presszó 10 év directed by Tamás Sas - WP

The Gravedigger / A sírásó directed by Sándor Kardos - WP

Kolorado Kid / Kolorádó Kid directed by András Vágvölgyi B. - WP, 1st feature

Lull / Szélcsend directed by Tamás Sas - WP

Poligamy directed by Dénes Orosz - 1st feature

Question in Details / Köntörfalak directed by Zsombor Dyga - WP

Tawaret / Ki/Be - Tawaret directed by György Molnár - WP

Team Building directed by Réka Almási - WP, 1st feature

Vespa directed by Diana Groó - WP

Visit (Der Kammeramörder) / Látogatás directed by Róbert Pejo - WP

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