Bulgarian National TV To Broadcast Animated Films in Prime Time


    SOFIA: On 9 April 2017 Bulgaria’s public TV channel BNT starts airing the first segment of a total of 1000 minutes of national animated films. The series is part of the ongoing project marking the centennial of Bulgarian film.

    The carefully prepared selection will highlight the strongest moments in the development of the Bulgarian animated films school. Esteemed Bulgarian artists, film directors and experts will take part in three live debates, scheduled once per month.

    This is the third part of the exceptional TV format “Bulgarian Cinema’s Patent Leather Shoes,” inspired by Ranguel Valchanov’s classic film The Unknown Soldier's Patent Leather Shoes (1979). With its first edition two years ago the Bulgarian National Television began preparation of a long term celebration of the 100th anniversary of Bulgarian cinema. In 2015 the public channel broadcast 100 recognised national feature films and gave the audience the opportunity to choose its favourite title.

    The second part of the format was dedicated to documentaries and was comprised of 20 emblematic films made by some of the best Bulgarian documentary directors.

    Animated filmmakers Anri Koulev, Nikolay Todorov, Ivan Vesselinov, Zenka Kuiumdjieva, Pencho Kounchev, Vladimir Shomov and Velislava Gospodinova will represent the different generations, who are currently creating animated films in Bulgaria. Expert Nadejda Marinchevska will also be part of the prestigious format.

    “Bulgarian Cinema’s Patent Leather Shoes – Animated Films” is organised with the Bulgarian National Film Center and the Bulgarian National Film Archive. The series will last till the end of June, 2017.