The 9th Docu Rough Cut Boutique Announces Selected Projects

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SARAJEVO: Five projects from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary were selected for the 9th edition of Docu Rough Cut Boutique. This year for the first time Docu Rough Cut Boutique will have three modules in Budapest, Sofia and Sarajevo.

The first workshop will start in Budapest on 29 March 2019 and is organised in collaboration with Duna Dok and HBO Europe. The second workshop will be held in Sofia by the end of June 2019 and the third session will take place during Sarajevo Film Festival's (16-23 August 2019) CineLink Industry Days.

Selected Projects: 

Divas (Hungary)
Directed by Máté Kőrösi
Produced by ELF Pictures

Holy Father (Romania) 
Directed by Andrei Dăscălescu
Produced by FilmLab

In Praise of Love (Serbia)
Directed by Tamara Drakulić
Produced by Monkey Production

Legacy (Bulgaria)
Directed by Petya Nackova
Produced by Contrast Films

Melissa’s Story (Hungary)
Directed by Asia Dér, Sára Haragonics
Produced by Campfilm