What´s Slovak in Karlovy Vary in 2011 - put this on our festival page

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

Let me inform you about the strong presence of Slovak films at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2011 (direct link).

Please, find attached the newsletter and here a link to more information at the information website www.aic.sk:
SLOVAK FILMS – KARLOVY VARY 2011 (direct link)

Slovak films in the KV Programme:
Official Selection – Competition: GYPSY (orig. Cigán) by Martin Šulík (SK – CZ 2011) - great comeback of Mr. Šulík after 6 years break from feature films
East of the West – Competition: VISIBLE WORLD (orig. Viditeľný svet) by Peter Krištúfek (SK 2011) – first feature film, with Ivan Trojan in the main role

Variety´s 10 Euro Directors to Watch: THE HOUSE (orig. Dom), by Zuzana Liová (SK – CZ 2011) – you surely know this title from the 2011 Berlinale´s selection for the FORUM

2011: Musical Oddyssey: ILJA by Ivan Ostrochovský, SK 2010 – a portrait of one of the leading personalities of Slovak music on 20th century

Czech Films 2010 – 2011 section includes several interesting Slovak and Czech co-productions:
NICKY´S FAMILY (orig. Nickyho rodina) by Matej Mináč (SK – CZ 2011)
I.D. (orig. Občanský průkaz) by Ondrej Trojan (CZ – SK 2010)
Surviving Life (orig. Přežít svůj život) by Jan Švanjkmajer (CZ – SK 2010)

Several Slovak film projects will be presented within Film Industry events, both in Works in Progress and Docu Talents from the East.

For even more, see the newsletter, our website, and/or contact us directly.

Slovak Film Institute Representatives in Karlovy Vary:
Peter Dubecký
Alexandra Strelková July 2-6,2011
Katarína Tomková July 2-6,2011
Miro Ulman July 2-6,2011
Viera Ďuricová July 1-5,2011

W look forward to meeting you in Karlovy Vary!

With my best regards,

Alexandra Strelková
In KV: July 2-6,2011
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