Bulgarian Admissions Up

    Emil Hristov’s "The Color of the Chameleon" Emil Hristov’s "The Color of the Chameleon"

    SOFIA: With a 40% jump in admissions to 2,716,090 and box office up nearly 43%, at 11,691799 EUR, for the first six months of 2013 compared to last year, Bulgarian theatrical biz is booming. Average ticket price has also climbed from 4.24 EUR in 2012 to 4.30 EUR.

    As the same time, only three Bulgarian titles have been released up to now (Emil Hristov’s The Color of the Chameleon, Kiril Stankov’s July and Iliya Kostov’s Sunny Side), while 2012 saw nine Bulgarian premieres. Total premieres for the first half dropped from last year's 72 to 61.

    Fast and Furious 6, released 24 May, was top hit with box offics of 230,282, earning 909,275 EUR, while the rest of the top five were also American: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, out 25 January, recorded 136,317 admissions and 657,459 EUR box office; Iron Man 3, out 26 April, saw 104,176 admissions and 503,217 EUR; G.I. Joe: Retaliation, out 29 March, scored 95,801 tickets and 456,893 EUR; Oz the Great and Powerful, out 8 March, sold 86,532 seats, making 421,013 EUR.

    The distributer of the five top grossers 1-21 January is Sofia-based Forum Film Bulgaria. One company released the three top domestic films, also. A+Cinema opened Chameleon 5 April, scoring 9,176 seats and 33233 EUR; July opened 10 May 10, earning 3,305 admissions and 11,403 EUR; and Sunny Side, out 31 May, won 1,409 admissions and 3,189 EUR.

    Particularly strong were five weeks: 31 May-2 June saw total box office hit 148,958 admissions and 609 968 EUR; the previous week saw 147,030 seats and 603,724 EUR; 29 March-4 April hit 118,153 seats and 548,746 EUR; 25-31 January saw 113,767 admissions and 520,633 EUR; and 5-11 July saw 119,747 tickets and 507,829 EUR.

    Source: Geopoly.