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PRODUCTION: Bosnian Animated Series in Production Featured

The Adventures of Tubby and Stretch, picture book The Adventures of Tubby and Stretch, picture book photo: Kickstarter

BANJA LUKA: The boutique animation studio Aeon Production is producing The Adventures of Tubby and Stretch, a children’s animated TV series for the national TV station of Bosnia and Herzegovina RTRS.

The 26-episode, seven-minute series received 5,000 EUR for its first episode from the Ministry of Culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The entire series has a budget of 550,000 EUR and 21,000 EUR per episode.

Director/producer Mladen Djukic presented the series at the Visegrad Animation Forum. The series is aimed at children ages 6- 10. The two main characters are mismatched pals, who are misunderstood in a world filled with prejudices. The project went into development three years ago, when the production team crowd-sourced an illustrated book to test the marketing potential of the characters and concept. In parallel with the series and book, the company is creating a web portal with content for children and parents on how to handle both the simple and complex problems that confront children in their everyday lives.

Aeon Production is an 18-year-old company with experience in animated shorts and extensive production of TV shows and advertising.

Production information:

Aeon Production
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