FNE at Golden Rose FF 2012: Competition: Sunny Side

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FNE at Golden Rose FF 2012: Competition: Sunny Side Sunny Side by Iliya Kostov

VARNA: Iliya Kostov’s film Sunny Side, which premiered at the 20th International Film Festival“Love is Folly” (www.loveisfolly.ida.bg) where it won the jury’s Special Prize, is screening in the Bulgarian national competition of the Golden Rose Film Festival running through 11 October 2012.

At the center of the film’s story is a 130 year old Orthodox church in an ancient village that submerged it under water. Nowadays, when the water level rises, the church is hidden underwater, but when the water level fall, the church re-emerges unscathed.

“The view of this magic place is incredibly exciting,” Kostov said. “Often, you can see over it a multicolored rainbow. It is like a divine gift for people who need to calm their souls.”

The initial idea of the director was to make a documentary about this unusual phenomenon, but during the research period he decided to make a feature in which the periodically reappearing church attracts four characters: an arrogant surgeon, a vicar who is also an operetta singer, a famous international journalist and an Italian student. As surviving descendants of former inhabitants of the lost village, they gather in response to the invitation of an old man who wants to resuscitate the old place.

Kostov’s most ambitious film up to now, it was supported with 587,986 EUR by the National Film Center (www.nfc.bg). It took him five years to prepare and organize the shooting of the film, which he said was “extremely complicated.”

Kostov’s previous Time for Women (2007), an ironic comedy about the dreams of four country women to become TV stars, was warmly received by audiences. “At the time I did everything by myself,” Kostov said. “Now I intend to work with a professional distributer, but I have not chosen them yet”.

Production Credits:

Script: Iliya Kostov
Director: Iliya Kostov
Cinematography: Yaroslav Yachev
Music: Nikolai Ivanov-Om

Cast: Lilia Maravilla, Robert Yanakiev, Bogomil Spirov, Velizar Velichkov-Vizo, Stefan Popov, Dosyo Dosev, Vasil Banov, Iriney Konstantinov
Production: Nike-I - Iliya Kostov
Coproduction: Nu Boyana Film (www.nuboyana.com)


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