”Chemo” Wins Grand Prix in Morocco

"Chemo" by Paweł Łoziński got Grand Prix of the FIDA DOC - International Festival of Documentary Films in Morocco. This is the tenth international prize for this film, produced by TVP1, and awarded earlier with the Prix Europa for the Best European Documentary Film of 2009 in Berlin, Grand Prix in New York, Vancouver and Perm in Russia, as well as with the Best Director prizes at the One World FF in Prague and Abu Dhabi Documentary Competition.

The film is an observation of an oncology clinic patients receiving chemotherapy, partly shot in intimate close-ups. Their long-hours' conversations carried on to spend the time before the next medical session is over, bring the picture of ordinary life suddenly interrupted by incomprehensible, unrecognized force overshadowing everything. These are people of various ages and backgrounds; from bitter and brave "true" men to twenty-something mother of a five-months baby-boy. For all of them though, life slowly and painfully becomes different - full of value, charm, and meaning.

The other awards of the FIDA DOC went to "Absence of Mr or Mrs B" by Fima Emami and Reza Daryanoush - Jury Prize, "Last Train Home" by Lixin Fan - Mention of the Jury, and "Fix Me" by Raed Antoni - Audience Prize.

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