16th Vilnius international film festival - 16 times more viewers

16th Vilnius international film festival ended with the record number of visitors. This year there were over 60 thousand film fans, who visited the biggest film event in Lithuania. This is 16 times more, than during the first festival in 1996, when festival had 4000 viewers.

"The second generation of festival lovers has grown - this is the main reason for the record number of festival visitors", says director of Vilnius international film festival Vida Ramaškienė.

130 films were shown during two weeks of the festival. Film "Incendies", which received audience award, was the most popular film also. More than 7000 people watched Lithuanian movies via internet.

There were 453 screenings in 4 cinema theatres around capital city and 35 more screenings in other four towns of Lithuania. 50 foreign guests participated in competition programme "New Europe-new names" and international film festival forum "East-Central drift". More than 600 accreditations were given away, almost a 100 to the media representatives.

17th Vilnius international film festival will be held in the March of 2012.

In the link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMJK9K4rZXg you will find short film about the festival.

The best wishes and hope to see you next year.

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Rita Stanelytė
Vilniaus tarptautinio kino festivalio "Kino pavasaris"
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