FNE AV Innovation: European Cinemas See Lack of Finances as Biggest Hurdle to Innovation


    BUCHAREST: The overwhelming majority of members of the Europa Cinemas network consider lack of finances as the biggest barrier to innovation, according to the survey The New Approaches to Audience Building – A Survey of Innovation in the Europa Cinemas Network, commissioned by Europa Cinemas and issued at the 20th EC Network Conference in Bucharest (24-26 November 2017).

    Only 24% of cinemas consider VOD to be a threat to the theatrical sector, while 41% see it as an opportunity for European films.

    Most of the cinemas from the network have already introduced new elements of digital communication, marketing and customers engagements. The minority of cinemas have introduced their own VOD services, an area that divides opinion since 35% don’t see it as a threat to EU films, but 48% are unsure.

    Around one-in-five cinemas have experimented with VOD and 27% have established some kind of formal relationship with a VOD operator, according to the survey, but 47% might introduce some kind of VOD service if an opportunity arises.

    Over the next 12 months, the investment plans of the majority of cinemas will be dominated by marketing and audience development tools. The highest priority is the cinema’s own website.

    The survey also pointed out that 75% of cinemas see the lack of interest of younger audiences in independent European cinema as a serious threat for the future of European film.

    One hundred participants from 22 countries took part in the survey.