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TV7 Launches Bulgarian News Channel

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SOFIA: Bulgaria’s TV7 will launch an HD information channel, News 7, on 7 March 2013.

It will broadcast mainly news and documentaries. The programme will gradually add variety shows and sports events.

Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited, the parent company of CNN International, signed an affiliated agreement with News 7 giving it access to its breaking news, live reports and programmes. In turn News 7 will provide CNN International with access to its content from Bulgaria.

Under the terms of the agreement News 7 will also receive consulting, training and support for its development. This is the first deal of its kind in Eastern Europe.

According to a statement by the management, “The modern technical equipment, the expertise and the professionals used by News 7 will set new standards in the Bulgarian TV broadcast. It will encourage the accurate presentation of all events and the reflection of balanced civil and political views.”

On 3 March TV7 launched the first part of its new dramatic serial The Tree of Life. The show follows the conflicts within a wealthy family from the beginning of the last century. The cast includes some of the best theater and film actors in Bulgaria.