FNE AV Innovation: Emerging Trends in European Cinemas: Report Now in English

FNE Innovation Agnès Salson and Mikael Arnal 2017-04-14
Mikael Arnal and Agnès Salson Mikael Arnal and Agnès Salson

This ground breaking report on European cinemas by Agnès Salson and Mikael Arnal is now also available in English. Click HERE.

PARIS: Last year, we did a European Tour of Cinemas during 120 days visiting 100 cinemas looking for cinemas in reinvention. What we wanted was to find inspiration and advice to create our own cinema in the future. In a time where people can watch movies everywhere, cinemas have to distinguish themselves and be places where people want to meet, to share experiences and to create memories. New and innovative ideas are springing up everywhere to create the most exciting movie experience, here are some of our favorites:

♥ Organize secret screenings. Inspired by the Secret Cinema movement, the Kino Nowe Horyzonty in Wroclaw (Poland) organizes interactive events to promote some big releases. In September 2015, they did a huge treasure hunt for the movie Sin City, reconstituting some sets and hiring actors to play with the audience.

♥ Screen exclusively documentaries in a screening room full of lazy bags. The Dokukino in Zagreb (Croatia) has a program 100% dedicated to documentaries but which also organizes educational programs, produces documentary films and has even set up a school to train young documentary filmmakers.

♥ Occupy a cinema to save it from upcoming destruction. In Serbia (Zvezda Cinema, Beograd) and Italy (Cinema America Occupato, Roma), young film lovers and artists occupied cinemas to fight the cultural demolition phenomenon and transform these places as meeting points for the new generation.  

♥ Bring people together to build a cinema. The Deptford Cinema in London (UK) is a community cinema run exclusively by volunteers. People have not only helped financed the place but they have also built the bar and the screening room during the so called “Building Weeks”. Now, they’re running the place and doing the programing all together.

♥ Listen to radio in the dark. In Denmark, the Copenhagen Radio Cinema organizes a monthly listening event where they play radio productions and podcasts in the screening room.

♥ Create a movable pop up cinema. A team of architects and designers from Bulgaria created a pop up cinema, the Up Outdoor Cinema, using a structure they’ve made, to host some screenings during the summer near the Black Sea coast, in Lozenets.

♥ Transform a cinema in a club during the night. Arthouse cinema by day, music club by night, the Toldi Mozi is a popular venue among the Hungarian youth which screens independent films, hosts festivals and organizes several parties and concerts each week in its bar, the renowned Toldi Klub.

♥ Being more than a cinema. Set up as a cooperative in Santiago of Compostela (Spain), the Numax is a place where a cinema, a bookshop, a café and a video and graphic creation lab are run side by side.

♥ Drink a beer brewed in the cinema. At the Zukunft am Ostkreuz in Berlin, they not only screen movies but they also brew their own beer in a microbrewery installed in the cinema.

♥ Develop creative projects. The Watershed hosts a creative space, the Pervasive Media Studio, a research center around new technologies and art, where people can develop creative projects on moving image, food, connected objects, interactive documentary, play, robotic and many other innovative themes.

About the authors: Agnes Salson, graduated from the French cinema school La Fémis and Mikael Arnal, filmmaker, created the project "Tour d’Europe des cinémas", a journey across Europe visiting a hundred cinemas, seeking for innovative ideas and trends for independent cinema exhibition.

FNE has invited European AV innovators to share with you their successful projects and models as part of our FNE CEI AV Innovation project. These articles are part of the preparations for the FNE CEI AV Innovation Forum to be held 5-6 October 2017 within the frames of the International Co-production Forum Regiofund.

The event is sponsored by the Central European Initiative (CEI).

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Sten-Kristian Saluveer was the organiser of the 2016 edition of the European Film Forum conference in partnership with the European Commission in Tallinn within the frames of the Black Nights Industry Days. The event focused on innovation, new technology and the digital single market initiative and other key topics for Europe’s audiovisual industries. Saluveer is an Estonian film and audiovisual media producer, festival manager & programmer, consultant, and film researcher focusing on East-Asian film industries, specifically Japan and South-Korea. He graduated from Concordia International University in Electronic Media and has followed up in Culture Management(Estonian Music Academy) and Japanese Studies (Department of Asian Studies, Tallinn University). Most recently he holds a Master’s Degree from University of Tokyo (Japan) with an awarded thesis on film industry development and international co-productions in Hong Kong, Japan,and South Korea.

PeeterNieler2Peeter Nieler is an innovator and former film and television producer, developing Virtual Reality technologies. He is a sought-after speaker and - as he calls himself - Venture Catalyst having started already two Virtual Reality companies. Criffin is focused on hardware design and Virtual Neuroscience Lab is researching VR scientifically.  His companies already have two technologies in portfolio and some in the pipeline, most important being omnidirectional treadmill for natural locomotion in Virtual Reality.

Jorik2Jorik Jakubisko is one of the leading European experts in transmedia problematics. He is co-owner of the Prague based Transmedialist which will publish the comic book Bouquet at November (CZ+SK). It is first pillar for transmedia project Czech Grimm.PhD He is student at FSV UK (Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University - Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism) and he writting his doctorate dissertation on Transmedia in context of single European digital market . He also works as a creative partner in Jakubisko Film in Prague together with his mother and father Deana and Juraj Jakubisko.

 AgnesSalsonAgnes Salson graduated from the French cinema school La Fémis and Mikael Arnal, filmmaker, created the project "Tour d’Europe des cinémas", a journey across Europe visiting a hundred cinemas, seeking for innovative ideas and trends for independent cinema exhibition.


Adam Široký is a ventuz designer, data integrator, software developer, VJ XLAB. The Prague based XLAB specializes in 360 degrees video and VR.



Muriel Joly is in charge of business development for Under The Milky Way. She began her career at StudioCanal (Canal + Group) first in the Domestic Home entertainment department, as a product manager (2004-2006) and then as a marketing VP for international Home Entertainment (2006-2009). After 2 years (2010-2011) in consulting, where she became interested in issues of the Video on Demand emerging market, she became in charge of marketing development for Canalplay, the VOD brand of Canal + group.