Announcement for new International Short film Festival Cyprus - Call for Entries


    International Short Film Festival of Cyprus
    15 - 22/10/2011

    Announcement for the new International Short Film Festival of Cyprus
    Call for Entries

    The Ministry of Education and Culture and Rialto Theater announce that the Short Film and Short Documentary Festival has been upgraded to the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (ISFFC). The aim of the festival is to promote and propagate the production of short films and to develop a spirit of friendship and cooperation among filmmakers. ISFFC has as its main objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting a diverse showcase of short films from around the globe. It also aspires to present the work of talented filmmakers who successfully use creative cinematic language forms and effectively tell a story in a short film. It is an annual event. Fiction, documentaries, experimental and animation short films not exceeding 25 minutes in length are eligible for participation in the festival’s competition. Cypriot films compete for both the international awards and the national awards of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. Cypriot Directors who live and work in Cyprus or abroad are entitled to submit their work. Foreign films running the international contest for 2011 are selected and invited by the Artistic Committee, comprised by directors Alexia Roider and Ioakim Mylonas. The right to participate is reserved for films that were not shown in any other festival in Cyprus.

    The Festival will take place at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol, between 15-22 October 2011.

    A five-member international Jury will award the prizes among submitted and invited films. Jury names will be announced in due time.

    The Festival’s upgrade to an International Competitive one marks an especially prolific year which aspires to boost local production of short films and at the same time reveal new talents and stories from around the globe.

    Interested parties are invited to submit an entry form by 20 July 2011.

    For details on the ISFFC terms and entry forms, please visit www.isffc.com.cy , www.filmfestival.com.cy and www.moec.gov.cy (Announcements) For further information, call 77 77 77 45, 77 77 25 52 and 00357 22-80 98 11.

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