The Goat opens the Sofia Film Fest

Written by Pavlina Jeleva

Georgy Djulgerov's highly anticipated The Goat pemieres to an audience of 4,000 on the opening night of the 13th Sofia Film Festival (March 5-15) before heading into local cinema release.

Known for mixing historical facts and folklore (Measure for Measure, 1981) the director of Advantage, (Silver Berlin Bear in 1977) and Lady Z, (Sarajevo "best film" in 2005) based his newest film on a short story. The Goat of the title faithfully narates the storiy of an animal who descends from the heavens on a mission, in a tale filled with a unique sense of humor.

The script, full of typical popular beliefs and humorous rituals, was written by Djulgerov in collaboration with poet Kristin Dimitrova.

The story introduces trumpet player Jonah to young American student of Bulgarian folklore Emma, with ensuing cultural misunderstandings finally resolved.

The 780,000 Euro budget was raised by Djulgerov's producer Borough Film, co-owned by Georgy Balkansky and Vladimir Andreev. The Bulgarian-funded production was supported by the National Film Center (74.2%). It also includes Bulgarian National Television (16.4%) as co-producer and 9.4% in private investment.

The film was shot during spring, 2008.

Theatrical distribution of the film will start on May 5, 2009.

Production credits

Script - Kristin Dimitrova, Georgi Djulgerov, based on the short story "The Goat" and themes from other works by Yordan Radichkov

Director - Georgy Djulgerov

Director of Photography - Radoslav Spassov

Art Director - Vanina Geleva

Costumes -Elena Stoyanova

Sound - Ivailo Natsev, Momchil Bozhkov

Editing - Georgy Djulgerov

Producers - Georgi Balkanski, Vladimir Andreev


Jonah - Ivan Barnev

Emma - Angela Rodel

Rumba - Ivan Savov

Anani - Krasimir Dokov

Ivanka - Lyubov Lyubcheva

Voice over - Roussy Chanev

Official site: www.kozelat.com