The 47th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival which will be held between the 9th and 14th of October, is getting ready to present the latest successful works of Georgian Cinema as a part of this year's "Euroasian Cinema" section.

Turkey, October 4th, 2010- The 47th Golden Orange Film Festival, organized by the Antalya Kültür Sanat Vakf with the support of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, will present the latest succesful movies of Georgian Cinema in its special section of Euroasian Cinema this year.

Georgian Cinema which had an important reputation by having worlwide famous directors like Otar Ioselliani, Sergei Paradjanov, Nana Jorzadze, and Georgiy Shengeleya during the Soviet Union, has recently been attracting attention of international film festivals with its latest movies. Noted for its cinematography in the world, Georgian Cinema focuses on the clashes and the post independence issues in Caucasia while giving an opportunity to the ones who would like to learn about the country's culture.

This year, movie fans will get a chance to see four great Georgian films as a part of Golden Orange film festival. These films which will be screened in the Euroasian Cinema part of the festival, are "Three Houses" directed by Zaza Urushadze, "Susa" directed by Rusudan Pirveli, "Sergo the Rogue" directed by Irakli Paniashvili and "Conflict Zone" directed by Vano Burduli. Irakli Paniashvili and Rusudan Pirveli, will be in Antalya to attend the Q&A panels after the screenings. Furthermore, Georgia's most authorized cinema organization Georgian National Film Center (GNFC)'s Director Tamara Tatishvili and Caucasus Foundation's President Prof.Dr. Levan Khetaguri will attend the International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.

Euroasian Cinema Screenings
Three Houses (Original Title: Sami Sakhli) - 2008
Director: Zaza Urushadze
Writer: Zaza Urushadze

Original Music by: Giorgi Tsintsadze
Cast: Janri Lolashvili, Ekaterine Andronikashvili, Zurab Kipshidze, Murman
Jinoria, Nino Burduli

Summary: Three stories happening in three different centuries, revolve around a mysterious painting entitled "Two Owls". In the 19th century thread, a man living in a big mansion is worried about his brother whose wife died a while ago. The brother however behaves as if she was still alive. A befriended psychiatrist is being called for help in order to examine the phenomenon in long conversations. He has to recognize however that the man's behavior doesn't harm anyone. He actually offers a painting to the doctor which his wife allegedly just finished: it's called "Two Owls". The painting reappears in the midst of World War II. A woman finds it in the apartment of her husband's lover. The general of the Red Army was just found dead there. He died in the arms of his concubine. Torn between ambiguous feelings of grief and anger the widow has to make a decision. She also needs to retain her composure as the military police is already waiting outside. The last story happens in present time. A grand-daughter of the woman painter from the the first episode discovers that the only piece that was left from her grandmother's work has been bought by a stranger. The current owner does not want to give it away. And so a young man has to ask himself if he should flout moral principles and steal the painting to do his girlfriend a favor.

Sergo The Rogue (Original Title: Sergo Gotorani) - 2009
Director: Irakli Paniashvili
Writer: Irakli Paniashvili
Cast: Irakli Bulia, Revaz Chikovani, Bocho Kharcilava, Liana Bakhbaia, Giorgi
(Gela) Revazishvili

Summary: A short story from the life of a refugee family from Apkhazia. Sergois a socially withdrawn kid who lives in a slum quarter with his mother, father and grandfather. Afther his father loses his leg because of a mine during the war, they had to move out of Apkhazia and his mother had to take care of them all. Sergo spends all his time with his father and grandfather while his mom is working outside the house. One night she doesn't come back home and their anxious suspense starts.

Conflict Zone (Original Title: Konfliqtis zona) - 2009
Director: Nino Burduli
Writer: Irakli Salomonashvili
Original Music by: Niaz Diasamidze
Cast: Zura Ingorokva, Misha Meshki, Nini Badurashvili, Levan Doborjginidze,
Nino (Nutsa) Kukhianidze

Summary: Gio from Tbilisi and Spartak, a sniper from Sokhumi met each other during the war in Abkhazia. A Georgian general charges Gio and Spartak with ringing shells from Azerbaijan (Karabakh) and take money necessary to buy hells from a manager of petroleum storage depot in Tbilisi. Gio gives Spartak n address of his friend Gogliko who can act as a guide for Spartak and help him o buy the shells.

Susa (Original Title: Susa)- 2010
Director: Rusudan Pirveli
Writer: Giorgi Chalauri

Cast: Avtandil Tetradze, Gia Gogishvili, Levan Lortqifanidze, Ekaterine
Kobakhidze, Givi Qartvelishvili, Victor Ksovreli

Summary: It tells the story of the difficult conditions of modern Georgia are xplored through the eyes of young teenager working in an illegal distillery
near Tbilisi. 12 years old Susa is a regular kid who likes to play games and aydreaming. Unfortunately life's painful realities break down her dreamy
world and forced her to grow mature immediately. Working at an illegal lcoholic beverages factory near Tbilisi, her job is to deliver the beverages
to smal bars. She also has to share some of her earnings with gangsters in rder to be protected by them against the cops. One day, her mother tells
her that her father will come back who hasn't been around for a long time. hen she finds out this news, Susa starts dreaming again with full of hopes.

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