‘life in a day’ at the 51st krakow film festival opening

Krakow, 5th April 2011 - Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald invited the Internet users from all over the world to produce a film together. The result stirred a sensation in Sundance and in Berlin. A feature documentary, "Life in a Day", will open the 51st Krakow Film Festival on 23rd May.

This is a true global film experiment: 80 thousand people from 197 countries have sent to YouTube short films showing one day, 24th July, 2010, through their eyes. The directors, Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald, together with a team of selectors undertook the task of choosing and editing the right pieces. The outcome is a unique production which is not just a colourful and dynamic collage, but an attempt on a deeper synthesis. How does a day of an average man look like? Who is the contemporary man?

The film premiered on 28th January simultaneously at Sundance Festival and on the Internet. It will be made available on YouTube once again on its first anniversary, 24th July, 2011. In Krakow, it will participate in the exclusive Documentary Competition, opening the second half century of the Festival.

This is the first time I have invited a production to a competition only after several minutes of screening,' says Krzysztof Gierat, the Festival director. ‘I am happy to share it with the international audience of Krakow Film Festival.'

51st Krakow Film Festival is held 23rd - 28th May 2011. Applying for industry and media accreditations is now possible. Deadline is 13th May 2011, but till 22nd April discount prices apply: option 'Industry' allows you to participate in the Festival and Krakow Film Market (180 PLN), option 'Festival' enables participation in all festival screenings and costs 150 PLN, accreditation for media is 60 PLN. Since 22nd April prices are accordingly: 220 PLN / 200 PLN / 100 PLN.

Booking passes for the Festival is also possible now. Everyone who books festival pass till 10th May on the website http://www.krakowfilmfestival.pl/, gets discount - 80 PLN regular fare and 50 PLN discount fare for students.

After the screening in Berlin, the critics wrote:

‘The film watches on a big screen like an impressive, 90 minute long trailer of festival films. There is everything in one picture - illness (‘this is my first poop in a week,' one of the characters says) and death, unfulfilled love (a man in love desperately tries to make a date) and public marriage proposal, yet another beer drunk on a bench in a park, shopping at the market, and religious rituals.' Paweł Felis (Gazeta Wyborcza)

‘"Life in a Day" has the pace of a commercial break. It is spectacular, sometimes funny (a Korean travelling around the world on a bike compares the sizes of flies in different countries), sometimes sad (a cancer-diagnosed woman) or touching (a young man reveals to his grandmother that he is gay). Unlike in real life, there is no place for boredom in this film. The audience in Berlin was delighted; we felt like a part of a big human community.' Małgorzata Sadowska (Przekrój)

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMxuocCN1O0

About the authors:

Ridley Scott - a director, producer, film set designer, three times nominated to the Oscar, for "Thelma & Louise", "Gladiator", and "Black Hawk Down", awarded in Cannes for his debut, "The Duellists". He gained popularity thanks to, among others, "Alien", "Blade Runner", "Hannibal", and "Robin Hood".

Kevin Macdonald - a director, producer, scriptwriter, awarded with the Oscar for a documentary, "One Day in September" and twice with the BAFTAs (including "The Last King of Scotland"), the author of "Touching the Void".

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