18th Titanic International Film Festival

Dear Friends!

The awarded films of the 18th Titanic International Film Festival were announced at the festival's closing gala on 16th April.

In his closing speech festival director György Horváth recalled the serious financial problems that the 18th Titanic International Film Festival had to cope with due the denial of government grants, told some anecdotes about the work of the crew, thanked all the sponsors and the enthusiastic audience for their help and promised that the organizers will make every effort not to allow another year like this when the financial problems forced them to launch the festival in a shorter and humbler version full of restraints and completely lacking PR-costs.

Then came the awards. First the Student Jury's decision was revealed: their award was given to the Czech-Slovak film The House. As they explained, Zuzana Liová's film received the award for its simultaneously realistic and symbolistic representation, outstanding, authentic and impressive performances and its characteristically Eastern-European approach to universal themes.

Then the results of the audience vote were revealed. The Audience Award went to Thomas Vinterberg's Submarino with an average of 4,68 points. My Perestroika came second, while the 3rd most popular film was another documentary, the Danish Armadillo.

Finally the international jury entered the stage. Elliot Grove could be present only virtually, since at the time of gala he was already back in London. He sent a short video message to the audience, reminding them that the future of Titanic International Film Festival is not in the hands of politicians but in the hands of the audience. Therefore it is them who have to make a decision to support the unique cultural value represented by Titanic.

Ági Pataki thanked the organizers for their efforts to bring about the festival despite all the difficulties, expressed her support, sympathy and hope that Titanic's success will convince the representatives of cultural politics that there is a strong cultural need for Titanic International Film Festival and it is worth supporting it year after year. Esther Rots, director of last year's Breaking Waves Award-winner Can Go Through Skin told about how excited and happy she was when she was asked to be a jury member at Titanic and said she was very impressed by the fact that the festival managed to present many daring and innovative contemporary films even though there are less and less daring and innovative pieces nowadays.

Then at last the winner of the Breaking Waves Award was announced. The international jury awarded the prestigious prize to the Swedish film Savage directed by Martin Jern and Emil Larsson. As the jury explained, they appreciated the film's unpolished and playful style and the intense feeling of hopelessness conveyed in the drama. As it is known, due to the above mentioned financial problems raised by the denial of government grants the festival organizers cannot offer the 10.000 euro going with the Breaking Waves Award this year, but hopefully the moral and prestige value of the prize will serve as kind of a compensation.