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Bosnian Multiplex Organises Free Screenings in Freezing Weather Featured

Multiplex Ekran Zenica Multiplex Ekran Zenica

ZENICA: Multiplex Ekran Zenica opened its doors and is organising free screenings for the citizens of Zenica as the heating system of the town broke down. With the support of distribution companies Una Film, Tropik, MegaCom Film BiH and Continental Film, viewers are welcomed with European films and warm tea.

On 9 January 2017, one day after the failure of the heating system, Multiplex Ekran announced in a statement: “We are witnessing extremely low temperatures and frequent failures of the heating system in our city. As Multiplex Ekran Zenica has its own heating system, we decided to organise free screenings and to offer our fellow citizens the opportunity to come, warm up and enjoy fantastic films in our Cinema 3 from Monday to Friday at 10:30, 12:30 and 14:30.”

On 13 January 2017, as the heating in Zenica still wasn't working, the multiplex decided to extend this unique action. With the support of distribution companies Una Film, Tropik, MegaCom Film BiH and Continental Film, the cinema will be able to warm its audience for the second week in a row, providing them with shelter, warm tea and re-runs of mostly European films.

“We wanted to provide children and especially older citizens with shelter during this freezing weather. The response to the action is incredible. There is more audience than we expected, the cinema is full all the time. We could once again witness how absurd these times are. The Government was not able to do its job, so we did what we could as we believe that our city and our fellow citizens deserve this”, Denis Samardžić, Creative Director of Multiplex Ekran Zenic, told FNE.



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