FNE AV Innovation: Online European Film Challenge Boosts European Cinema

    Greta Akcijonaite Greta Akcijonaite photo: Lukas Balandis, 15min.lt

    VILNIUS: Innovative online contest #europeanfilmchallenge is using social media to boost the European film industry by harnessing its most vital natural resource – films fans.

    How social media is driving audiences in Europe’s largest contest for film fans.

    The challenge is simple: cinema lovers across Europe are invited to watch 10 European films using legal platforms, and share each experience online with a photo and the #europeanfilmchallenge hashtag. By ‘game-ifying’ the process and using viral marketing, the contest encourages friendly competition as fans from each country compete for a VIP trip to the Cannes, Venice or Berlin film festival.

    #europeanfilmchallenge aims to promote film consumption via all channels – from cinemas and film festivals to broadcast media and video-on-demand (VoD). With points awarded for each platform used, as well as bonuses for films from countries with low production volume, #europeanfilmchallenge benefits the entire industry value chain. Film fans are encouraged to explore a wider range of European films and co-productions – and legal ways to watch them. Contestants in the previous round discovered an impressive 1,414 films using 302 different platforms.

    “By raising awareness of European film, we are delivering a huge boost across the industry,” explains organiser Greta Akcijonaite. “Producers, distributors, cinemas, online streaming platforms, TV channels can partner with #europeanfilmchallenge to promote their product.”

    Now in its fourth year, #europeanfilmchallenge is going from strength to strength. The latest round, which began on 1 February, sees fans from Portugal, Finland and Bosnia and Herzegovina join those in Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Spain and Serbia for the chance to win a trip to this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

    #europeanfilmchallenge is coordinated by Kino Metropolis, Kino Bize, The Film Agency, Beldocs, Cine Tapiola, Pari Pikule and the Association of Filmmakers in B&H with support from Creative Europe MEDIA, the Promotion of European Works Online scheme, Lithuanian Culture Council and other regional funds in participating countries.  

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    About the Author:

    Greta Akcijonaite has worked actively in Lithuanian film industry since 2005. Her experience includes film festivals (Vilnius International Film Festival “Kino pavasaris”, Vilnius Documentary Film Festival, Student film festival “Vilnius Film Shorts”, Women Film Festival „Šeršėliafam"), film distribution (over 50 titles of European cinema), project management (“Cinema under the stars”, “#EuropeanFilmChallenge”, etc.). Apart from actively participating in international cooperation, Greta Akcijonaite also contributes to public affairs in Lithuania as president of Lithuanian cinema exhibitors association.