Bulgarian Tilt starts shooting in Germany


Viktor Chouchkov Jr.'s ambitious and youthful Tilt, based on a script by Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho and producer Borislav Chouchkov, begins filming on March 13.

Lead actor Yavor Baharov is surrounded by student actors Radina Kardjilova, Ivailo Dragiev and Ovanes Torosyan (working under noted theatre professor Plamen Markov) , spending the first week of the shoot on locations near Weimar, with a seven-week follow-up in Bulgaria. The €1,170,000 budget was raised by Bulgarian Chouchkov Brothers Ltd and Germany's Guido Scwab and Marcel Lenz of Ostlicht Filmproduktion. Starting pre-production with EU Media programme support, the producers were able to attract experienced script consultants Bernd Lichtenberg (Goodbye, Lenin) and Bill Forsyth (Local Hero). Before receiving the Eurimages funding at the end of 2008, the project was promoted in the ScripTeast framework in both Berlin and Cannes.

According to the Bulgarian company the participation of Tilt in the NIPKOW Program also contributed to the "chance to learn a lot about the German film industry".

Tilt received funding from the Bulgarian National Film Center and Bulgarian National Television. The project also provoked a lucky precedent: for the first time, the cultural fund of the Sofia Municipality agreed to participate in the financing of a film. German financing came from primarily from the MDM regional fund. EastWest Filmdistribution agreed to act as sales agent and the Bulgarian Distribution Company and Tiberius Film will handle national territories, where theatrical and DVD distribution are planned for the beginning of 2010.

The emotional love story taking place just before the revolutionary events of November 10, 1989, encompassing the challenges of emigration and the reality of a violent homeland, is already anticipated to be a "generational film on the Bulgarian transition."

Production credits

Script - Dimitar Kotzev - Shosho, Viktor Chouchkov Jr., Borislav Chouchkov

Director - Viktor Chouchkov Jr.

Director of Photography - Rali Raltchev

Art Director - Vanina Geleva

Costumes - Elena Stoyanova

Sound - Alexander Bachvarov

Editing - Zoritza Kotzeva

Producers - Borislav Chouchkov, Marcel Lenz, Guido Schwab

Line-producer: Rossitsa Valkanova


Stash - Yavor Baharov

Becky - Radina Kardjilova

Angel - Ivailo Dragiev

Gogo - Ovanes Torosyan

Katev - Georgy Staykov