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FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2018: Winner of Heart of Sarajevo for Short Film Dušan Kasalica Returns with Debut Feature Project Featured

Elegy of Laurel by Dušan Kasalica Elegy of Laurel by Dušan Kasalica

SARAJEVO: Montenegrin writer/director Dušan Kasalica, who won the Heart of Sarajevo for his short film A Matter of Will in 2015, is returning to the Sarajevo Film Festival with his debut feature project Elegy of Laurel. The project will be presented at the CineLink Co-production Market (14-16 August 2018) in the framework of the festival’s CineLink Industry Days.

Elegy of Laurel tells the story of a university professor who hasn't faced any problems in his life until the day when his wife decides to leave him. Problems start accumulating and he goes to a small mountain village, trying to run away. There, he starts meeting mythological creatures and enters his own fairy tale, that will break him down, but will also give him a chance for a new beginning.

“As I wanted to deal with one generation and all the things that create our personality in depth, I included a modern and loose adaptation of the fairy tale Stribor’s Forest. That fairy tale has in itself elements that I could use to add a layer to Filip’s character, as he is a weak and undecisive man who finds himself between the Mother, a very important person in the life of every man, and a Girl with whom he has a passionate relationship”, Kasalica explained.

The project is produced by Meander Film. It received development funding from the Film Center of Montenegro, but producers are hoping to attract both regional and European partners.

The rights are available for the whole world. Kasalica told FNE that he and his producers are looking for a sales agent with a sensibility and line up similar to their own.

The shooting of Elegy of Laurel is planned for the early spring of 2019.

Production Information:

Meander Film
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Director: Dušan Kasalica
Scriptwriter: Dušan Kasalica


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