”Venice” by Jan Jakub Kolski Awarded in Montreal

"Venice" by Jan Jakub Kolski got the Best Artistic Contribution Prize at the 34th Montreal World Film Festival, confirming the successful international premiere of the film.

Already the film's first festival screenings attracted attention of the hundreds of viewers and gained positive reviews. Director Jan Jakub Kolski and cinematographer Artur Reinhart met with the audience, who expressed admiration for the film's visual sophistication and emotional weight of a story of a family escaping to an imaginary world from the horror of WW2. The film, based on Wlodzimierz Odojewski short story, has been perceived as an universal metaphor of an internal fight with a reality that one cannot accept.

Montreal World Film Festival ended on September 6th with Gerard Deparideu master class and closing ceremony featuring Bertrand Tavernier latest movie "The Princess of Montpensier".

The "Venice" is soon going to be shown at the next film festivals worldwide, among others, at the Reykjavik International Film Festival, Haifa IFF, Hamburg IFF and Denver IFF.

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