FNE and Creative Europe: FNE Introduces AV Innovation Team

FNE is introducing the first AV Innovation Team made up of Europe’s top specialists in Innovation to define what is cutting edge in the AV sector with a special emphasis on how innovation in the AV sector can provide the engine the EU’s smaller countries need to meet the challenges facing the industry today.

The FNE Innovation team is headed by Innovation specialists Peeter Nieler and Sten Kristan-Saluveer, who will be curating a series of articles on these topics and heading a unique team of the leading young specialists in AV innovation throughout Europe for FNE.

The series is interactive and we encourage you to pose questions to our team as well as share with us your own projects in the AV innovation field. We will also be organising a series of events in different locations across CEE to bring innovators, AV professionals and investors together.

The Film New Europe Association is main networking platform of professionals in the Central and Eastern Europe and Baltic region. The FNE Association board is made up of the heads of the most important film institutions in the region.

The webportal Film New Europe (FNE) with its FNE Daily newswire was chosen as the main tool to achieve the network’s objectives: FNE is the sharing of know how, visibility of regional cultural diversity and finally the voice of the region. FNE is also a pan-European connection for the region and has partnerships and activities with the main pan-European film institutions based in Western Europe.

Want to connect with a member of our FNE AV Innovation Team? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


FNE AV Innovation: Artinii: Environmentally Friendly Way of Film Distribution

As the world is facing an environmental crisis it is important to look for solutions in every industry. And even though it may be surprising for some, the film delivery industry does add greatly to the carbon footprint as films are often shipped physically through aerial or ship transfer. That is why Artinii provides a revolutionary technology that frees the film distribution from these harmful processes and takes another step towards a brighter future. Why is the Artinii film distribution not only environmentally but also time and cost efficient?


FNE AV Innovation: Cutaway

The story: Cutaway has been around for 10 years. From the outset, we wanted to be original and to explore new territory for narration – from production through to distribution – using digital tools. We started as a distribution and production company and started to develop our own VOD branch in 2015 thanks to the support from Eurimages and the North Macedonia Film Agency.


FNE AV Innovation: Romanian VR Project Tangible Utopias Selected for Cannes XR

BUCHAREST: Romanian writer/director Ioana Mischie is in production with the virtual reality project Tangible Utopias. The project has been selected for Cannes XR, which will take place 22 – 26 June 2020 online.


55 XR Works Presented At Cannes XR Virtual Essential Industry Online Event

For its 2020 edition, the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes’ XR program dedicated to virtual and augmented reality becomes CANNES XR VIRTUAL from June 24 to 26. This 3-day event will be entirely dedicated to players from the creative industries who use virtual and augmented reality technologies.


FNE AV Innovation: MUBI GO, MUBI’s Cinema-going Initiative and App

“Our goal is to build audiences for great cinema; with MUBI GO we have created a new experience for our subscribers to enjoy films on the big screen.” - Efe Cakarel, Founder and CEO


FNE AV Innovation: Cinemarket - Coming Soon To Your Screens

Cinemarket is building a film and TV industry blockchain ecosystem that sustainably eliminates opaqueness in intellectual property (IP) rights management, sales performance and revenue distribution. With the correct tools, European film and TV can make better rights deals, track revenues accurately, save valuable time and money. The additional revenues could be redirected to create more productions and solving these issues will increase European film and TV sales in all global markets.


FNE AV Innovation: Blockframes Bringing Transparency and Efficiency to Independent Cinema

Yannick Bossenmeyer introduces Blockframes: a technological ecosystem aiming to bring transparency and efficiency to the content industry.


FNE AV INNOVATION: Government of Children Transmedia Universe Announces Free Online Extensions Available Worldwide

In the midst of a pandemic crisis that isolates millions of children, the creative team of Government of Children, a groundbreaking transmedia universe (film, VR, web), launches a set of constructive participatory online resources. Ioana Mischie, a Romanian transmedia artist/futurist and the creator of Government of Children, tells us more:


Storytek: Sten-Kristian Saluveer Introduces Votemo: The Future Of Content: Micro-attention vs Audience Engagement Through Interactivity

This month we speak with Dagmar Mäe, co-founder of the Estonian company Votemo, a tool for broadcasters to build a hub for real time audience interaction on TV.


Storytek: Sten-Kristian Saluveer Introduces: Velvet Icons Productions A Film Studio For The Digital Era

This month we speak with Victoria Buchy, CEO and co-founder of Velvet Icons Productions, a Canada-based company specialised in innovative approaches in film and new media, about the company and its flagship project, La Boheme.


Storytek: Sten-Kristian Saluveer Introduces: Fienta: Fair, Honest, Efficient Ticketing and Event Management

Our new guest is René Lasseron, Founder and CEO of Fienta, a company that makes it easy and affordable to organise and manage events, and to sell tickets.


Storytek: Sten-Kristian Saluveer Introduces: Zelos Activates Film Festival Volunteers

Our new guest is Johanna-Mai Riismaa, co-founder and CEO of Zelos, a volunteer management app for nonprofits, events, festivals and political campaigns.