International Festival of Local Televisions “The Golden Beggar” (17th, 8th-11th 6th 2011, Kosice

"The Golden Beggar" a competition among local European television stations and producers who come from widely varied backgrounds - they work independently, or with local media outlets, or are young producers just starting out.

Festival annually brings a unique program premieres, which you will not see elsewhere. Come and see the original films, which are not in normal distribution.

Festival has three parts: non-competitive festival of films under the title "Europe on the screen", the competitive part "Golden Beggar" and supporting events called "Essence of Kosice". Also included are business meetings, workshops, presentations, exhibitions, concerts and multimedia happenings.


Nadácia City TV, Medzinárodný festival lokálnych televízií

Eva Dekanovska

Hutnícka 1, 040 01 Košice

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